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The month of May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month and ultra violet rays from the sun are the leading cause of the disease. Luckily there are some gadgets that protect you from the sun. Bradley Hasemeyer is testing three hot new gadgets that fight the harmful rays.
These days we listen to music, take pictures and write using our smartphones. But remember when you needed three different tools to do that? Bradley Hasemeyer has three items that were staples around your house as a kid, which are now making a comeback, and with a tech twist!
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Critter Crunch | Gameplay Comentado | Matemos esos Bichos!
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Today’s episode on DCTC is Paw Patrol stop motion of Marshall and Chase the rescue pups from Nick Jr. Paw Patrol dough animation video and Play Doh playset unboxing. Our official pages! Music by Audio MicroMusic By Kevin Macleod
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