7 Cool Gadgets For Kids Smart Toys you should have

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1- 00:08 MELLA : All-In-One Clock To Keep Your Kid in Bed Longer .
A modern children’s clock and sleep trainer designed especially for parents who miss sleeping in!

2- 01:22 Cubroid – Learn Programing with Lego-Compatible Blocks .
Learn how to program in a new and fun way with Cubroid! Simply build and connect with Lego blocks and bring creations to life! Robot

3- 03:17 Esca’Pad in Madagascar, the augmented reality book .
A scientific and immersive story, a digital and paper innovation for 6 to 9 years old kids. Discover the largest island of Madagascar!

4- 04:28 Dough Universe : Teach kids about electronics with play dough .
Explore fun ways to learn and play with electronic dough. Make creations that buzz and light up.

5- 06:44 Unruly Splats : Active STEM Play .
Programmable light-up buttons kids can run around and jump on to play active games. Relay Races! Whack-a-mole! Or kids code their own!

6- 08:26 The ANIMATION DOME – 3D Zoetrope Bring the Toy Box to Life! .
A toy that can create 2D and 3D animations using drawings and toys like LEGOs, action figures, army men, claymations, and much more!

7- 09:28 Benjamin Brush – the Smart Music Toothbrush for everyone .
With an integrated music store Benjamin plays your favourite tracks and gets you brushing (and dancing!) for two minutes, twice a day.


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