Brain Warp Puzzle Game – Bonus Star Wars Version, 2004 Tiger Electronics

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Time to test my skills at Brain Warp! It took me awhile to figure this game out, but after a few tries I figured it all out. Buy Here ▷…

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Brain Warp Puzzle Game!

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cupcakes and lollypops says:


Jason Ngov says:

3rd that’s awesome 

Tyler Fletcher says:

You should do this maze in a sphere and and you have to get the ball
through the maze. If any of you know tell me what it’s called

Dimmer Power says:

First comment yea

Chris Enright says:

i have this game and it is awesome be nice though if you could turn it off
instead of waiting

manny2189 says:

I HAD THIS!!!! It was the best thing ever when I finally learned how to

matthew corbyn says:


tala imad says:

Try to check my channel and i didnt have this game

Jessica Jones says:


Hannah Nguyen says:

omg I remember that thing we had one like forever ago

Ethan Dye says:

When it made the beep it was right. The boing noise meant it was wrong.

lexi joens says:


BlackWolfs Random Videos says:


Bere Trevi says:


TheGACKTfan says:

Omg haven’t seen this in a long time

Savannah Armenta says:

I just love your vids ❤️

Armando Miler says:

nice toy

Sirjohndeere1 says:

I’d like to see you play one of the bop it’s

Shannon Lotterer says:

I remember this game from when I was a kid. Soooo much fun; it left a
lasting memory.

Johnny Walters says:

I used to have one of these! It was black instead of blue though it was fun

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