Classic Toy Room – BEN 10 DNANIMATORS Ultimate Swampfire & Echo Echo review

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Classic Toy Room – BEN 10 DNANIMATORS Ultimate Swampfire & Echo Echo review


Daniel Williams says:


best minute on youtube

MrSurvivefan23 says:

3:43 is so funny

MrSilverGeek says:

that’s what she said lol

proslix says:

Actually when your done playin with them you should put the compound back into the case

GmWolf1 says:

omg dude… Holy Cow.

Sturmdude says:

they don’t look like anything

Lisa Bastin says:


Lisa Bastin says:


Oliver Antal says:

Omgz this is soo useless and boring

Oliver Antal says:

Aliens! Not Monsters!

GiantMoth says:

This is the most useless toy ever… Even worse than the vuescope.

Kenzo CN says:

Play Do and plastic molds . ben10 !

theturkishgamer1 says:

less cgr macro more classic toy room please :/

t3cnotuga says:

It’s gum

bananasrfr14 says:

Oh trust me, I’ve seen them ALL.

Boyan Kirov says:

mark upload your screaming ppl somewhere so we can have screaming ppl 2

kevindabest100 says:

Mark you have review all of Darth Vaders soldiers except the Stormtrooper!!!

Jason Christian says:

I wish I was that easily amused !

Kj16V says:

What a lame toy. Only Mark could make that look interesting

demasque says:

Being half blue, it looked like Mark made the Ben 10 Braveheart alien.

2cl09 says:

why does ben 10 have so many stupid toys?

MarshmallowMasta says:

Yes, a sound mixer and B roll maker.

CrocoDuck420 says:

Makes you wonder what his day job is doesn’t it?

Decko45 says:

yeah, we aunderstood that you are one, stop pointing it out

TheHirdyGirdy says:

Mark is keeping the ben 10 toy range in business single handedly

mrbigbadonion says:

lol those are so crap, look like they should only cost like 1 dollar but i bet they were more like 10 lol

Dukefazon says:

These ben10 toys are horrible…

1zacster says:

You know when you make good reviews when you could probably take a shit in a box and make it interesting

TheNikoTotem says:


devilmaycryagency says:

the only good thing out of ben 10 is that colonel campbell voices grandpa

R4NDOMM4N247 says:

this toy blows but the review is awesome

StarWoors says:


TankT9 says:

Awesome review, once again Mark made awesome review from bullshit stuff! But they must make screaming goo.

Chrisuu says:

Well I’m on my search for my rally action man then.
With rally car that shoot fkken rockets!

StarInvasion says:

Loving the sound effects!!!

t0f0b0 says:

Horrible toy.

bladefox24 says:

and then ripped off…

GlaciusX2 says:

This seems like a rly crappy toy xD i think id rather buy some silly puddy or some thing xD

TheTerminator248 says:

I would send him my F1 action man,but the logo has worn off.

Chrisuu says:

Hell yeah I would send him my old action man if I had to.

hollow088 says:

can someone send him sand paper so he can review it?

TheTerminator248 says:


tomol6 says:

Review some My Little Ponies!!!

1988MadDave says:


xXx0nIRvaNA0xXx says:

mark how about reveiwing some play arts kai toys

Impact2us says:

looks like pieces of chewed gum

Emil Stjernberg says:

Hahahaha that’s funny as hell! Hahaha! Do the same with a lego model! Add a scream every time you rip off a part! Hahaha!

Games5522 says:

But Mark understands lego. Most of the hilarity of these videos comes from when he doesn’t get the toys and just trys winging it.

pufixas says:

I want to eat it

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