Dumpster Diving: Apple Macbook & Electronics MEGA Haul – FINDS

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I’ll Call This the GOLDEN APPLE LOT!!! Where In The World Is Mom The Ebayer ( Social Media Links Below) * Online Dumpster Diving Community ~ Dumpster Diving Trash Pickers United States https://ww…


Mom The Ebayer says:
ginadotballerina says:

The people in my area know about selling things on Ebay so they never throw
anything out :/

11mjsmommy says:

Wow!! You always find amazing things… I wonder if the things thrown out
were the result of a bad break up – people don’t think rationally when
they’re hurt. If not, I don’t understand why the person didn’t donate it-
at least you can use or sell it now!

junbug1029 says:

MAC/Mac Daddy haul! You can “back to MAC” the eyeshadow containers for a
lipstick at MAC.

❤Snowwhitedove7❤ says:

OMG omg SERIOUSLY! wow i can;t beleive anyone would throw away an apple mac
lap top,iphone and ipod are they on drugs lol??? well im glad you got that
stuff and it didn;t get trashed! one thing i noticed the red stone bracelet
i think i remember you saying it was Jones Of Ny in your one video but that
was something you found and you wear it alot very lovely one.that other
bracelet in the playboy box i think its one of those expensive Italian
charm ones? 

DuhitsCynthia says:

Wow awesome Score WTG 

lilly limani says:

Great treasures! Make more videos, Angel!!! God bless ❤❤❤

Sandra Jones says:

Always love your videos and especially when you make incredible finds like
you did in this one. Way to go!

efesgirl999 says:

WAAAAAAAAAA-HOOOOOOOOO~!! I love your videos….I didn’t do so bad myself
at the flea markets yesterday. Bought a 14K yellow gold brooch ( stamped)
for 50 cents, a silver 1960s/1970s wide link bracelet for 50 cents, a
1980s designer enamel/goldleaf brooch for 50 cents and pair of creamer and
sugar dishes – leaded crystal on .835 silver bases (hallmarked) for 3
bucks. FREE is always better, but nearly free is good, too. :)

Treedoctor2014 says:

Great finds!

PacoNinja007 says:

damn gurrl what part of chicago are you lookn in?! X)

twimama43 says:

It amazes me what people will throw away. That Marc Jacobs is $58! The
MAC shadows are $18/each! As for the Macbook…well good grief…that is a
score right there. I’m telling you girl…my vacation time needs to be
spend dumpster diving with you. LOL

nice2you2PickerOhio says:

People in my area don’t throw hardly anything out! Lucky u!!!

Destiny Nicole says:

Lol that condom wrapper though!

NNXGen says:

Time to format that new MacBook!

Artemis says:

Wow i’m so jealous!! 2 macbooks I wish I could find stuff like that!! I’m
waiting to get myself a good pair of gloves so that I can start dumpster

ShelbeesBeauty says:

Omg I left my first comment before I even finished this video.. I can’t
believe it worked! That’s amazing. If you sell it I’m interested 🙂 but if
I were you I’d want to keep it! 

sk crafter says:

That is a great score!!

Kay D says:

Girl you have been blessed!

ShelbeesBeauty says:

I watched that video the other day, when you found the other MacBook. I
felt so happy for you! And now you found another one!! 🙂 I’ve always
wanted one of the white MacBooks I think they’re cute. Did you end up
keeping the first one you found, or did you sell it? Your videos are
awesome and really make me want to try dumpster diving on a regular basis!
I’ve gotten a few little things here & there but nothing too exciting
because I’ve only gone to one dumpster. 

Richard Lopez says:

Amazing Way to go lol

Mike Markuson says:

Way to go! Congrats!

Leslie Speers says:

My first thought when seeing this is cool stuff, but then i thought about
all the germs! Wear gloves when going through all those bags, and don’t
forget the plastic on the floor, remember they were in the garbage. EWW. (i
thought dumpster diving was against the law, maybe only in CA.

Paulo Guimarães says:

Wow its amazing what people throw away….a fcking iPhone and a MacBook!!!!
Geez in Brasil even if its not working you could fix it and sell for a
really high price!!!! I need to go dumpster diving with u hahahaha!!!

maureen kaech says:


pafoofnic says:

Congratulations! Talk about being in the right place at the right time.

Michael Russell says:

Wow iphone and Mac book

Jannique Mosely says:

OMG!!!! Girl you are so blessed God is so good =}

Laura Winder says:

awesome haul!! I want to go dumpster diving with you! HAHA! :)

Darren2001 says:

What is ur ebay name 

Donna Hunt says:

You go girl,, God is Good!!!! PICK ON!!!!! :)

Mary Cole says:

woot nice haul! lucky you!

BuildYourHome says:

You can bring 6 used MAC makeup eyeshadow and they will give you one new
one 🙂 

jacob arsenault says:

I’m 11 and I love your videos keep making them there sooooo awesome
from:jacob your favorite fan!

socalsavings says:


marviin robles says:

your so lucky 

cardingsan says:

wow brilliant :o)

Shoemaker714 says:

You could bring in 6 old Mac cosmetic items to a Mac store in exchange for
1 free lipstick 

Stacey Denson says:

Girl that is so awesome, always find the best stuff. It is amazing the
things throw away. I found some Tarte Makeup today, i have been wanting
some for so long and hit the jack pot. Thanks again for your lead on
keeping a watchful eye. Enjoy your electronics.

Shonda McCoy says:


Dumpster Marcus says:

OMG!!!!! another macbook, a iphone and a ipod!!!! congrats. Did
everything work? you got some great stuff!! soooo happy for you. love
how there was a magnum condom in there too lol

bracken harris says:

Did the iPhone 4 work????

Minecrasher videos says:

Wait you found another ONE

shelikesdiamonds says:

Oh, btw! The stainless steel bracelet you found is an Italian Charm
Bracelet. They were all the rage before Pandora. In fact, they’re still
worn but more by men these days.

Daliwolf Bacon says:

Holy CRAP WOMAN!!! I can’t believe the awesome finds you got this
time???!!!! Amazing!!! How much can you get for that MacBook? 

37sweetpea says:

Wow so much be excited about hugs

Claudia Amaya says:

That’s amazing! So happy for you. Keep it up!

amenecerdeabril says:

Yay! So happy you are doing good with the dumpster diving!

crumb9cheese says:

Thats crazy. you must have been in the trash of some stuck up people that
have way to much money….Come on who throws a mac, a freaking Iphone, and
ipod in the trash…really….and the MAC make up good lord….Great finds

Tea4Two says:

So happy for you!!!! that is amazing! It’s shocking what people toss out
without a second thought but hey….more blessings for all of us DD/TP 🙂
so blessed!

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