Dumpster Diving Finds| Electronics Galore Who Would Do That | Mom The Ebayer Vlog

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Mom The Ebayer says:

Hey Guys You Can Find Me On: ( LINKS BELOW)



[email protected]

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesistate to ask.

turntableone says:

Debra Laws sings “Very Special”…I think you just dated yourself by
singing that song!

nerfer300 says:


Joseph Elkayam says:

Could I have the blackberry and the PSP please

IndiGamer says:

Id pay money out of my pockets to go do this with you

Pzh Isawsome says:

Amazing finds and happy late b-day

rasta fa kawun says:

You great singin!!

Enzo Simonini says:

If, by any chance you got the PSP repaired i would be wiulling to buy or
trade for it

WJS6495 says:

Nice finds! 

Nic Hills says:

Amazing, just imagine how much perfectly good stuff is thrown away every
day… makes me kinda mad!! Great finds, keep it up.

TheBlankpaiges says:

Total score in that bag, MtE. Not trying to wiggle any trade secrets out,
but do you hit the same spots every week or vary your routes? Here in
Houston I have my super Sunday night routes. The good spots down here are
ALWAYS the good spots. 🙂 Me personally, I like the places with no
competition even if it means traveling a little more. Happy belated B-day!

kyle waeltz says:

Yu sing really well!!!

im4tigers says:

Happy late birthday!! Luv your videos

dragonfli069 says:

them ” wires”, the 3 colored end ones, watch out for the ” gold” ended
ones, often sell them for 10$ per wire set

Zoe O'Keefe says:

You sing good

3bagsfulltoo says:

Bonafide hustler talked about that jacket brand in one of his vids.

Mom The Ebayer says:

@ DetectingNTexas that sound like a great plan. Is their any particular
reason why you’re selling for $1.00?

Mary Cole says:

Happy Birthday 🙂

letseeitplease says:

Happy Birthday to you, I hope you enjoyed yourself out there at dinner, you
looked so happy in the video, take care,

nofussacctng says:

you are going to love that fuji camera!! I have always had great luck with
that brand!!! Happy Birthday!

B C says:

Happy Birthday! Love your videos:)

Dumpster Marcus says:

Happy B Day!!! Hope you had a great day and all is well 🙂 Did that PSP
ever work. Looks like a PSP 1000 its the first one that came out. hope it
works could be around50

tina Neal-Rose says:

happy bday love the video and you and your sister look alike.have a good one

davisbits says:

Happy birthday!

Matt Lytle says:

My wife and I now dumpster dive at night. We have found lots of great
stuff! You are an inspiration. Been thinking of getting a storage unit and
filling it up then opening and selling everything for a buck each. What do
you think?

ultimatecouponlady says:

Happy, happy birthday!

Beri Bek says:

Happy Birthday! Love your videos!

Miss Stone says:

Happy Birthday. Love your videos and your treasure finds. Hope you upload
more videos soon. Big hugs, Xxxxx

Jenna Corbin says:

Cool Happy Birthday!!, today is my Birthday too!!

Mom The Ebayer says:

Thank you guys for your wonderful wishes,it really means a lot to me.

MissKitty Kat says:

Always Looking forward to your posts. Happy birthday sweet all the way from

adrew gonzalez says:

Whats your ebay name so I can check out what u have for sale

allig123ify says:

happy birthday.

Matt Lytle says:

Happy birthday!!! Love your videos and excited to see your new ones with
your new camera!!! YEAH!! How about telling us your suggested value of
items you find when you find them? Take care!!

meezergurl says:

Happy Birthday! Love your singing voice – why not do a singing vid
sometime? I’m sure I’m not the only one who would enjoy it.

Adley Haywood says:

Happy birthday too!

Shonda McCoy says:

Dumpster Diving for coupons this morning and on my way out someone threw a
nice T.V. stand away and a Flat screen Television and when I got to the
dumpster what I find there was bag full on jackets for my kids some had
characters on them like Tweety mickey and one Jean jacket with Harry Potter
name on the front and on the back in Rhinestones. I love dumpster dividing
my self you will be amazed and what people throw away

E Wagner says:

Happy Birthday, mine was on the 7th Look forward to seeing how your new
camera works.

nice2you2PickerOhio says:

Happy birthday!! nice finds !!


You have been such an inspiration to me. I have been “finding free stuff’
for a couple of months now due in part to you and your videos. Thanks so
much for sharing!

Mad Maine says:

Always amazed at what you find girl! And Happy Birthday!!!!

Adley Haywood says:

Great finds! Best of all they were FREE.

brendan carroll says:

breithla sona ( happy birthday in irish )

Bev S says:

Happy Birthday!! You are blessed! Keep sharing, I enjoy you finding these
great finds!

pafoofnic says:

Happy Birthday! Keep up the good work.

Adam Hazard says:

the bag of electronics is an interesting find.

MercuryLove46 says:

Happy birthday! Looks like you had a blast !

RetroRareandRad says:

Happy Birthday! It’s so exciting to get a new camera! Really liking your
videos. Let us know if the PSP works. I am in the market for one of those,
so if you want to sell it direct let me know.

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