Frogger Handheld Video Game With Pop Up Screen, 2005 Excalibur Electronics

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cutiepiggy pie says:

i have that game when i was a kid says:

Thanks a lot!

Kaden Brownhill says:

I love all your videos!

Octet Fan says:

cool beans!

Kevin Cheung says:


sofii luvsyouh says:

can u do a video about like jewerly for girl or something like that????????????

MysticJhn says:

Alright, correction, a 24 year old game.

MysticJhn says:

LEDs are extremely cheap.
I bet the cost to use them to backlight the screen properly would have been less than the cost of inserting the mirror and top flap.

You might have even sold more of them seeing as a backlit screen could be played in a low light environment.
Low light as in most everywhere indoors that you’re not directly under a lamp.
As is you’re a single game console in the era of the Nintendo DS (which was out in 2004), and the game itself is about a 35 year old game at that point.

James Davenport says:

This was likely a cheap toy. Doing those things would have raised the costs. It’s not always about they could have, sometimes it’s just about how cheap can we make it.

VMeGaMRedZV says:

I’d buy that for a dollar! Shut up and take my money. lol

apie715 says:


Joseph Nestico says:

I GOT THAT AT A GARAGE SALE!  That’s so cool

Ariel Au says:


MysticJhn says:

Why couldn’t they have backlit the system?
The game was made in 2005, they could have easily used low powered and still very bright LEDs and they wouldn’t burn kids hands.
You can grab an LED directly and it wouldn’t even be hot.

nergregga says:

that is probably one of the more playable handheld games I’ve seen. most of them you don’t know what is going on.

James Davenport says:

He said in the video the screen requires light through the top. And the more light that shines through the lid the brighter it gets. It doesn’t have a actual light source.
They couldn’t really put a light bulb in the case as it would burn the kids hands after a bit of use.

Rain Manas says:

7th this thing is cool and old

MissVali9 says:

6th comment

MysticJhn says:

This just makes me wonder 1 thing. Instead of trying to work with that odd mirrored screen, which probably required them to program things upside down or backwards, why didn’t they just put the screen on the bottom to start with? It seems like they tried to hard to be creative.

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