Heavy Electronics RADIO HAVANA lo-fi fuzz overdrive guitar effects pedal demo

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http://www.heavyelectronics.com The Radio Havana multi purpose fuzz machine demoed with a strat and the mighty Dr Z M12.


Krystian Dobrowolski says:

no, i’m black

Sloan Taylor says:

Dude, I had an old Starcaster 10 watt amp, and a $25 dollar Danelectro distortion pedal. I turned the amp drive on AND the danelectro at the same time in south Ga, and I picked up Radio Havana Cuba.

ramonaHQ says:

@Danial Burton – It’s called Korean

Danial Burton says:

Has anyone tried the isp totally blues pedal? Or even heard of the damned thing? The only demo on youtube is in tai-chi-pan-eze or something!

tksk197033 says:

gearmandude, pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaase do the rocktron third angel distortion pedal please :)

OmegaM41 says:

@Chris Heady

Danial Burton says:

My 2 yr old son is saying “white coily cable” swear!

jezmundberserker says:

Cool, now all you need is the pedal, a King Bee Strat, a Dr. Z M12 and Gearmanndude’s fingers to get that tone.

Ricardo. B. Dogtooth says:

yeah why? I love splatty fuzz how it breaks up and decays I’ve found a uk dealer selling them for £99

Cyril ViXP says:

Too much mid-high as for me.

guitar62751 says:

fantastic demo GMD !

glk785 says:

r u serious?

gearmanndude says:

Baaaahahahahaha!!!!!! Love it…

Aint1S says:

Hey, she’s got the GMD finishing nail driver on the front! =)

TheF86Sabre says:

I get it……too bad we may have to explain it to everyone else. Apparently spelling is a lost art. It’s all in good pun!

Dean Gardner says:

I think he means he is not wearing any sort of protective gloves, latex, leather or otherwise…

Ricardo. B. Dogtooth says:

i’ve been searching for this tone for years @ around 1:18 i need this…….

hogwildheros says:

Sounds like hell, I like it

Chris Heady says:

Rawr lol

Chris Heady says:

You play pretty good for a guy using ‘bear’ hands…

thehojos1 says:

Commie Fuzzes always sound great!

Pablo Aguilar says:

This is just amazing :/ I want one

HeavyElectronics says:

Thanks, and we didn’t have to even send it over. Want some more?

jma111000 says:

Cool fuzz!

Arturo Chávez says:

Damn it’s amazing.

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