Hot Toys Falcon Captain America The Winter Soldier Movie Masterpiece 1:6 Scale Collectible Action Fi

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Mark Demeo says:

on your left.

Morgans review says:

Think about it your spending 100s of pounds on plastic I used to collect
hot toys and marvel universe and I had a lot of them but as soon I thought
about what I am spending my money on I started to laugh 

Matthew Morey says:

He looks like something from COD advance warfare

rabidhammer says:

Pretty sweet, love those guns and wings, headsculpt of course is fantastic,
awesome review and pics bro!

CommanderOfTheSun says:

The ears are too small I think..

Raphael cejaman says:

now thats bad ass

Harry Davis says:

Hi shartimus could u do a review/ overview of all of your hot toys pieces
thanks and keep up the great work

Marvel Animations says:

Shartimasprime, get the HOT TOYS IRON MAN MARK 1 VERSION 1 OR 2 ! I swear
you will love it and it will be great for your iron man hot toys collection
because this is tony starks first iron man suit! That and it’s classic,
they’re available on eBay and maybe amazon. But please, please just do a
review on it. It’s my favorite figurine and I want to see what you think
about it. P.s the figure doesn’t have the best articulation but thats based
off the movie when he’s in the cave.

PooPing-Perks-21 says:

shartimus, can you review the Godzilla sh monsterarts rebirth?

Alfonso Padron says:

Did you say the pants “tore out because of his package”? Lol jk

Angel Barraza says:

Are you going to review the Capullo Talon and Mr. Freeze? I’ve been waiting
for them for so long.

XXFancyPantsJrXX says:

damn this is an awesome figure looks so badass! when you said the wing span
is like 2 feet that blew my mind. long ass wing span man. idk head on it
doesnt look exactly like him but turn it just barley and it looks really
accurate. i guess you could say you broke the handle…on his left. looks
awesome on that stand!

Badboy4life says:

Badass review I can’t wait to get this.

malcolmar says:

Falcon Punch!
Another great review. Just like the old AM/PM commercial, Too Much Great
Stuff. Another AMAZING figure from an AMAZING movie!

CaptainParsons says:

Hot Toys needs to step it up. I watch all,of your HT reviews, and almost
every figure has some sort of issue. For North of 300 they should have more
quality control.

Ryan Maiden says:

cool video shartimus great looking figure love the wings and avian they
kill it with the head sculpt and detail no surprise there bummer with the
pants issue though but i guess that can easily be hidden with a good
flight pose but anyway keep up the awesome videos

actionfiguremovies says:

Great review as always. So looking forward to getting this and animating
him. Thanks for all the warnings too.

Cade7526 says:

hey shartimus btw its mag not clip…

d3ViL5Du3 says:

Dope review man! This figure is fucking dope man, sucks his camp pants
ripped. He probably threw a stink fart and it crept to the front of the
pant lol.

assassin1556 says:

ALL ABOARD THE 100,000 SUB HYPE TRAIN! Almost there man! And are you gonna
do a top 10 figure list?

GianCarlo Biondi says:

He looks more like barrack Obama and will Smith combined

Carl Laroco says:

+ShartimusPrime Shartimusprime. try and look it up on google or anywhere.
“firetoys deadpool” awesome figure.

Christian Green says:

I love it when u do ur clips of u being silly with the figs, ur hilarious
and a great reviewer, love ur vids man, I got the Broly figure today, but
ur laugh when u were flying falcon made my day even above that awesome
Broly figure, ur the best man

Tystarr2k2 says:

I don’t know man… It’s not looking too much like Mackie. 

Jestermon1 says:

I don’t know the actor has some blacker thicker eyebrows, this looks like a
younger version of him with drawn on eyebrows.

Trance Gamer says:

I wish I could get these figures but they are SSOOOOO EXPENSIVEEEEEE

BALTZx85 says:

Damn that figure looks better than I thought it would. I think I might pick
him up now

SkidMark133 says:

Still need a legends falcon figure like this one 

BSGNUT says:

LOVE your reviews, man! Love ’em. That is all.

el gamer says:

in what day you do the top 10 figuers of 2014

skabcat242 says:

That sucks about that rip in the pants.

Alastair Chin says:

I think it looks like Anthony Mackie, its just the serious expression
throws you off

RazzyBark says:

You could say he’s flying low…

Custombrothers2 says:

I like the captain falcon Easter eggs

GamerSrijit says:

it does look like anthony mackie 4:28

paul cruz says:

Good review. Always entertaining to watch. 

Matthew Ware says:

Are you gonna make a hottoys collection video?

thunder noob15 says:

It doesn’t looks like Anthony mackie a lot

Alexandra Duran says:

I been waiting for this review

K9 Burger says:

looks like a young will smith. 

Vinicius Miranda says:

Hell yeah ankle articulation! 

GamerSrijit says:

Falcon could use a movie of his own. 

Russool Mishir says:

This looks hella sick!

Shawn Henry says:


thunder noob15 says:

Do one of Titan eren yeager


Man 200+ dollar figure and come to you with damage. YOU should RETURN it
Shart! That is totally UNACCEPTABLE! Great review man though I will never
collect hot toys. 

Van Cung says:


Walter Torres says:
Deep terror Thresh says:

Just as dope like the other Cap 2 figures.

StrikerFX47 says:

He looks amazing. 

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