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On my vacation I went to Tokyo Japan and visited the Hot Toys Flagship store to see what sights and trinkets are to be found. In the end the fans get a visua…


LoadedSS says:

Q  N. N

Xamot1980 says:

Thank you so much for sharing that. TOYS ARE AMAZING. And HOT TOYS have really brought some true art in the pop culture icons we love.

BIGfrigginfigures says:

I wonder if any of those figures in the window will get destroyed? From sun rays?

Verithiell says:

I really enjoy your videos. So much that I even subbed 🙂
The first one I’ve watched was the review of Chogokin 12″PM C-3PO. I imported it from Japan (I live in Poland) and it’s in customs at the moment. I can’t wait to get it, however before it happens I have to try to convince customs officials that this is not a toy but a collectible with some value, so I’ll only have to pay 8% tax instead of 27,55% 🙂

Danoby2 says:

I’m glad I’m not the only one that noticed that they are able to pose there figures very dynamic to take full advantage of the joints.

newborncollector says:

“AWESOME”! I could just live in the store lol. The poses are fantastic, I think I may borrow some of those, thx for sharing great stuff, hope you enjoyed your trip, peace….Nbc

Danoby2 says:

Very good question on the Terminator. I personally will not be getting it. I’m trying to devote myself to one collection. That being Iron Man, it’s so huge and costly!

Danoby2 says:

Didn’t see him.

Danoby2 says:

Thanks for the support!

Danoby2 says:

You took the words out of my mouth, first it wasn’t easy to find the store and second it wasn’t located near a shopping district. So you would have to be specifically coming to shop at this store. Also I was a bit annoyed it opened up at 11:00am. I got their early at 9:30am hoping for a 10:00am early opening. I tried real hard to modify my camera to not record the reflection of the glass too.!

marcarsenal1 says:


crankitup86 says:

you are a very lucky man, i am so jealous right now! thanks for this amazing video Danoby2. 🙂 and i was just wondering if anyone knows roughly when the terminator dx13 should be making its earliest unboxing appearance on youtube? I’m really eager to see that one ? thanks again Danoby2.

Benniefranchise says:

Great vid sir

kairus1 says:

great viideo!

ansol2006 says:

Thanks for the tour!

uncvlized says:

thanks for sharing 🙂

Sinister Ministr says:

amazing video, amazing store, thanks for sharing!

Dale Tierney says:

No Amazing Spider-Man?

eivoMSeb says:

Love the camera work, the music, the editing… Fantastic video buddy

eivoMSeb says:

You would imagine this store is located in one of Tokyo’s finest avenues, it actually looks like its in the middle of the shittiest street, in the middle of nowhere… But damn I love the way they display their figures. Absolutely fantastic bro. This is how a collection should always be displayed… Love the camera

Venom678sMinecraft says:


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