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Tampatec says:

i added huge list of TECH Support numbers and playlists in “video
description” use the List to call tech supports just in case sh!t happens
you guys have access to all those numbers now, it took me all day to
collect these tech customer support phone numbers so i hope it comes in
hand. 8^) please share my videos or channel, let your friends and family
know they can get free tech support and videos to help them with their tech
problems. Thanks to all your support! 

Doodnauth Harrykissoon says:

LG LCD32cs410, no picture, red light on. I want to change all capacitors on
the video board. Where do I find out what capacitors I need and where do I
purchase these. Thanks.

Rick Vanderwal says:

Hi, Tampatec. Reposting this because condition worsened. When I turn my
LG 42ld550 LCD TV on, picture being broadcast is unviewable, mostly
diagonal distortion from bottom left to upper right. Audio is ok,
unaffected. After tv warms up, within 15 minutes, the picture starts to
correct itself, slowly coming back, shimmering, and then finally good,
stable, good color, definition. but just this past week, picture stability
is degraded. Never totally stabilizes. 2-5 minutes stability? then
shimmers a lot. Capacitors? logic board? power supply? 42LD550-UB.CUSWLH
svc code. Any advice appreciated! thanks in advance. 

Lennox Gomes says:

Hi Tampatec,
You have some very nice detailed videos. I’m wondering if you can help me
with my 2 issues, both with LG equipment. (The problems happened at
different times so they are not related.
1)I have the LG HT904TA All in one Home Theatre System plugged in to my LG
50PS60 Plasma TV with a HDMI Cable and Digital Optical Cable. All has been
working fine for just over 4 yrs now.
Recently, while watching a DVD with surround sound on, suddenly the sound
from the speakers stopped. So I rebooted both the TV & Home Theatre & tried
playing the DVD again. The sound came on briefly for 1-2 seconds & went
silent again.
I tried playing a program on TV & the same result, sound comes on 1-2
seconds & then silence.
So I switched to the sound from TV in built Speakers & sound is fine. I can
play TV programs & DVD with sound from the TV speakers without problem.
However, if I switch the sound to the Home Theatre I get sound only for 1-2
secs & then silence (this only if I reboot the Home Theatre first).. if not
then silence throughout. The DVD player in the Home Theatre works fine.
I tried with a different HDMI cable as well as optical cable, same result.
I opened the cover to look at the 2 boards in there to see if there are any
obvious burn marks or bulging caps or leaks. All looks okay. Checked the
only fuse I saw next to the power in. It’s also okay. I did see some burn
marks on 2 wires of the cable going one board to the other. It seems it was
touching the heat sink. I checked on the continuity of those 2 wires from
end-end. They are okay. Could this have caused some component on either
board to short?

2) Y’day while watching a program on TV(LG 50PS60 Plasma), there was a
buzzing noise from the TV for around 5 mins.. then it went away on it’s
own… today the buzzing noise came back for 2 mins or so & suddenly the TV
went blank (no picture.. sound still on)
So I rebooted the TV & tried again. I heard the click of the switch on, the
small display light turned blue & then turned red again. The screen did not
light up at all. Tried waiting for 2 hrs with tv off & tried switching on
again. Still no picture.
Opened the back & noticed the following while switching on. The LED R445 on
the CTRL Board comes on green & then stays on. The LED R448 does the
following sequence (all in green): 1 normal blink > 1 more normal blink > 1
long blink > 1 short blink > 3 normal blinks > 1 long blink .. and then the
same sequence goes on & on…. All this while the display light at the bottom
has turned red & there is no display on screen.
Also looked for any obvious burn marks or bulging caps or leakage from any
components. Found none. Also checked all the fuses I could see. All okay.

imarumbum says:

I should clarify that I tested these on the PWRs supply TP’s

imarumbum says:

Voltage at vs and va are normal when set is first turned on…then drops
rapidly…vs hangs around 10v and va hangs around than 1v.

Tampatec says:

check dc volts to input of x and y sustain boards, also try samsung
firmware usb update call for tv boards and repair kits (877) 881-6492 /
(952) 881-6492

imarumbum says:

Paul, help! I am having problems with my Samsung 50 inch plasma pn5055c…
The screen went blank but the sound and other controls still worked. I
followed a few of your how-to video posts on testing the different
components and even removed 4 capacitors on the “y” main board that looked
suspicious (150uf 250v) and they all tested good at around 151.2uf. Any
help you can offer would be well received , thanks.

dorij111 says:

hi I have a westinghouse vr 2418 it won’t turn on, no lights no sound. any

Amit dx says:

hi Tampatec…I have a Sansui SJ24JFK Full HD led tv…and I use it as a
TV(Set-Top Box via AV) plus PC Monitor(VGA)….the problem is I have to use
them separately…I mean I have to plug out the AV Cables and the
Set-Top-Box when using PC and while watching TV, I have to plug out the PC
power plug from my Spike Guard..OR ELSE SOME FAINT HORIZONTAL LINES KEEP
people say the tv isn’t faulty….what to do…Its just 2mnths

Tampatec says:

yes but that’s not too common usually with few Sony tv models, call to
check for a lcd panel recall for your 47″ vizio television (sv470xvt1a)
Vizio-Phone: 1-877-698-4946, press 1 or 0 for live rep.

Tampatec says:

(no picture but you have sound that’s usually inverter board) there is a
chance that one of the boards you got maybe defective still check volts
into inverter board if good then maybe refurb. inverter board they sent is
defective still, that happens sometimes. or can be backlight itself. call
in morning tech support will tell you what parts you need to get 1(877)
881-6492 / (952) 881-6492

Josh Wynkoop says:

I ordered new inverter boards and replaced them, but no luck. Any other
ideas? Could the entire LCD have gone bad? Thanks again for your help.

Dane Musacco says:

Tampatec, we have picture but no sound. Its a Samsung LN-S3251D. Help and

Tampatec says:

check inverter boards but sometimes inverter board is built into
power-supply. you didn’t need the mother board so see it you can get a
refund on that board or exchange for inverter board. good luck 8^)

Josh Wynkoop says:

Hello. I’ve watched a lot of your videos, and they’re really helpful. A few
weeks ago I left my 47″ vizio television (sv470xvt1a) on while I was mowing
the lawn. I came back in and the white “vizio” light was on, but nothing on
the screen. I turned it off, and back on, but heard a repeated “clicking”
noise. So I replaced the power supply. Now no ticking, but still nothing on
the screen. I do have sound though. The backlight is not turning on. I also
replace the main board. Any ideas?

Clive Graham says:

I have a plasma LG model RZ42PY10X. It has a red line on the right side of
the screen that does go away with pressure to the control board number
6871QCH038A. I had the board out a few weeks ago but couldn’t find any
obvious solder defects. I have an insulated screwdriver permanently putting
pressure on the board but eventually the problem returns and I may do more
damage to the board. There are so many solder points, are there any obvious
solder joints that I can go to fist to save time?

element74 says:

Please make a video on how to test transistor on powerboard like
BN44-00161A. Also how do you test mosfet transistors on this same board?
I’ve seen 2 different ways using a multimeter, but 1 of the 2 ways seems a
lot more common. I’m not 100% confident in understanding what they’re doing
and I would love to see your explanation. Thanks for making all these vids!

Parsam Lavaaldin says:

Hi how you doin ? i have a problem witth my tv i checked all the fuses and
also the capacitor but they are all ok. i need ur help i watched all ur
videos and also i subscribed but ineed ur help. my tv is not turning on and
when the red lite blinks and it goes off with and it has a click sound that
it makes. no picture no sound. can u help please ?

Jedi says:

subboting is greaaat

Tampatec says:

open tv up, powercord goes into power supply board, get board number off
power board and get at shopjimmy website or other sites

iamsodude says:

You r really helpful thanks

royce terrence says:


Tampatec says:

this is my new trailer intro for my tampatec channel home page, hope you
like 8^)

J Johnson says:

I cannot find a electrical diagram for my hewlitt packard pl5072n 50″
plasma. I have seen your cap replacements but cannot locate the power
board. On what I can see there are no known blown on any board. But of
course the power on and off thing!!! thanks

Dumpster Marcus says:

Lol like the tv board shirt

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