Let’s Play South Park Stick of Truth: A Room Full of Toys – Episode 3

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Alfredo and Brian makes the mistake of exploring Cartman’s Mom’s room.


Deflexes says:

Game looks cool and all and since I watched all the South Park episodes,
the references are hilarious, but I don’t feel like dropping $60 on a game
with no replay value.

MykTheOccultist says:

you guys suck at this game.

patsybob says:

dat dildo hidden behind the computer screen 🙂 

tony lucente says:

i’m sorry, but i just don’t like alfredo :/

Dragonite955 says:

This game looks unbearably stupid

Don Blitz says:

Its lucky the religion Judaism has been through so much and even made up
humour of taking the piss out of themselves that you can have a class
called Jew lol

Charlie Jones says:


dan camp says:

Alfredo is pretty annoying

Gabriel Caceres says:

should i buy this game??

chino8it says:

I cant get past the advertisement

aaron parsons says:

Play the game or stop uploading 

SpartanCHIEF117ify says:

why hate on butters? i like him

Phil Steakerson says:

you got most of the references in cartmans closet wrong.

mohammed alof says:

first :D

StigDesign1 says:

LOLOL CarMan`s mom room XD

iCeMaN tHe BeSt says:

Chain ball referent to Men in black :)

Thundernoob88 says:

If you listen to butters when you go into cartmans moms room so much

dan camp says:

Im pretty sure thays his Asian hat from the Indiana Jones episode 

ystconnection says:

lol dat taco went up his butters’ butt.

xghoulxx says:

Don’t do anymore “Let’s Play” of this game, it’s not entertaining to watch
2 people that suck at games play this game.

Vegan Edge says:

What are you talking about? Butters has – right after Randy – by far the
biggest fanbase.

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