Mattel Planes Diecast Toys Dusty Crophopper, Skipper, El Chupacabra, Ripslinger, Leadbottom

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Mattel Disney Planes diecasts are now in your big box stores. These Planes can be purchased in the Disney Pixar Cars section of your toy store. The Disney Pl…


echua16 says:

Diecast planes cant fly stupid they are toys for fk sake

DisneyCarToys says:

Sorry, I have no idea who that is.

DiamondCreeper728 says:

not to be mean or anything but your voice sounds like Eileen’s from Regular Show! DisneyCarsToys

gianmarco maestri says:

Rip and dusty

Eren Basharan says:

My favourite plane is Dusty CropHopper.

Bachmannmodelreviews says:


DisneyCarToys says:

I’ve only seen them once at walmart. I’m sure if you wait a few weeks they will pop up at a lot of the bigger stores.

Bachmannmodelreviews says:

I can’t find them.

DisneyCarToys says:

Cool!!! Did you get the new ones too like Chug and Zed?

Bachmannmodelreviews says:

I have them all.

Tariq Hammoud says:


Bachmannmodelreviews says:


Chase Ransom says:

El Chupacabra and Bulldog

cody spencer says:

El Chabracaba

Cidt Jac says:


DisneyCarToys says:

Nice, those are the 3 main planes. I can’t wait for the movie!

Thedarkstarradio1 says:

Like disney planes toys i got racer dusty elcuebcaber and rip sliger

DisneyToyCollection says:


141217yyj says:

N I jf

DisneyCarToys says:

Sweet! I love his colors, orange and blue.

Dexter Knox says:

I’ve got dusty

TIGERJB12 says:

Yes, Skipper (again)

DisneyCarToys says:

Yes, I couldn’t agree more! I am sooo excited for the movie too.

10h41 says:

These planes are very cooool.

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