Orbeez Soothing Spa and Planet Orbeez Ali’s Adventure Park Playsets – Kids’ Toys

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Hi! Here are Orbeez Soothing Spa and Planet Orbeez Ali’s Adventure Park playsets. Planet Orbeez Living the Orbeez Life: 1000 Orbeez Imagine a world where the people and pets are made of Orbeez!


B2cuteCupcakes says:

This is so cool I love Orbeez :)

noelene grace says:

Hi +Kids’ Toys can we be youtube friends because I am a half filipino but I
don’t speak filipino and I love your videos I’ve been subscribe to you very
long when you hit 200,000 subscriber pls can I be your youtube friend will
chat plssssssssss

Oyuncak TV says:

8:25 It seems funny! =)
+1 Like!

Toy Kingdom says:

They look awesome! :)

Angela Claire Buban says:

+Kids Toys I can’t believe B2cuteCupcakes comment on your channel

RaceToyTime says:

I could use the orbeez soothing spa

M Crafts says:

both are so cute ! just keep up the great work !

Saelac Kenji says:

Pilipino po ba kayo
Just asking you look like filipino

Teresa wilkerson says:

Where did you get that toy from? The little girl’s one

Mai Cupcake says:

This was great I Love the soothing spa ❤️

LPS Amina Metović says:

So cool i love your videos

Grace Caballero says:

Wow kids toys beautiful like a planet orbeez and soothing spa

Kidz Toyz NZ says:

this was great girls! we love the soothing spa! the orbeez playset are so
cool! great review. :)

Keiki Toys and Joys says:

very nice Kids! we have one orbeez play set. this one looks like a lot of
fun. my kids love playing with water beads. thumbs up!

Austine Sarte says:

Hi kid’s toys i am sorry about what i said to you two on your heart braker
now episode i am very sorry because i was very jealous of you sorry ulit
but it is true that i have a nerf rebelle it is the strongheart bow sorry
very sorry :<

Sevval karasu says:

nice video yeah good

Kamilya Abdullaeva says:

Going.; ) (⊙o⊙)

jayla jude mae villarias says:

I want to share something with you!did you know that a person on youtube
said filipino weirdos.I was so mad,We are not weird RIGHT?

Dobertot says:

What amazing sets! I’m sure you girls will have lots of fun with them!

Kittylongnose 55 says:

Hi Kids toys I’m just gonna ask you a question do you live in Philippines.

dj -pon3 mpl says:

me encanta su canal y son hermosas subcribanse a mi canal please

Maria Caparas says:

Hi se kengkeng ako nickname ko maria se mommy ko at gusto ko ma meet your
parents 🙂

Liah Pedraza says:

Does it tikle when you put tour feet un it

Aiki Takata says:

If there’s some haters,just ignore it!
Because I think 2 of you are perfect youtubers

Hana Kaya says:

This video is verry verry good

Khang Huynh says:

Hi kids toy Ilov you videos

Vennecia Fu says:

You are so cute i really like this video too

noelene grace says:

+Keiki Toys and Joys did you know there filipino 

İpek Demiryürek says:

Çok çok çok güzel

Feliflor Tabanas says:

Can you do a winx club review? Pwede

Lays Mariana Mariana says:

Eu tenho um em igual sinhô , de colocar os pés dentro 

Saneada Abdullah says:

Kids toys channel 🙂 🙂 🙂 :-)!!!!!!!!!!

Kutchay Ortiz says:

please guys make ah slime.

Ana Beatriz says:

Oi eu adoro seus videos beijos 

oenone tan says:

Halu!!! Are you Filipinos pls. Respond

Hannah Mae Razon says:

I think you should put 4 or 5 packs of orbeez

Edy Tyoka says:

i like your video kids toys

saeed alzahrani says:

Orbeez Soothing Spa and Planet Orbeez Ali’s AggG huuuhv Park Playsets –
Ki…: https://youtu.be/g9gTWElw-Sot rdfffftttth

allisson lucin asencio says:

Bien bonito el vídeo

Rimjhim Pandey says:

Your all videos are bestt

sharon braganza says:

Are you sisters

jayla jude mae villarias says:

lucky penny shop or kids toys?

Shyanne Divine says:

i like your videos

Pizza Beauty says:

first comment

Aiki Takata says:

I love this channel

Sheila Mae Balingit says:

Lovely kids toys

myates4230 says:

Kamari msk

Варя Тарасова says:

Классное видео!!!☺☺

KidsLetsPlay says:

great channel

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