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Apple shares your passwords with hackers! Robert’s gonna tell you how to set up an iPad for dad. Curiosity has landed on Mars! Way to go NASA we’ve got more pictures and videos! What does getting hacked hard mean… and can you even prevent it??? That and more on today’s Tekzilla! COOL BEAMZ DJ LASER CONTROLLER OVERVIEW TUTORIAL FOR ALL DJ APPLICATIONS – SEE HOW TO ADD AN AMAZING NEW DIMENSON WHEN YOU DJ! (DJT6) Don’t let creativity be limited by your computer keyboard with your DJ application software – free up and light up your creative genius! Now you can control mixing cue points, video mixing, fx, loops, samples, beats, lighting, and more with the Beamz affordable laser controller! This tutorial provides an overview, and explains why and how to use the Beamz laser controller with any DJ or lighting application software. Use the Beamz interactive laser controller to [More] Zuckerberg on Google+ It’s a Validation of Facebook’s Vision; Getting my first look at Google+ and I am nicely impressed; 5 Things the Skype Deal Teaches Us About Facebook; and Space Exploration: 9 Private Sector Companies Ready to Take Off
Wired magazine has opened a pop up shop in Times Square as it tries to make it easier for gadget buyers and technology lovers to find this year’s hottest items, in an environment that is rewarding retailers with fresh ideas. Powered by Producer : Reuters
08/25/12 Upcoming media events for Amazon, Apple, Nokia and Microsoft are highly anticipated. It’s not just central bank monetary policy speculation driving market expectations ahead of the Labor Day holiday.
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