Pinypon Theme Park, Pinypon Shopping Center and Car – Kids’ Toys

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Pinypon Shopping Center: Pinypon Friends ready to go shopping, get the escalator to grasp a snack at the candy store. Pinypon Shopping Center includes: two d…


CaliforniaMetin says:

I like Pinypon.. very nice !! :)

Disney Toys 911 says:

love you guys i also love pinypon 

CottonCandyCorner says:

Just like Christmas for you girls very lucky :D

Heron V San Roman says:

Jajaja bonito

Kids View Toys says:

My daughter LOVES you guys. Love all the little trinkets in the picnic
basket too. Looks like a fun set. Good job.

Damian Salomon says:


Oyun Hamuru TV says:

wow perfect playset!

Jomae Kellin Quinn says:

They are not a toy collection and I am waiting for years a my little
pony,why audrey,chadallan,gracie and bin are toy collection but this
channel have a many subscribers

Kinder Surprise Unboxing says:

Great video! Like !

Arvie Milag says:

I have that pinypon car too

Реал Крафт says:

афигеть у таких маленьких подписчиков так много

RaceToyTime says:

that looks like a fun play set! 

Dmitry Karpov says:

Фуууу китайки не красивые ужас просто гадость и маленькая всё время губу
отклячивает фуууууууууo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_O

Keiki Toys and Joys says:

very beautiful good job girls! 

Sarah Isadora says:

Can I have request?
Can you guys open tamagotchi friend?

You guys are Pawsome :3

Ivan Arevalo says:

I bet it took you a long time to make that

Rhea Flores says:

Ate ni copy ño ako yan rorlercoster tagalog ako

Totally Tatum says:

good job!

Танчолпон Дуйшекеева says:

былобы на руском тупизм

Coloring Kids says:

Hi kids toys channel i have a question are you filipina

Saimar Guangco says:

This is the great video ever.where did you buy that?

Anson David Co says:

I like pinypon sow much you gays I love you I am sam Allyson ds co I love
you hahahahaha

Heavenly Sierra says:

hi welcome back to kids toys channel

mhargie praise says:

Can u try to get an ever after high or american girl

Fatima PINIPON says:

Donde conseguiste el cetro comercial

Andrew Shukalo says:

Klas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like :D

Ian Verendia says:

this is the best!where do you buy it?toy kingdom or toys r us?

Giada Pasquariello says:

Pinypon Theme Park, Pinypon Shopping Center and Car – Kids’ Toys:

PanyotsFamily VEVO says:

Untuk apa mainan gak bermanfaat di beli. lebih bagus untuk beli buku, atau
barang yang berguna

monserrat vidal says:

suvan video porfa

young chico says:

A pppooooooooooooooiiiipoq v lpoooolllmmmnboo loop oooo9pppioo, b no “Cc ST
go go I. 

Aishat Abiola Balogun says:

Thanks for bringing this video bye

Igor Lira says:

Não tem graça nata

Aurelia Jelita says:

Cool that I also have a pinyon


CroosNot Gamer says:

where you buy these briquettes?

Supergirls Marianne's Videos says:

Are you guys filipinias? Me too!

sheeva aina mardiah says:

where do you live? 

Diamond Craft says:

UodpPinypon Theme Park, Pinypon Shopping Center and Car – Kids’ Toys:

Chelsea Hunter says:

BH hhhjjb Pinypon Theme Park, Pinypon Shopping Center and C…:

laurenygabriela correales beltran says:

Pinypon Theme Park, Pinypon Shopping Center and Car – Kids’ Toys:

jose giron says:

where you buyt the toys

gilliard espinola says:

quero um porfavor

diane Stevenson says:

thanks, lol

Eviria Rika says:

Aku suka filem ini

charise Castro says:

Wow!! I love pynipon

Putri Njazola says:

Bi Theme Park, Pinypon Shopping Center and C…:

amel bouchenni says:

Regardez cette vidéo sur YouTube :bjkj

Regina Sheccid says:

Hello plis for my it is challenge for the 2 ok bye i love you

Luis Macias says:

Check out this video on YouTube:y w

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