PLAY DOH Surprise Eggs Videos Opening Blind Boxes Kinder Joy TMNT Toys BFFS Marvel Vinylmations DCTC

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Surprise Playdough Toy Eggs – Kinder Joy – Blind Box Opening Featuring Marvel Vinylmations – BFFS – TokiDoki Donutello – Labbits – Chaos Bunnies – Royal Pride – TMNT Teenage Mutant Ninja …


Disney Cars Toy Club DCTC says:
Robert Mederos says:

can you do an anki drive review?

misterx girl says:

can you say your gaming chanel

Alex Powell says:

What is your gaming channel

izzymiaricecoco sarria says:


Tanisha Chowdhury says:

Is ur wife amy Jo or is she Brandon’s

Annie Duong says:

Are you using a different camera? Cause i cant watch in HD

Tam Nguyen says:

Where did you get the donutella blind bags?
PS:please do more of DONUTELLA blind bags

Layla Chartier says:

Where do you get the blind boxes? I wanna order some for my family

LegoLAS says:

You said grab zags right and i’m the one who requested the grab zags, me:

SweetCandyTV says:

Please open doctor who blind boxes but please open another of you will
open those one’s again open another please

Ashley Hacker says:

Do mofia plzzzz

Xynah Faisal says:

I like the bffs and the donutello (don’t know how to spell it ) can you do
more of those plz 

Lania MSP says:

Can you do more Moofia BFF’S MLP LPS and the donut plushy

Assekia Hole Town says:

Can you plz do mashems?and a minecraft video

Callum Mannion says:

3 things:
Does Brandon pay you
A pride is a group of any felines cats, cheetahs, lions and the poodle is
there pet.
And can you do some toy story vinylmations. 

Gina Endaya says:

Today is my birthday!

Linda And Joey Show says:

what is your game channel

Eryn Rachel says:

Was there one for 2004

Grace Fant says:

In one of Amy Jo’s videos, she opened up a hello kitty and got a duplicate
and I was wondering if yall gave away duplicates? And where do you get the
blind boxes? And what about cactus pups?

cerise hood says:

Can you do my little pony blind boxes seres 2 by funko and my little pony
blind bags series 11

EDWIN toytastic says:

Do the walking dead toys and more Japanese blind boxes

Leslie Juárez says:

Can you show the monkey

Chardonnay Aldin says:

My cusen had her baby at 3am in themoning and his name is Rily I haven’t
sen him yet l love him

Sandra Levell says:

Funco pop teenage mutant ninja turtles

Lorna Duggan says:

Do a house tour or a video where you do a toy reveiw with your kids on

Lexie Paige says:

Who’s your wife

Alexandra future toy collector says:

I like your channel. I am 4 years old and love to watch you guys!

alltoycollecter says:

plz plz do monster high blind bags you get awsome stuff plz im a
subscriber and a big fan fan i love amy , brandan and you i love your vids
plz reply plz

Andy Pope says:

I’m not ever ever gowing to not which your videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I

Rocky Chapman says:

Are you and Amy together?

Kyla Burkley says:

When you open the bff boxes which I love can you look at the diffrent ones
you can get on the side of the box

Gail Allen says:

Were do you get labits from

Kelly Ingram says:

Have you herd of maxei egg

Rick Laney says:

Have you ever shone you’r face?

0zoro says:

Zero where did you get the one piece blind boxes? and do more

Dave Shiel says:

Do more new videos and do more unacornoes love ellie

cmp442004 says:

Where did you get the sailor moon blind boxes?

Jessica Davidson says:

Where did you get them from?

kyllie2006 says:

Hi can you tell me where to buy all these blind Box and bags??? I know on
eBay, but which seller you recommend??? Thanks, sorry for My bad english I
am peruvian and My autocorrector sucks!! XD 

Julio Ventura says:

Do the toy story vinilmations and the sleeping beauty vinilmations

Joybell says:

Do the Jungle Book Vinylmations 

Peko Martin says:

Do more doctor who

jessicooper says:

Tomorrow’s my b-day ( Oct. 29th ), and I want you to do more doughnutella’s
and moofia’s and start doing the 50th anniversary disney vinalmation

TheIncrediblyCoolFrost says:

Do the attack on titan anime blind boxes they are awesome plz do it I want
you to do it man

Paige Goth says:

Can you do some trash pack blind bins and How do you know Amy Joe and

Zack Barry says:

do big hero 6 vynlmations

laci pullins says:

there is no 2005 in the cines zodeae I don’t now how to spell cines zodeae

Bianca Badeca says:

Can you do frozen egg

menup6 says:

One piece one piece

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