Power-Con 2013 Toys with Turtle Power Panel

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Trans8010 says:

Re watching I find myself dissapointed that of all the questions asked, none of them were about the unreleased technorover! Nope it’s about a sub series released towards the end of the line. These were the lead guys! They knew about sales figures and quantities Why wasnt the Technodrome released as it was originally intended as a inflatable beach ball on top of a tank with the technorover as it’s front. Is Scratch & Hot Spot really that rare as collectors and scalpers seem to make it out to be.

kurtanglekobebryant says:

And also they know what they did & just explained their experiences the partaking of making the TMNT lines. Which all of them do deserve credit for contributing. Not to mention the VP of Marketing & the 2 scuplters still work for Playmates & they’re continiuing to bring us wonderful toys. .

Ivana Rivera says:

This is awesome! Two of my faveorit YouTubers culide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Johan Eggink says:

Those Jim Lee turtes are aweome!!!

Alexx1083 says:

That was interesting! I love that the guys who worked on the originals are still doing it today (and obviously still having a good time). Very cool to hear how all the old variants came about. Also very cool to hear from the very people that the famous detail came from! I swear, those old toys were as much fun to play with as they were to look at and find all the little animals ‘n such sculpted into them. And the new stuff just keeps getting better!

Trans8010 says:

All depends if retailers ordered the minimum requirement for mass production last spring.

Trans8010 says:

that’s not what I meant at all. I simply said there was lil to no talk about some of the Mirage Artists who were great contributors to the toyline Ryan Brown designed 12 toys including fan favorite Ray Fillet and Mondo Gecko. Now I’m of course attributing this to the massive 20 year span in which all of this work was being done, Im not placing blame but it would have been nice if one of them remembered that some toycentric characters were done by these talented comic artists.

Trans8010 says:

The 2003 turtles have not hit that nostalgic wave that commands issuing their likenesses on products. Most of those fans are either in college or high school where toys are the furtherest things from their minds. Maybe in another 10 years or so you’ll see some product catering to the 2003 series.

Trans8010 says:

No. They are doing Classics versions of the Movie Star Turtles in their movie 1 likeness. Any re-release of the actual movie star turtles from 1992 depends on how well the classic reissues do and if Playmates feels there’s interest in the cult fav subline.

Alberto Trujillo says:

Thanks, and yea I literally grew up on the 200x show, figures, games, everything, I completely understand why ppl want the 80’s. I even have the Classic Leo (both the vintage figure and Classics) but I think its a bit unfair, but the movie turtles are coming out so maybe after words, Im holding out

Sievers34 says:

Heya Dan….did I hear them say they are re-releasing the movie star turtles????!!!???!!!???!!!??!

Sievers34 says:

You are the first person I have ever heard ask for those…more power to ya man. I’m an old dude, so the classics are my thing..but it’s cool that your into the 2000 line.

Andre Chinogurei says:

i thought that guy who didnt like you eating biscuits had the camera so YOU ATE AN ANTIER PIZZA YOU ARE GOOD did you really or were you acting

Alberto Trujillo says:

Goddamn im really getting frustrated with no talk of 2003 Turtles. Honestly I get the Classics are more demanded by c’mon, at least a set of the 4 2003 TMNT, at least tackle every corner of the lore instead of the 80’s!

Mandalorian30 says:

I don’t think they are taking ALL of the credit. This line was certainly a team effort with designs coming from many different people. I’m willing to be that everything is true from all sides on this one. It doesn’t seem like any of them were declaring they were the one and only creator of these toys or anything. 🙂

Ronda Jobe says:

Louie Barra was there 😀

Aidan Nelson says:

shredders playset better come out i loved the pop up playset

Hjälte Björkdahl says:

Oh, great guest appearance by Michelle, I love that woman.

Trans8010 says:

This is interesting because here you have the original Playmates crew taking credit for some of the original characters introduced when Peter, Kevin and Ryan Brown have said in the past that Mirage actually designed a lot of these characters as well. Hmmmmm.. Peter’s blog is full of sketches of various turtles and characters, some of which actually were made if not altered in some way. I remember hearing Kevin tal about how some of the Mirage crew were awarded royalty bonuses for these character

Trans8010 says:

It’s never stopped them in the past, everytime they wished to make an Usagi figure Stan Sakai always allowed it.

kurtanglekobebryant says:

Imagine Triceraton in classics collection. I would bug out. I want Playmates to make the all series of the entire vintage line into classic collection. Even the obscure ones like Halfcourt the Giraffe etc. Man, I hope Playmates has the license to make Usagi Yojumbo!

The Ninja Turtle Nerd says:

Awesome. First. Good video 🙂

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