Rap Genius with News | Disrupt NYC 2013

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The founders of lyric website Rap Genius revealed today that they’re starting to move into annotating news content too, under the name News Genius. They were…


purplenurps says:

you’re all awful

Qwixzo says:

Real life jean-ralphio’s!

Brandon Blomquist says:

This shit makes me believe in hell

Karl BeatOneHundred says:

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Jacques Defarge says:

Now try to convince me that we are not living a second “dot com” bubble when a bunch of douchebags like these get U$ 50,000,000 of VC funding for a crowdsourcing annotation site?!

Jacques Defarge says:

The problem is: this is not a cocoon, it’s a dog turd sticking from your head.

xsicoldplay says:

I’m a mod on the site.. Very cool – the persona’s are just a front (even I admit much too exaggerated at this point). If you contrast this interview with their DLD talk, there’s a noticeable difference, but I do advise you guys to check out the site it’s pretty cool

khatchup2me says:

ridiculous hate going on here…they clearly accomplished something that a lot of you critics will never even come close to experiencing…they are just marketing themselves and it is getting everyones attention because they are different and unique, ..and i love the people that are saying “gonna block rapgenius on my browser”…so you are saying that your use of a website solely depends on the personalities behind it? well, while you are commenting, they are busy making their dream come to life

abz247uk says:

The interviewer is so lame. Somebody shave off his horrible looking hairstyle.

Joel Glovier says:

Josh I found your interview one of the most fascinating things on the web in weeks. The Rap Genius guys have certainly adopted the douchebag persona, but cmon, lets get real – it’s genre appropriate! Rap scene + Startup scene + Success = duchebag persona. It’s just how you roll!!?! Duh.

Anyway, apart from the sheer performance/entertainment value of your guests, I thought it was fascinating to hear you guys discuss their startup and the space they are in.

Also, long live TEH DUNKS!!

Josh Constine says:

Thanks for all your support, YouTube! <3 you guys! And when the caterpillar cocooned in my hair hatches into a beautiful butterfly I'll make sure to upload the video here.

Rokas Mikelionis says:


Orlando Orellano says:

blocked rap genius from my browser after watching this

purplenurps says:

Good site but its ran by try hard white guys…..as i was typing this i heard homie and baller source….any baller…ewww

Bob Smith says:


John Zipps says:

These guys are the worst at being humans.

hecticproduktionz says:


jeffKM1 says:

@ZeranZeran show me some LUBB… This is #unbearable..

funnydawg25 says:

Ironically, rapgenius was started by idiots. How incredibly convenient.

michaelbuddy says:

people paid money to see these guys.

MrWhooooooooooo says:

someone left some pubes on the stage

TheMightyRyan15 says:

I love Rap Genius, had no idea they were such tools.

abablabab says:

This is actually the worst thing on the internet.

Jordan Speed says:


walesisasum says:

I think it’s a caterpillar hibernating in a cocoon

afunnywill says:

Mahbod on coffee: “Liquid cocaine ya’ll!” – Jesus.

600F3411 says:

What exactly is on the hosts head?

E8oL4 says:

cant even concentrate on whats is being said, just because of the dead rabbit hanging in the interviewers face

yaylight says:

I’ll try to forget these douchebags in order to keep enjoying the site they founded

realeinkwtf says:

Douche chill…

goodsirknight says:

good marketing ploy that, being fucking arseholes


Wow such faggots

lrgonly says:

What the fuck

lemmonlime0 says:

Damn this is sad, especially cause rap genius is a cool site

thupercool101 says:

did you see the host? why would you respect anyone involved with this production?

Ivan Mercado says:

It’s always sunny in Doucheville.

Cankerous Booch says:

Everyone on this stage sucks.

ZeranZeran says:

Hey fuck head you’re on stage being interviewed. Let’s put the phone down, take off the sunglasses off, and stop screaming GIVE ME SOME LUBBB you painfully awkward douche. Jesus christ. I don’t know what I expected.

iPrizefighter says:

Why are they all wearing sunglasses?

Edmund Rojas says:

Great interview, mad fresh!

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