Snake Charmer? | 10 Unusual Musical Instruments!

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Sophia Duncan says:

Was I the only one getting flashbacks to Seán and Felix when they got the

Bamdad Kianfar says:

There where some good stuff in this video

GrimReaper1887 says:


Quack The duck says:

The fact that he found all this on amazon is actually shocking

darkflight draws says:

i’m a percussionist. I played a snake charmer. it taste and smells bad
because its a rotting squash. I found out the hard way. (a piece fell in my

I'm iFrzy - iOS says:

Her it’s me again, hey matthias you should make a series where you bring
Luna to the studio and buy her toys and see if she likes it or not. It’s
could be could “For Luna or boo nah”

Edit:like so he can see

Braden Clark says:

I was internally screaming when you almost didn’t get that the song you
played on the synthesizer was Phantom of the Opera 😛

Giovanni Longo says:

I’m made the worst decision by wearing headphones while watching this video.

Starz1234 Buildz says:

20:20 I’m sitting at my desk, holding my Otamatone that I got for my
birthday, waiting for this to show up. 21:55 Me: How dare you insult my
precious baby!

Raging Hamburger says:

Didn’t know thumb chucks were an instrument.

kayla steinbacher says:

you should do a terror or error for Halloween. like if you agree

John Molina says:

Flexitone remember me the GTA San Andreas Main Song Theme xD

The_boi _90 says:

9:30 his hair looks like africa

pork pork says:

I play the alto saxophone

Serena Choo says:

didgeridoos lmao

Cause I’m australian we occasionally had people who would visit to try and
attempt to teach people how to play. you actually require a special form of
breathing whoch requires you too breathe in and out simultaneously.

Nico_ Moon1 says:

You should bring Amanda!! Like if you agree so Matthais can see.

precious Nwaogu says:

If I trick you do I get a like?

*Read More*

Annaunicorn Magical says:

Real good blues

Annaunicorn Magical says:

He’s dead inside!

UpDownJesse says:

Can you do another instruments video

Brooklyn Castillo says:

Did anyone else hear “Conner’s mom shaves his back” in the beginning?

EDIT: surprisingly this is my best comment with the most likes and comments

The Interesting Nobody says:

San Andreas theme song.

[GD] Fezom says:

1:12 You got scared watching lego ninjago ? xD

tiana tucker says:


johnbazy says:

IS? *I’ve literally spent years doing Google searches like “wavy metal
noise instrument” “wobbly metal thing” “wobbly spoon metal noise wave
instrument” and finding out NOTHING.*

S̶c̶a̸r̸i̷n̵g̵C̶rab 879 says:


Aquila Perera says:


Bucket Of Randomness says:


linnamon roll says:

That tie is a disgrace to the saxophone family.

Brandon Is Lit says:

3 minutes and 16 second to start the actually video great job on wasting 3
minutes all you do is talk

Allie T says:

I don’t get notified and I have the bell on. IM SHOOK NASTY

restingfish says:

Your thumbnails- why do you always look like a chick that just got

ToastyDoasty says:

You should try a Kalimba

Estrella Lucero says:

This is now my favorite video very

Esmeralda Nerona says:

wow that was awesome harmonius bowl?!?!!

Seona Elizabeth Coster says:

Highlight of my day: watching two non-Australian white boys try to play the
didgeridoo… 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Josias Perez says:

Only smart people like real snake charmers would get real snakes on a flute
like that

Sophie Eagen says:

5:01 breathing toys?!?!

Funky Duck says:

He is playing the kazzoo backward lol

Catman says:

watching him not play the ocarina right, cringe*

Pug TATO says:

bring Amanda to the fire seat

The Triggered Cracker says:

Right when you said the LEGO ninjago movie I looked at my screen and a
commercial for the same movie was on.

Adam Charles says:

The orkarena is from zelda

ImA_ Turtle says:

Bad or rad

Jodie Stuller says:

19:28 da da da da da, da da, YEAH

Okapi Wolf says:

“Shook Nasty”

Hacker Sí says:

I play 5 years now ocarina…

Alex Clodfelter says:

O my god when you guys played you where like what the f*** are we playing

Wavy Bacon Gaming says:

I want to land a plane on your forehead . _.

Mason Aalgaard says:

Video starts at 2:05

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