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2017 electronics exports reach $32.7-B
Doctor comedy brings you another DESTROYING kids electronics video. This video is highly requested. They destroy kids x boxes phones ps4s and more. This video was inspired by klassic make sure to sub to him!!!!\rSUBSCRIBE TO KLASSIC \r\rAnother crap video\r\r__________________________________________\rStay connected for Chanel updates \r\rSnapchat matt1234343\rInstagram matt_r012\rTwitter \r\rThis video is protected by fair use and clearly satire dont be butt hurt or harass anyone in this video \r\rSources \r\r\r\r family friendly content here
Korea’s tech giant Samsung Electronics has outdone itself again, with it’s fourth quarter profits up 64-percent on-year, on the back of huge semiconductor profits.Cha Sang-mi has more. Korea’s Samsung Electronics said it recorded an operating profit of about 14 billion U.S. dollars for the quarter ending in December,– up 64-percent from the year before. The company’s fourth-quarter revenue was around 61-and-a-half billion dollars,… up 23-percent on-year. Looking at the full year,… the company recorded sales of 223-point-4 billion dollars last year, with an operating profit of over 50 billion dollars, nearly doubling that seen the year before.All of this,… over [More]
Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics seems to have outdone itself yet again.The company posted sales worth 223-point-four billion U.S. dollars last year,… putting out its best performance report ever on strong demand for memory chips and sales of high-end display panels for the iPhone (ten) X.It’s operating profit was over 50-billion dollars,… nearly double from the year before.Looking at the company’s quarterly figures,… operating profit was at 14-billion dollars in Q4,… up over 64-percent on-year, and landing in the company’s initial estimate.The company’s shares also spiked 41-percent last year.
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3 New Gadgets Technology _ 2017- 2018 _ Amazing Technology HD
Estos fueron los gadgets tecnológicos más buscados en Google en 2017. ¿Los buscaste también?
Seúl (Corea del Sur), 9 ene  (EFE/EPA).- La compañía tecnológica surcoreana Samsung Electronics prevé que su beneficio operativo del ejercicio de 2017 se amplíe un 83,3 % hasta los 53,6 billones de wones (unos 41.909 millones de euros/50.160 millones de dólares).  REALIZADO CON IMÁGENES DE ARCHIVO. INCLUYE IMÁGENES FACILITADAS POR SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS. Palabras clave: efe,epa,corea,sur,samsung,beneficio,nomonetizar
The best gadgets of 2017:
Amazon : Fire TV ajoute Firefox et Silk – et pourrait proposer son « YouTube »
Let’s hope some of these are under your Christmas tree today!
Sometimes we just have to ask why these gadgets even exist. They’re terrible.
These were the most searched tech gadgets on Google in 2017. Did you search for them as well?
Sometimes, technology is great, and produces good and useful things. Other times, it produces…whatever these things are.
From weird atomizing shower heads to the Nintendo Switch 2017 actually had some things that made us say: “Hey! Technology is only 95% bad!”
No vídeo de hoje mostro-te as melhores prendas tecnologicas de 2017 até um budget de 1000€. São de certeza gadgets que qualquer pessoa gostaria de ter, espero que gostes 😀– Mavic Pro: – Mate 10 Pro: – LEGO Porsche: – Mi Air 13: – Mi Notebook Pro: – A6300: Recomendo VIVAMENTE: – Xiaomi Roidmi: – Xiaomi Mi A1: – Portatil MSI: – Xiaomi Mi6: – MI Box TV 4K: – Redmi Note 5A: – Xiaomi Air 13: – Mi Mix 2 64Gb: – Mi Band 2: – Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K: – Mi Vaccum Cleaner: – Yeelight Candeeiro: – Yeelight [More]
These were the most searched tech gadgets on Google in 2017. Did you search for them as well?
DISNEY EMOJI MASH’EMS NEW Squishy toys from Blitz Mashems Collection 2017 by Funtoys-kEhDnnFaCqI
Find out what managed to get Iyaz to happily part with his hard-earned money.
Good Housekeeping, which is owned by WYFF4’s parent company Hearst, lists the winners of its Best Toy Awards. For the full list go to: http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/childrens-products/toy-reviews/g4792/best-toys-2018/