According to reports by Bloomberg, Toys R Us is not doing so well And liquidating all of its US assets seems to be the most likely outcome. Toys R Us filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in September 2017. The toy company is hoping that someone will save the chain and buy them out. Yet no one is sure what the company plans to do to keep themselves alive.
The total assets of Samsung Electronics surpassed the 300 trillion won mark, or 270 billion U.S. dollars,… as of the end of last year,… thanks to a rise in investments and business growth. Industry experts say it’s Samsung’s first time breaking the threshold since the tech giant’s establishment in 1969,… and represents a roughly 15 percent rise compared to the end of 2016.The company’s assets have grown three-fold over the past decade. On a slightly different note,… Samsung Group Chairman Lee Kun-hee is under suspicion of avoiding over seven-and-a-half million dollars in taxes by hiding funds in “borrowed-name” accounts under [More]
Mobile chipmaker Broadcom said it is buying Japanese chipmaker Renesas Electronics’ LTE-related assets for $164 million to speed up its launch of next-generation communications technology. Broadcom’s chips integrating Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology are used in Apple’s iPhone and other top-tier smartphones and tablets.