Acheter sur : SAC Electronics AE0520W Câble HDMI 14 compatible 3D1440P Blanc 20 m Description du produit : SAC Electronics AE0520W Câble HDMI 14 compatible 3D1440P Blanc 20 m : 2 Amp 10W Mini Car Auto DC Charger Compatible with Worryfree Gadgets ZeePad Product Description : Intelligent circuit provides precise output voltage and resistor configuration specific to the Worryfree Gadgets ZeePad This ensures battery is safely and efficiently charged without affecting battery longevityCharger provides a full 10W 2000mAh of available current in a small form factor a little over 1 inch long Flexible straight cable measure 50 inches in total lengthGomadic TipExchange Technology protects your investment by providing a means to changeupgrade your charger by simply swapping the physical charging tip Charging tip for Worryfree Gadgets ZeePad [More]
$9 Arduino Compatible STARTER KIT – Anyone can learn Electronics This Indiegogo crowd funding campaign started on Jul 12 and closed on August 10, 2013 (11:59pm PT). http:/
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