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Remember the adorable Disney surprise for Lily viral video? Mom and dad gave Lily the birthday present she always wanted, a trip to Disney, resulting in Lily quickly bursting into emotional, happy tears. That video now stands with over 13 million views. As a way to promote their new policy allowing the use of personal electronics below 10,000 feet, Delta spoofed the viral video as Lily instead reacting to their new guidelines. Their commercial has gone viral over the weekend, but most online viewers aren’t happy with the parody, seeing it as a cheap rip off.
Delta Airline is celebrating the FAA rule change allowing passengers to use smartphones and tablets during takeoff and landing, by spoofing a viral video about a girl excited to go to Disneyland. Jen Markham explains why this is a fairly uneven analogy.
Passengers on two airlines were the first to be given approval by the FAA to allow passengers to use electronic gadgets during take-off and landing. Jeff Pegues reports.
Delta and JetBlue are the first U.S. airlines to let passengers use tablets and other electronic devices during take-offs and landings. Passengers are still not permitted to use cell phones during flights. Vinita Nair reports.
Delta Electronics Corporate 2012.
Earlier this week, Dave Schneider was told by Delta Airlines he couldn’t carry on his 1963 Gibson ES-335 TD guitar on a flight to Detroit and had to check it in. But when he landed, he learned his guitar was had been crushed between a service elevator and loading dock at the gate. Delta offered Dave $1000 for his $10000 vintage guitar, which he declined. So Gibson came to the rescue by giving Dave a new ES-335 at the Gibson New York Showroom. “As soon as we saw the picture of the crushed guitar case and heard Dave’s story, we [More]