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Doctor comedy brings you another DESTROYING kids electronics video. This video is highly requested. They destroy kids x boxes phones ps4s and more. This video was inspired by klassic make sure to sub to him!!!!\rSUBSCRIBE TO KLASSIC \r\rAnother crap video\r\r__________________________________________\rStay connected for Chanel updates \r\rSnapchat matt1234343\rInstagram matt_r012\rTwitter \r\rThis video is protected by fair use and clearly satire dont be butt hurt or harass anyone in this video \r\rSources \r\r\r\r family friendly content here
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10 Cool Robotic Toy Gadgets 2018 You Must Need For Kids Safety – Cool Tech the greatest gift which life can grant us. There’s always something new and something to excite. Check these list below! If you like these cool tech gadgets, please subscribe to my channel for more videos about the latest cool tech and new inventions. Product Links: Dash Robot: Proto Max: Movi: TR P3 Smart Robot: Chippies: Jimu: Kamigami Lina Robot: Fingerlings- Interactive Baby Monkey: COJI: Cue: *** DISCLAIMER *** * Prices featured in the video are [More]