Hey guys its your dose of Klassic for the day!\r\rKid breaks Laptop on Skype:\r\rKid drowns moms phone: \r \rRussian kid hammers his phone:\r\rJoey Salads Breaks Dads Xbox:\r\rJoey Salads Breaks Dads TV:\r\rKid destroys Dads coffee maker:\r\rBaby Destroys Laptop:\r\rPsycho Kid DESTROYS Dads Laptop:\r\r\rBUY KLASSY MERCHANDISE!\r\r\rSteam Donations are MUCH APPRECIATED \r\r\rCHECK out my Sub-Reddit:\r\r\rSubscribe To Become a Klassy Motherfucker!\r\r\rGameplay Credit:\r\r\rMy Steam: \rMy Snapchat: Antonio.561\rMy Instagram: \rMy Facebook: \rMy Twitter: \rMy Twitch: \rMy Kik: Heyitsme7873\r\rMy Gaming Computer: \r\rMy Microphone: \r\rDISCLAIMER:\rAny and all of my rants/roasts should be taken as satire or in a joking matter. I do not endorse or promote comments or threats [More]
Doctor comedy brings you another DESTROYING kids electronics video. This video is highly requested. They destroy kids x boxes phones ps4s and more. This video was inspired by klassic make sure to sub to him!!!!\rSUBSCRIBE TO KLASSIC \r\rAnother crap video\r\r__________________________________________\rStay connected for Chanel updates \r\rSnapchat matt1234343\rInstagram matt_r012\rTwitter \r\rThis video is protected by fair use and clearly satire dont be butt hurt or harass anyone in this video \r\rSources \r\r\r\r family friendly content here