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InHand offers Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) single board computers (SBCs) which can be incorporated directly into rugged product. InHand has also perfected a process called Modified COTS (MCOTS), which customizes a COTS platform for far lower cost, risk, and schedule.
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This video explains the instruction set for 8-bit register architecture. It describes MVI, MOV, IN, OUT, HLT and NOP including its effect on Flag register. For Digital Electronics videos Tutorial, log on to http://www.electrodiction.com/digital-electronics
Organize, streamline, and automate your household services by getting yourself an Alfred, who’ll handle it all for you. Startup Battlefield final round judge…
Located in Nicholasville, Kentucky, SMC Manufacturing Services is a provider of electronics manufacturing services, PCBA, systems integration and cable wire …
Alarm.com talks about their latest services including: geo services that alert users when they drive away from home and forget to arm their system & power ou…
This film shows one of ERNI Electronics’ factories in Adelberg, Germany. www.erni.com.
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How Amazon Web Services Helps Tech Startups ‘Fail Fast’The Atlantic – New York UniversityOpening Remarks: Hitachi, Frank Priznar, Senior Vice President, Hitachi ConsultingModerator: Steve Clemons, Editor-in-Chief, AtlanticLIVE, and Washington Editor-at-Large, The AtlanticDr. Daniel Huttenlocher, Dean, Cornell Tech CampusRob Kitchin, Professor & Director of the National Institute of Regional and Spatial Analysis, National University of Ireland, MaynoothCaterina Fake, Founder, Findery; Co-Founder, Flickr, HunchTeresa Carlson, Vice President Worldwide Public Sector, Amazon Web ServicesBreak: 11:35 – 11:50 am EDT
INVENTRONICS offers integrated services in the areas of development, design and manufacturing of electronic and electromechanic products. We provide a compre…
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