You may want to wash your dog`s toys and beds because test results reveal that they hold a massive amount of bacteria.
Payless payday averted. The thousands of GovGuam workers got their paychecks Friday. But the administration also says because of the current cash crunch, not all allotments and vendor payments were made. In a news release, the Governor’s office confirms there is a growing delay in payables, and blames it on the reduction in revenues caused by the Trump tax reforms. Meanwhile, the administration also submitted a new fiscal realignment plan that identifies about $30 million in spending cuts.
A man known affectionately as “the Toy Man” collects toys each year to hand them out to local children.
The prison will already have made over 11 thousand toys by next week. – A group of burglars were able to make off with thousands of dollars in electronics during a robbery of a local bar in Philadelphia late last month. Train Wreck Pizzeria…
Thousands of dollars in electronics were stolen from a store in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and it was all caught on camera.
Tens of thousands of cars are being stolen or broken into every year by thieves using electronic hacking equipment, a Sky News investigation has found. Last …
The Jolie Pitt clan were treated to a crazy toy shopping spree in London recently, and their parents dropped an insane amount of money. Brad and Angie spent more than 3,000 dollars on all sorts of Harry Potter merchandise for their kiddos, including a chess set and a really cool wand case. A source claims that Angelina Jolie and Brad spent three hours on the toy floor. They refused the offer of a private shopping experience, but they were flanked by six big security blokes.
WPTV in Florida reports beaches in the Palm Beach area are closed, because thousands of sharks are swimming off the coast. NOTE: Video is silent. (March 6) Copyright 2013 The Associated Press
In a fight to bring down the crime rate in Mexicos capital city, police have destroyed thousands of toy guns to stop them from becoming a real threat on the streets.Powered by Producer : Russia Today
Ellen tweeted to her followers in Milwaukee, asking them to show up with a toy for a tot, and a bad holiday sweater. Check out the results here!