[TVCF] 박보검 Park Bo Gum x G9 Today Commercial 지구직구지리지 실전편 Electronics [가전]
[TVCF] 박보검 Park Bo Gum x G9 Today Commercial 지구직구지리지 실전편 Electronics [가전]
[TVCF] 박보검 Park Bo Gum x G9 Today Commercial 지구직구지리지 실전편 Electronics [가전]
In this week’s wrap-up, hunting down hard-to-find gadgets online gets simpler. Meanwhile, time’s running out to watch some quality films over on Netflix.
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Korea Today – SME electronics competitive overseas 참신한 아이디어로 승부하는 중소기업 가전
Crunch Report is TechCrunch’s first daily news show. It’s a fast paced rundown of the five most notable TechCrunch stories of the day. Sarah Lane hosts along with other talented TechCrunch…
IT PLUS When summer vacation season rolls around, there’s a lot of planning involved. But what should you pack on your travels? IT PLUS has the latest gadgets for all to enjoy on their trips,…
For much more than this, you can visit our global channel Everyone is at the pool or at the beach and is worried about dropping their phone – Al Roker .but n…
Savannah Guthrie | When the iPhone went off on the Today Show | Talking Your Tech
For the eighth year in a row, Mary Kay Inc. has made a donation to the NBC Today Show Toy Drive. On Monday Nov. 26, Jill Wedding, Director NSD Services and Communications, appeared on the show to announce Mary Kay Inc.’s donation of more than $7 million in skin care, color cosmetics and toys. Over the years, Mary Kay has donated more than $30 million in gifts to this important cause that helps bring joy to many families during the holiday season! http://www.marykay.com/
Every L.O.S.E. episode that I had an ABC iView rip for has now been fully re-uploaded in much better quality! Enjoy! Now to work on uploading the rest of the series…
From lunchboxes to laptops, smart-phones to smart-pens, most parents like me are staring down the barrel of a really long back to school shopping list right …
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“Everyone is at the pool or at the beach and is worried about dropping their phone” – Al Roker …but not with LifeProof:)
Pre-Order the HTC One Here nel.ec The HTC One is bound to turn heads. With these specs it could make HTC history. (And HTC needs this!). Here are some new “key” features: HTC Blink Feed With HTC BlinkFeed on your phone, you’re never out of touch with your world. All your favorite content is streamed live onto one screen. If it’s happening now, you’ll find it on your home screen. HTC BoomSound Dual frontal stereo speakers powered by built-in amplifiers deliver bigger sound with less distortion and more detail. HTC Zoe The new HTC One includes the HTC UltraPixel Camera. [More]
It’s graduation season in Korea, and the most sought after gifts are none other than electronic gadgets! From the latest in desktops to LTE digital cameras, we have them all. 앞서가는 기술력으로 진정한 스마트를 구현했다. 기존 PC의 개념을 무너뜨리는 혁신적인 제품부터 세계 최초의 LTE 구동 가능한 카메라까지~ 삼성전자의 최신 PC와 카메라를 소개한다. * For more information – Arirang Homepage: www.arirang.co.kr – Arirang World Official Facebook Page www.facebook.com – Arirang World Official Twitter Page: twitter.com
My 2002 VHS of “VeggieTales: The Toy That Saved Christmas” got damaged today.:( I will do the best I can to splice it.
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