Traktor Kontrol S4 tested by Dubfire @ Space Club

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Dubfire testing the new Traktor Kontrol S4 performance system at Space Club on July 6th. More details: Traktor Scratch is authorized for use under license of patents owned by N2IT Holding BV, including US Patent Nos. 7012184 B2 and 7238874 B2.


bzeljn says:

As if you need traktor to play that generic house bullshit

YesMeshari says:


Cursseed says:

What If System Crashes During Gig?

randy l says:

i know how to beatmatch perfectly. i have good music.i have an s4 that beatmatches as good as me. but tracks are the the end THE RESULT IS IN THE SPEAKERS. you are just hating for no reason. and yeah its easier to mix with the sync, but if you want to use samples traktor is the best way to do it.but for a dj that knows how to mix and he uses this controller to do impossible things he wouldnt do on the cdj’s.stop hating and give it a try AND SHUT THE FUCK UP

Curtis Montgomery says:

You obviously have no idea who Dubfire is then… He’s been DJing/Producing probably before you were even born.

Are you a 4 time grammy nominated DJ? Didn’t think so……

Matias Mestre says:

Dubfire don’t fucking care if you respect him or not.

Bence Veres says:

What’s name song?

Akynoz says:

Dubfire is one of the most influential producers and a even a half duo for a grammy award. beat matching is a piece of cake for him, he have been around even before SYNC button was probably invented !

Julio0o15 says:

what is the song?

Eduardo Molina says:

Fake DJ..Sync ON = No Respect!

Furqan H says:

@eaqwgvx yes I agree can’t even believe it even my senior teachers also hide about this killer music composer software from me. Listen to this you can make some damn insane beats with this software. Its finally been released to the public. have a look here ==>

djrish90 says:


ThePandaGun says:

It doesn’t really get hardcore until you add in a monome xD

curtiscurt says:

there are alot of retards making comments FUCK YOU AND YOUR VDJ

curtiscurt says:


Fran Del Carpio says:

0:34 Sync!

OfficialDjSwitchOFF says:


cacothead12 says:

the s4 comes with traktor so you’d be better off by getting rid of VDJ

smokingbarrel12 says:

can u run abbleton from this

XxTheRaivixEffectxX says:

I know no one is going to read this but it’s better than nothing:
I’m an undiscovered composer who makes a mix of hip hop beats and classical compositions.
I’ve been making beats for a while and still haven’t picked much momentum on both of my YouTube channels.
It would mean the WORLD to me if you checked out my latest beat and told me what you thought of it.
I promise you’ll like at least one of my creations, the least you could do is Thumb this up, I really appreciate it, Thank you!

djleroydjd says:

ho is the dj

djleroydjd says:

hwo is the dj

OfficialDjSwitchOFF says:

can i use the programm virtual dj with traktor kontrol s4 ?

KonTaxxTV says:

nice =D

CaLLies4 says:

no moneyyyyyyyyy 😛 unfortunatelly i will stay in virtual and traktor 😛
i hope i get a set…

Jack Hellberg says:

Please check my first mixtape out made on the S4! Go to my channel:)

JCookChannel says:

Go see my mix

Chris Gainsbury says:

lol dubfire doesnt actually use the s4 haha its only a toy to him

Elliott Osborne says:

Track: Electric Rescue – Silly Froggies  : )

maccimoo12 says:

there suprisingly cheap ! 1300 for the complete set up . traktor the programme itself the dj and 2 krk roket 6’s with the case and laptop stand 😀

xavier80808 says:

electric rescue – silly froggies

honypop says:

you produce with traktor s4 xD?

kojisikekec says:

Check my CHANNEL for more DJ MIXES

Rayan Nasser says:

I use the s4 and i love it. very effective with the loops and efects and skipping through songs. much more powerful than any CDjs ive used.

Does anyone know the name of this song though!? been searchin for ages

ayooitsj says:

silly frogs

Michel57866 says:

what song called ? X_O

IamRelease says:

If I was rich : (

xavier80808 says:

electric rescue – silly froggies

xavier80808 says:

ture but it works xD

minersson says:

im dj’ing in pacha and amnesia at the end of august with this kit….dont dis what you havent got thats all i can say….depending on your dj style as i use lots of loops effects and samples this is great for doing a four track mix in some of the sickest places in ibizA

minersson says:

the traktor s4 is far from a baby toy, this is a very technical kit you have here that exeeds the same shit that any pair of pioneers can do at a price people can afford if it was such a peice of shit why are the top dj’s using it. 1. Because its all there plug in and play, to buy all this at pioneer standerd talking into the thousands……
2. it douse alot more than most profesional mixers at £800 + without the cdj’s
3. Because profesional dj’s dont look at the brand but what it can do…

4499army says:

baby dj.i think Traktor Kontrol S4 look like baby toy.

Jonathon Dilworth says:

I saw Carl Cox on the 5th of July in Space – it was awesome :D

kevbmufc says:

electric rescue - silly froggies

petru2skate says:

marc houle – bay of figs?

dallasphill says:

doesnt this controller have a built in sound card?


Dude had like 500 macs on the table!

ElluzeoniX says:

Pitch raising madness

muzicfreq says:

I find it funny how people are hating on these top djs that use traktor even though they love hearing them mix….. hmmm

simmination says:

let alone dj craze’s routine where he uses the kontrol x1 and traktor scratch pro 2

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