Unusual Musical Instruments – Ekim Beau 126 string Zither-2006

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Joel Samuel Presents Ekim Beau with his 126 string cross harp zither-1984 followed by Michael Kollwitz master on the Chapman Stick-1993 at the 9th Arizona En…


Mauser2012 says:

What is this song called?

David Bailey says:

It sounds like a piano/guitar hybrid – very fascinating!

CrimsonToxic7 says:

0:14 wow, chuck norris really mellowed out…

adam hayes says:

i bet that dude playing the 10 string thinks he’s djent

andydelay says:

они гусляров убивали а теперь играют  на святом инстур менте

QMusicians says:

thats not really unusual…looks like an arabic instrument called “qanoun” قانون

xxinsufficiency says:

The guy with the 10 string guitar is a lot less cool than he thinks he is haha

Devrominums says:

nice shirt joel!

Devrominums says:

this is great

needcooling says:

This is a great theme to preview unusual instruments.. enjoyed very much

kirbymaster555 says:

It sounds like a piano and a guitar.

jazzzz1066 says:

When I was playing the hammer dulicimer I ran across a book on dulcimer playing called “FinallyTuned.” This gentleman has an exquisite sound.

Brian Cardova says:

50 spears and Brittany Cent. haha

Gigglecheese says:

yeah man great stuff

r3ddevill says:

=))))))))))) daca e sa gandesti pe dos ar fi ca vioara e o specie de chitara cu arcus ultima fiind prima aparuta :)))) rolfed

tambalagiu says:

si crezi ca chitara e o specie de vioara fara arcus?

r3ddevill says:

tot un drac 🙂 o specie de tambal fara ciocanele…ii dau eu 2 ciocanele de pui =))

tambalagiu says:

bai si straini intelegem :P Dar nu e tambal, pentru k nu foloseste ciocanelele, e mai mult ca instrumentul turcesc ‘quanun’.

D3x7rous says:

Galifianakis’ father !

r3ddevill says:

aaa Tzambal =)) romanii inteleg :))

demontone says:

PLAY SOME JIMI — that will impress me

kfijatass says:

Anyone else can imagine an electric version of this thing?

Pala16123z0r says:

I just found my Zither in my addic yesterday. Old n’ Rusty. Had to tune all 49 strings xD But that’s nothing compared to this one tho xD

majmunko23 says:

like practicing them?

George Hodgkiss says:

I recorded Ekim in the late ’90s in Browntown, VA. How many of you know that Ekim is Mike spelled backwards — he did not like the given name of Mike ……Sooo……

DesgWarrtw says:

Ready to night party and meet naughty women  mworld5.info

Karamel Kel says:

U gotta admit,these guys are a little sketchy!

ahtram12345 says:

how do you play this instrument?
and how do you know where are the notes is

OfficialChannelOfHi says:

I want to commit suicide just thinking about tuning that thing. XD

Stephen Ryan says:

i think if this was mainstream, it would lose its awesomeness, and i dont want to have to not like this. lol

nancywarren says:

If Ekim comes to Tucson, let me know! I’d like to see him live.

azahnd82 says:

It’s shit like this that should be mainstream. Not dumb ass stuff like 50 cent or Brittany Spears.

overgroundpropaganda says:

wow unbelievable

Esko Mäkinen says:

Täähän on kantele, perkele!

Sarp Utku Topçam says:

its an Turkish instrument called Kanun

DGrieux says:

If I’d be Liszt, I’d make a piano transcription of Ekim Beau’s song in an instant.

Dave Smith says:

I saw Ekim Beau 20+ years ago in Arizona, WOW!!!

amywamie says:

beautiful. I like to make sounds using clippits of lots of different instrumetns and clips from footage from you tube like this but would love to be able to play instruments like this.

slayerdd5 says:

that must be a git to tune

ChemicalMikeUK says:

that was absolutely positively undeniably amazing!!! i’d give more than 5 stars but they won’t let me!!!

PiccoloNamek says:

I saw him there a few days ago, he was awesome.

jimiller5 says:

Last I heard, Ekim was busking in Helen, Georgia. He’s a great musician and the cross bow zither is an amazing instrument.

gfharper says:

Many years ago, I jammed with him in Winfield, Kansas. At that time, he had three cassets of his music. One was a Christmas album, which is one of my favorites during the holidays.

oftcharms says:

Ekim absolutely brilll on the cross-harp zither. Clean, bright, punchy, beautiful – I’ve had to listen to this over and over. I hope he has more stuff on youtube!

BS Cactus says:

joelsamuelpresents is now bscactuspresents for all my friends spread the word.

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