US uses India as electronics garbage dump

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As US consumers seemingly can’t get enough of the latest gadgets and gizmos, the States produce around three million tons of electronic waste every year. Whe…


IMsIntelGaming says:

OUAI y connais 😀

Hiruma Tom says:

2nd3 RPZ

siddhu318 says:

Atleast we act as humans and brush our teeth.

ps : i dont wear a turban.
If you want to insult me come up with a better line.

SloppyCuntBag says:

What’s 10 foot long and covers a cunt?
A Turban.

siddhu318 says:

but you are still jobless and poor. awwwww

SloppyCuntBag says:

At least we’ve found a use for India.
Garbage electronics for garbage people.

gringodude50 says:

India is a real cool place.

DGTelevsionNetwork says:

the only time i threw a computer in the trash was when it was dropped 20 feet, but even that, I just gave it to the salvage yard.

Vortex spiritfire says:

Look at the name of the channel who has posted it. RTAMERICA. Use your brain. Moron. 

vasistakola says:

hey!!!! you uneducated piece of crap!!!! India taught the world to count for heavens sake!!! about 35% of Engineers in Silicon Valley are Indians. If not for us, you wouldnt have been where you are. Just because we are having a few integrating issues in our system doesn’t make you superior. Come to India, see for yourself and open your frigging mouth in awe you dumb dump!!!!!

superfuresh says:

Shut up India is garbage so why complain about getting trash

hdyudu says:

america needs to smarten up stop acting like a bunch of cheap and greedy spoiled brats and for goodness sake stop depending on other countrys

hdyudu says:

thinks to america’s cheapness and greed jobs going over seas even our garbage

chronius9 says:

Well Indians buy stuff from Russia and Europe too. They disassemble it and put into use for profit. Is the USA fault that indians accept their garbage?

DMPFace says:

More negative news about these filthy American war monsters?
Why am I not suprised?

duplexdown says:

trash to you RT maybe, but apparently not trash to them! if they buy it and turn a profit, what’s the problem?

UFCextra says:

Russia today is full of shitty LIES it’s not even close to credible….the people who work for RT are the lowest scum bags on this earth

Kharimi Nougat says:

I confused RTAmerica with PressTV, which is owned by the Iranian Regime.


wow, the news anchor’s script, the correspondent’s tunnel vision focus on “america” and their whole attitude is so cliche: “the american consumer appetite” (sounds like it was written by a bitter american)
what about dubai’s consumer appetite?
what a bunch of BS for “priya” to point her little finger at the U.S. while europeans, japanese and australians are just as responsible.
blaming the united states for things that we as “planetary” rich folk do is chilldish and will get us no where.

D1E5ECT says:

INDIA Caste System is what the video should be called

arscill1 says:

@Timeofflux So it’s perfectly moral for the states to dump the trash elsewhere? OK, your opinion. Blame the poor as usual.

truevoice08 says:

This is just crap. The average person in India would love to have products that rich Americans don’t want anymore at very low prices. It’s so presumptuous to call it garbage. I liked RT because of it being less leftist than other channels but now I’m starting to reconsider.

ebwrath says:

I like most of the RT stuff I have seen, but this is kind of crap.

hstone39 says:

Not only India is getting our outsourced jobs but they are getting our trash.

Derek Oxenreider says:

These people got all of our jobs, and they’re STILL WHINING??!?

spacecalander says:

Too bad, dont take it.

arscill1 says:

Maybe not, but this report happened to be about US. I didn’t claim other developed countries don’t do it.

arscill1 says:

@Timeofflux Well, with developing countries using carbon emissions as a political weapon to keep them from developing by insisting they use the greener technology the developed countries obviously can’t afford they can be bullied into anything, no?

400constantine says:

The question was rhetorical

a2zhandi says:

congrats, You just answered your own question.

400constantine says:

The only real tyranny of the world is that of sin and the Devil

a2zhandi says:

it is run by corporate greed and elite bankers. Wakey wakey sheep

a2zhandi says:

you got it right.

a2zhandi says:

@abadubie you have a point.

WonderBread006 says:


at least they’re not China

mahuiki says:

You make it look like the US is responsible for that, instead I think that you should expose the corporations responsible for it; As much as you might want to make corporations/USA one entity, they are not. Don’t lose your credibility and show your bias against the USA

RealNarod28 says:

No one would elect him. This oil tycoon. Because he’s actually a real thief and maybe even murderer. Just because he’s telling everybody sitting in prison that “Putin is bad, and im innocent, because Putin did this to me” some Russian population that dont like Putin believe him. Its not big amount of people… Something like 0.1% of Russian population. Putin is not good too, im not going to vote for him, but you have to admit, with him Russian economy is growing faster then even US.

usy444u says:

India is not Muslim country okay. if you are referring to the Muslim leaders in Muslim countries, those are pro American dogs propped up by CIA to serve Americans, and if they don’t listen and try to nationalize their resources then you end up like Qaddafi. all puppets = Mubarak, Saudi Arabian king, Musharraf, zardari, etc.

desirefirst says:

in most cities of the US it all just goes to the landfill, do some viable research before you spread your lies

400constantine says:

What is this the twilight zone?
The Hell is wrong with the world?

USFullOfLies says:

“looser” isnt?

Kharimi Nougat says:

I saw Jihan Hafiz on RTAmerica and confused it with Press TV, the Iranian government owned channel.

gary031183 says:

So it’s not America’s problem (at least not ONLY America’s problem). It appears this is being allowed by India’s govt…..

Either way…. All of this comimg from RT??? I think Russia might want to report on taht oil tycoon they put back in prison so he can’t run against Putin in the next persidential election. That’s a little bigger news in my mind… Oh, wait….taht would mean they had to admit that their country had faults as well. STOP CHERRY PICKING RT!!! You are screwed up too!!!!

MattSyTy says:

I guess all you free market economists might call this the “trickle down effect” in action.
The magical invisible hand delivering e-excrement to all those needy “Untouchables”. I’m not one bit surprised by the profiteering motives made here. E-waste is VERY hard to dispose of properly, so why not make a buck and pass it on. Brilliant!!

There will be a day when Order brings chaos to its knees. One way or another.

john smith says:

priya’s like “get me outta here”. shes so skinny

thebytegrill says:

It’s very simple, it’s the fucking weather, how can anybody function in 104’F at 80% humidity all year round! Not enough to kill you, yet easy to survive in, quality of life drops when it’s easy to survive, makes you complacent!

Look at the world along the same latitude, you’ll find that’s it’s not very different.

TheGoldenChile says:

omg, this reminded me of Districy 9

USFullOfLies says:

Double murder-accused US official Raymond Davis has been found in possession of top-secret CIA documents pointing to the American Task Force 373 (TF373) providing Al-Qaeda terrorists with “nuclear fissile material” and “biological agents,” including a nuclear “dirty bomb.”

The US insists Davis is one of their diplomats, the two men he killed were robbers. Pakistan says that the duo were ISI agents sent to follow him after it was discovered that he had been making contact with al Qaeda.

innocuoushunter says:

The minority Muslim population is really oppresed in all parts of india.
State sponsored mass Murders in Kashmir, In Bihar, Gujrat, Ahmedabad, UP

innocuoushunter says:

thats nothing… the real india is far far far worse with 800 million below poverty line who doesnt have access to any kind of toilets. eat rats as lunch and drink cow piss as holy drink.

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