XM25 Airburst Guide – Support Gadgets (Battlefield 4 Beta Gameplay/Commentary)

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The XM25 in Battlefield 4 can be a little tricky to use at first. I go over how this weapon works and how it can be a very effective way at killing your enem…


BoarhideGaming says:

Ultra Secret: psssshht! The Ammo-Box gives you explosives back, the Ammo-Pouch does not

dembroncosx6 says:

Thanks Matimio

The1MkII says:

I hope this weapon does a bit more damage in the full game, so that it takes no more than 2-3 well placed shots to kill someone

Khaled Hossam says:

DICE said special weapons can’t be resupplied.

Khaled Hossam says:

Close the video before it.

Khaled Hossam says:

Yea . With shotguns something awful happens , when using the QBS-09 , you finish your 6 rounds and then start to reload shell by shell , each shell takes 6 rounds from the total ammo , leaving you with only one full reload and 0 ammo.

LegionGameNet says:

Also, with any confusion concerning ammo packs/ boxes: Ammo packs resupply one magazine worth to you or a teammate, but does not replenish gadgets or explosives. Ammo boxes act as they always do, replenishing all weapons and gadgets, to include the XM25. Neither box or pack replenishes special weapons like the M82A3. Hope that explanation helps somebody!

LegionGameNet says:

Anyone else notice a reload glitch with this on console? You start with 5/5 rounds but after firing the first 5, if you reload you will only have 4 left. I think its the same concept as the “one in the chamber” difference on long and short reloads, but it shouldn’t apply to this weapon, yet it does. No way to counter because on console if you opt for the short reload before empty, you lose whatever is in the current mag anyway. Small problem, but worth a look at.

sjufemma says:

iam soooo sick of your outro song, its time for a change

Bad Spanglish says:

They had something like this in bf 2142….they were a touch on the powerful side

kepaloha says:

NICE!!! I didn’t know how to use this one, thanks for the tip!!!


Fuck you and the horse you rode in on. Grenades and launchers go boom and are OP. Deal with it or GTFO.

imaspazz1 says:

You must suck at this game then. And why the fuck are you using hashtags? It’s not fucking twitter you dumb fuck.

Gotcha-Again-LOL says:

Great guide Matimio! BF4 beta here as well! Live comms! Come hang out for a while! ;D

Mefke51 says:

Ahaaaaaa,nice ;)

MrAaahh1 says:

I really like it 🙂 the only reason for me to use the support class (despite being usefull for my team by giving out ammo)

Tyrallion78 says:

As i understood from my couple of hours playing, the small ammo packs only give you ammo for your gun, and the big ammo box(unlocked later in the game) gives you ammo and explosive

saka91380 says:

so useful

GreatGreenWolf says:

Have you experienced it’s potential yet? It’s funny because no one knows how good it really is, I’d compare it to the USAS-12 before it’s nerf. If they only knew..

FinnishMollywhopper says:

it can do damage, but not a lot :/

eitanrapa says:

Can it be used to take out tanks?

Bert Cappon says:

i see a terrible weapon challenge coming up in the future… 😀

metallica4432 says:

wow you’re so funny and original and you must be over the age of 10
*end sarcasm*

caralindodacarafeia says:

Living and learning !

caralindodacarafeia says:

You can refill it with ammo box !

1LostMy0therAccount says:

Thanks for the guide Matimio I had no idea what this thing was lol

5pfister says:

Hey does anyone know how the ammo boxes work in bf4. So u can’t reload explosives at all or what can and u can’t?

brownot says:

your vids are always full of good info and just gets me pumped to play battlefield 4 and then the end song plays and i just have to play bf4 now lol

AnnouncingConception says:

Why is this game so bad? The graphics remind me of minecraft

Sebastian Wick says:

hahaha… IDIOTS! you don’t understand, do you? this thing here, the mortar and c4 are the things that make the support a choice at all. you see, medic has powerfull weapons, life , revives and a nice 40mm granade.. the recon has now c4 and nice tools to. engy is balanced as always, SMG’s give him an edge in CQ. you see,,, the classes are balanced again.this weapon is much needed for the support.

bmxisgoodforyou says:

Ah can’t wait that the community is going to start whining about this weapon.

Gregory Shaw says:

And here I thought I knew what I was doing. Come to find out I was getting lucky. Lol. Thanks for clarifying the mechanics for me.

PSRicorobot says:

anti-camper device 🙂

LiquidHate13 says:

Boxes do everything packs do better and more. With the exception of them being on a short cooldown. (which honestly isn’t that long) There is no reason to ever go back to a pack after you unlock the box. Boxes give out ammo to everyone in the area at the same time, including explosives. They will resupply your team faster than you could ever with spamming packs and they will always be on the ground so you don’t have to keep spamming packs. The packs are only useful until you get the box.

Matimi0 says:

No problem 🙂

MrMezo47 says:

amazing tip, thx man

TrueKrimzonOne says:

Meatgrinder just got even more grindpower to grind the meat, dude.

Delarocha34 says:

thanks Matimio, this looks awesome. cant wait to use it now.

kirokircop says:

Metro with xm25 awesome

ScotchToke says:

Thx for da info

Spoonman says:


franky dark says:

this weapon was in homefront.. and it rocked!!

Ben Young says:

This looks op

4nimeDaisuki says:

0:46 Matimi0 gets a kill on BuzzCutPsycho ehehehe….

Jouke Hilt says:

thanks for the help

Laserminer says:

But than the support class would have a unlimited grenade launcher.

x7VenGeaNcE7x says:

pc players get bigger games because consoles are severely limited ion comparison as far as hardware and processing power. both of which effect a game like bf immensely

x7VenGeaNcE7x says:

because so many people are gonna bs hate on it for no reason.

devdevdev33 says:

I don’t think you know what you are talking about…

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