GrooveFunnels – The Complete Online Marketing System

How many times as an online marketer have you not wished that there is a complete online marketing system out there that can take care of all of your online marketing requirements, all combined within one online marketing platform, instead of having to subscribe to several independent online marketing tools/solutions?

Now with GrooveFunnels, the complete online marketing system, this is now finally a reality. No more need to sign up to e.g. WordPress, ClickFunnels, ActiveCampaign,  SamCart, TapAffiliate, Kajabi, Shopify, StreamYard, Zendesk, GoToWebinar, EverWebinar, Response Suite etc. as all of this functionality and more are now being taken care of under one roof, the GrooveFunnels platform, and this so by the way includes 100% free hosting for life. The best news of it all is that during the beta phase of GrooveFunnels you are able to sign up for a Free Lifetime GrooveFunnels account with a lot more functionality than you will find with many paid online marketing services.

If your online marketing requirements however requires more than what the Free GrooveFunnels account has to offer, then no problem at all. There is an insane Lifetime deal that GrooveFunnels is offering during the beta phase that gives you unlimited access for life to all the features that GrooveFunnels have available and will have available in the future for a crazy low one time payment. I will expand on this offer later on in this article, but do note that this offer is only available during the beta phase and will never be made again. After the beta phase, GrooveFunnels will become a monthly subscription at different price points.

If you would like to see a complete overview of all it is that GrooveFunnels has to offer (at the time of writing, as they keep on developing new features), I do recommend to watch the 43 minute YouTube video I have created, that can be found below.

Without further ado, let's now briefly look at all of the features that GrooveFunnels has to offer. The GrooveFunnels features I will be discussing are as follow: GroovePages, GrooveSell, GrooveAffiliate, GrooveMail, GrooveMember, GrooveVideo, GrooveKart, GrooveBlog, GrooveWebinars Live, GrooveWebinars Automated, GrooveStreaming Live, GrooveDesk, GrooveCalendar, GrooveSurvey and GrooveQuiz.

You will notice in my short GrooveFunnels promotional video below that there are more features mentioned for future development which includes GroovePipe CRM, GrooveFunnel Mapping, GrooveProof, GrooveAutomations and GrooveSDK. Although I can take a good guess at what the future developments entails I would stick to expanding on the GrooveFunnels features that has already been rolled out or future developments mentioned in detail. In future I will expand on this article once new information becomes available about the above mentioned features that are still in the pipeline.

View the short GrooveFunnels promo video in full screen for optimal viewing. In the cards section I have attached a 43 minute video review on GrooveFunnels.


When you think GroovePages, think ClickFunnels. GroovePages entitles you to build engaging web pages, funnels and landing pages. There are hundreds of pre-populated templates for you to choose from that can easily be customised, or should you wish,  you can start with a blank canvas. GroovePages is a simple drag and drop site builder with an unrivalled amount of ready-made site builder elements. The main pre-populated categories you can choose from are, single pages, complete sites or funnels. Within these categories you will be able to select sub-category pages e.g landing pages, opt-in pages, lead generation pages, thank you pages, webinar registration pages, lead magnet pages, contest pages etc. In the sub categories you will also find niche related pages e.g. pages created specifically for insurance, fitness, health and beauty etc. For more information on GroovePages you can watch the video attached in the YouTube video cards section above at time stamp 01:48.


GrooveSell can be compared with a platform like SamCart and is a complete system for selling products as a vendor and to recruit affiliates to sell your created products, should you so wish. The system will handle absolutely everything for you from a sellers point of view and allows you to set up one time payments, monthly recurring payments, payments in the form of installments etc. The system integrates with various payment gateways and this is also where you will be able to set up the payments for your funnels e.g. for your front end offers, up sells and down sells. When it comes to the recruitment of affiliates the system will allow you to set the affiliate commission percentage for various tiers and this is also the platform where you can provide affiliates with all the marketing materials they require for the promotion of your products. GrooveSell will provide you with all the sales information you need in terms of the amount of sales generated, revenue, affiliate commissions paid etc. The system will also provide you with information regarding rebills, unique visitors etc. As already explained, the GrooveAffiliate aspect is merged with GrooveSell and you can toggle between the vendor and affiliate statistics. You will be amazed to know that you get full unlimited access for life to GrooveSell, even with a Free GrooveFunnels account.

Groove Funnels Lifetime Access


When you think GrooveMail, think ActiveCampaign. GrooveMail offers a world class email marketing solution with various advanced features and tools. GrooveMail is able to perform both broadcasting and sequence automation operations. Furthermore, it can also handle voice SMS and text broadcasting. Your Free GrooveFunnels account entitles you to 500 subscribers and up to 5000 emails each month. A GrooveFunnels paid plan (depending which one) can offer up to as much as a 100 000 subscribers with unlimited emails each month. You will be amazed when you compare the pricing of email marketing platforms like ActiveCampaign to GrooveMail to see the awesome value that GrooveMail has to offer.


GrooveMember is a full fledged membership site that entitles you to drip feed content, gate content, run full membership sites and offer free or paid levels of access. As a Free GrooveFunnels member you are entitled to 1 full membership site with up to a 100 members. A paid GrooveFunnels account have no limitations in regards to the amount of membership sites or members.


When you think GrooveVideo, think video hosting platforms like Vimeo, Wistia and Amazon S3. Now with GrooveVideo you can host your own created videos. You can host up to 15 videos on a free GrooveFunnels account, however you will not be offered encoding, storage or bandwidth which means that the only way to host videos for free on GrooveVideo is to have your Amazon S3 account and encoder connected to GrooveVideo. With a paid GrooveFunnels account there are no limitations in regards to the amount of videos you can host, however you are limited in terms of the amount of bandwidth and amount of storage available. On a paid account they start you off on a 100GB of storage and a 100GB of bandwidth available to you per month. The maximum video upload size is set at 5GB.  If more storage is required, you can simply upgrade.


When you think GrooveKart, think Shopify. GrooveKart amazingly entitles you to build unlimited GrooveKart stores/shops even with a free GrooveFunnels account. The difference comes into play when considering online credit card rates as well as third party processing fees. With a paid GrooveFunnels account for example the third party processor fees is at 0% whereas the third party processing fee is 2% on a free account. If you would like more information on GrooveKart you can navigate to timestamp 24:23 of the YouTube video attached in the cards section of the YouTube video above.]


When considering GrooveBlog, think WordPress, but without all the complications of outdated plugins that can cause your site to break while you sleep and all the complications of having to know code like html etc. to make the magic happen. GrooveBlog sports the same simple drag and drop functionality as GroovePages. GrooveBlog will actually motivate you to blog a whole lot more due to it being so user friendly and intuitive.


GrooveWebinars is divided into three sub divisions namely, GrooveWebinars Live, GrooveWebinars Automated and GrooveStreaming Live. These are incredibly powerful features we are talking about right here and can be compared to the likes of GotoWebinar, Everwebinar (which is a subdivision of Webinarjam) and StreamYard. GrooveWebinars is still to be rolled out so we will have to wait and see what access will be granted and to what extent on a free GrooveFunnels account. However this is what is stated on the GrooveFunnels website: “At no extra cost, you’ll be able to host live webinars with all your favourite features and functionality. GrooveWebinars™ integrates with all your pages, cart and funnels to maximise your sales. You can be among the first to get access to GrooveWebinars™ with a free GrooveFunnels™ account.” Webinarjam so by the way is also the brainchild of Mark Filsaime and is respected as one of the most powerful and certainly the most popular webinar platform solution on the market right now. You can click on the banner below should you wish to check out Webinarjam. As Mark Filsaime is the creator of GrooveFunnels, the same quality will be expected when it comes to the GrooveWebinars suite.

WebinarJam silent killer


When thinking GrooveDesk, think Zendesk. GrooveDesk™ will include team inboxes, ticket management, live chat, and more. With email, live chat and self help articles, you can provide flexible support options to meet your needs. Additional agents are available, so you never have to worry about bringing in help to carry the load during the times when you may need to. With GrooveDesk you are able to gather and interpret feedback on your reasons for cancellations and refunds. GrooveDesk also entitles you to measure team performance. GrooveDesk is still to be rolled out so in regards to accessibility in terms of those on a Free GrooveFunnels account still remains to be seen. However GroovFunnels states the following on their website: “You can be among the first to get access to GrooveDesk™ with a free GrooveFunnels™ account.”


GrooveCalendar makes it so much easier for your leads and clients to schedule meetings with you. No more time wasting with a lot of emails back and forth to agree on an appointment. Let's take the fitness industry as an example. How helpful will GrooveCalendar not be for a fitness instructor/personal trainer to have their clients book appointments for personal training. GrooveCalendar also entitles you to add email or text reminders so you are not kept waiting for your appointment to arrive. GrooveCalendar is still to be rolled out so in regards to accessibility in terms of those on a Free GrooveFunnels account still remains to be seen. However GroovFunnels states the following on their website: “You can be among the first to get access to GrooveCalendar™ with a free GrooveFunnels™ account.”

GrooveSurvey and GrooveQuiz

Create engaging surveys using a variety of question types like multiple choice or rating sales. All responses becomes part of your lead's record that will allow you to create highly targeted email follow ups. GrooveSurvey and GrooveQuiz is still to be rolled out so in regards to accessibility in terms of those on a Free GrooveFunnels account still remains to be seen. However GroovFunnels states the following on their website: “You can be among the first to get access to GrooveSurvey™ and GrooveQuiz™ with a free GrooveFunnels™ account.”

GrooveFunnels Services

On top of the functionality that GrooveFunnels is offering their clients, GrooveFunnels are also offering additional independent services that includes GroovePay, GrooveAds and GrooveSolos.


GroovePay is a gateway payment service offered by GrooveFunnels at much better competitive rates than its competitors PayPal, Stripe etc. Anyone is welcome to apply for access to GroovePay.


No matter how beautiful your landing pages, web pages etc. without traffic you will not be able to generate any sales. Yes of course over time you can generate some organic traffic, but if you are really serious about taking your business to the next level then it makes a whole lot of sense to pay industry experts to do paid marketing on your behalf. This is where GrooveAds comes into play. GrooveAds is a full service advertising agency, specialising in Facebook, Google and YouTube advertising.


We have all heard the expression: “The money is in the list”. Solo ads is one of the most effective ways to quickly build a targeted email marketing list. The solo ads service entails payment in order to send your email to an existing list of targeted subscribers.

GrooveFunnels Marketplace

Another pretty cool and unique feature of GrooveFunnels is that it contains an Affiliate Marketplace and Groove Marketplace. In the Groove Marketplace you are able to list and sell physical products, courses or services to other GrooveFunnel members and in the Affiliate Marketplace you are entitled to list your own created products in order to recruit affiliates.

GrooveFunnels Marketplace

GrooveFunnels Lifetime Deal

Now you are probably wondering what access to all of these massive amount of online marketing services are going to cost you? Well it all depends on what level of access you require and when you are going to decide to sign up. We will first explore the GrooveFunnels Lifetime Deal that is only available during the GrooveFunnels beta phase and we will then have a look at what the price points will be when the beta phase expires.

Option 1: Free Lifetime GrooveFunnels Account

During the GrooveFunnels beta phase you can sign up for a free GrooveFunnels account that provides you with more functionality than many paid memberships/subscriptions will entitle you to. A lot of the aspects that are included with your free GrooveFunnels account has already been discussed in this article. To see a detailed breakdown of what is included with your Free Lifetime GrooveFunnels Account, simply click on the button below.


Option 2: GrooveFunnels Lifetime Platinum Deal

This astounding GrooveFunnels Lifetime Platinum Deal is only available during the beta phase and entitles you to unlimited access to all features of GrooveFunnels, features that are already rolled out and all GrooveFunnel features that will be rolled out in future. You get unlimited lifetime access to all these features for a single one off payment of $1397 and then you never ever have to fork out a cent for GrooveFunnels ever again.

There are also different payment plans available here which I will stipulate below:

Option 1:

Pay $0 today, then just 4 easy monthly payments of $497 starting in 14 days.

Option 2:

Or Pay-in-Full for only $1397

Option 3:

Or pay just 6 easy monthly payments of $388starting today.

Option 4:

Or pay just 12 easy monthly payments of $249 starting today.

I am not sure that you really understand the tremendous value that is offered within this deal, so in order to really understand the value, I will recommend that you check out this amazing lifetime platinum deal by clicking on the button below.

GrooveFunnels Lifetime Access Platinum Deal

Are There Any Other Incentives Becoming A GrooveFunnels Platinum Member?

If you are thinking of promoting GrooveFunnels, then there is a massive incentive indeed. As soon as you sign up to GrooveFunnels whether it be via a free account or paid account then you are instantly able to promote GrooveFunnels, should you wish, as you are provided with your affiliate links within the GrooveFunnels platform. You are entitled to 20% commission on any GrooveFunnel sales as a free GrooveFunnels member. However if you sign up during the beta phase to the $1397 GrooveFunnels Lifetime Platinum account, then you earn 40% commission on all GrooveFunnels sales now and in the future.

The beta phase can come to an end at any time and will not be announced. So you never know when they are going to pull the plug on the GrooveFunnels beta access deals, whether it be in regards to the free lifetime account or whether it be on the paid lifetime platinum deal.

GrooveFunnels Price Point After The Beta Phase Expires

There will be three price points. The lifetime platinum deal will disappear forever and will now become a monthly payment of $299. You will be able to access the silver plan at a price point of $99 per month and the gold plan at $199 per month. But wait, did you not say that some of the functionality listed under even the gold plan will be included in the Free GrooveFunnels account? Yes, but remember that is only if you act during the beta phase and I have simply conveyed what is stated on the GrooveFunnels website in this regard. The price points in question here is once the beta phase expires.

GrooveFunnels Silver Plan vs Gold Plan

Time To Make A Decision

Now that you are armed with all the information you need in order to make an informed decision it is now up to you to make the decision whether you are going to sign up to a free lifetime GrooveFunnels account or whether you are going to sign up to the GrooveFunnels Lifetime Platinum Deal. Either way you do not want to miss out on this amazing opportunity.

Access Free GrooveFunnels Lifetime Account
Access GrooveFunnels Lifetime Platinum Deal