MyVirtualTours-360 Virtual Tours And Zoom Like Video Calls

MyVirtualTours combines the power of 360 virtual tours and Zoom like video calls for the first time ever making MyVirtualTours a very unique and powerful software for especially the education sector and the real estate sector. Due to the pandemic we all know that face to face meets are often not possible and for this reason the education sector and the business sector needs to come up with alternative solutions.

MyVirtualTours does not only combine 360 virtual tours and Zoom like video calls but also enables you to create a complete interactive experience with the possibility to upload videos, images, documents, powerpoint presentations, html embed code, telephone numbers, email addresses and even comes with autoresponder integration. Further awesome news is that you also have the ability to sell virtual tours to business owners as your own and charge them accordingly, turning virtual tours into a lucrative business model.

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The Ultimate Pandemic Education And Business Solution

So lets create a couple of scenarios to make you understand more in depth what a powerful tool MyVirtualTours really is and why it is the perfect solution for education and business during lockdown.

1. Education Scenario

We all know that a lot of education is happening for students online at the moment and unfortunately due to the pandemic students do not have the opportunity to go on educational trips, like a trip to a history museum for example. But what if the museum can come to the students via 360 virtual reality? What if students can have a real live tour of an actual museum via virtual reality where the history teacher acts as the tour guide in a Zoom like video call while students are free to type the questions they may have, just like you would in Skype? Now with MyVirtualTours software this is indeed possible and leads to so much more engagement, focus and interaction from students.

2. Real Estate Scenario

As a real estate agent you are facing quite a big dilemma due to the fact that face to face meets are not always possible. A new innovative solution is needed to introduce the property to prospective buyers. What if you was able to give the prospective buyers 360 virtual reality access of the property they are interested in that includes the uploaded floor plan of the house, as well as other relevant documentation? Now with MyVirtualTours this is indeed possible. You can even upload a video inside the television screen of the house where you as the real estate agent can introduce yourself to the prospective buyers or can convey important aspects in regards to the property. You can even upload a powerpoint presentation should you wish.

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MyVirtualTours FE Features

First off you will be happy to know that MyVirtualTours is a cloud based software and therefore you do not have to be concerned in regards to compatibility issues. No download or install required and the software can be accessed from anywhere and from any device.

The features available on the front end offer is as follow:

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MyVirtualTour FE Features 2
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MyVirtualTours AutoWebinar Profits

Bonus 2

MyVirtualTours FB Continuity Profits

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During the pandemic it is all about adapting, finding solutions and new ways of working. What I love about MyVirtualTours is that there has surely been a lot of thought put into the process of how experiences, education and business dealings that are not possible right now, can be made a reality through virtual reality.

One interesting thought I would leave with you is this. During previous pandemics and seasons of financial depression you may only consider the suffering, but one thing is for sure that a lot of millionaires were also created during such events, due to them spotting the gap in the market and creating innovative solutions. The MyVirtualTours white label license comes to mind here as this will surely create an opportunity for you to offer a solution to struggling businesses due to face to face meetings that are not possible right now.

I would also like to remind you that this virtual tour software comes with a no questions asked 14 day money back guarantee which means you can try out MyVirtualTours for 14 days 100% risk free and if this virtual tour software is not for you, you can simply ask for your money back.

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MyVirtualTours Exclusive Bonuses

I have also got lined up for you two amazing bonuses. I am giving away a full blown super high quality course on how to use Zoom effectively for both education and business as well as a full blown course on how to use Microsoft Teams effectively for both education and business purposes. Your bonuses will be delivered in both video and audio format for your pleasure and convenience. All you have to do is purchase from the buy button on this page or any link provided in my YouTube video, email me your proof of purchase to and I will send you your exclusive bonuses straight away. These bonuses are available on any MyVirtualTours purchase.

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