TXTVIDEO 2.0 Review

TXTVideo 2.0 review explores a cutting-edge text video creation software that entitles you to create unique conversation style videos that are engaging, viral in nature and set to take the marketing space by storm. TXTVideo 2.0 brings your text to life with images, audio, video, gifs and emojis. Your video creation look just like watching a real text being sent from a phone.

TXTVideo 2.0 is a cloud based software, so there is no need to download or install anything and you can use it from anywhere and from any device. Wait till you see the custom live video background features! It will certainly turn some heads and get you the views, shares, likes and revenue you want, due to its super engaging nature. TXTVideo 2.0 is a brand new text video software technology that has never been seen before and for this very reason it is surely going to be super hot in the video marketing space once released on the 11th of October 2020.

Why TXTVideo 2.0?

It is all about engagement and conversions of course and we all know that video certainly sells and the reason why the online marketing space is filled with a variety of video creation softwares at the moment.

So if there are so many video creation softwares out there to choose from, why exactly TXTVideo 2.0?

As video marketing is super hot right now the market is certainly ready for unique video creation tools and this SMS-style text video creation software, is exactly that. If you want to see exactly what the software can do, do watch the video posted above and you will understand exactly what I mean.

Just imagine what an awesome SMS-style video ad you can create for a dating site for example. It is sure to go viral in no time with conversions through the roof. Or what about Instagram engagement? I can see this text video software leading to a super engaging Instagram account and so much more.

So who is TXTVideo 2.0 for?

Choose TXTVideo 2.0 when:

  • You want to create high quality videos without a high-end budget

  • You want to create greater engagement on social media

  • You are struggling to stand out from the crowd

  • You need fresh content fast

  • You lack the skill and time to use complicated software

  • You are looking for a creative edge over your competitors

  • You want to incorporate the emotional power of storytelling into your marketing

TXTVideo 2.0 Features and OTO's Explained

Launch Week Details

Before I show you exactly what you are going to get with your TXTVideo 2.0 purchase and one time offer, I would first like to make you aware of the special discounted price and offers during launch week.

Front End Personal License: $37 during launch week and $57 after launch week 

Front End Commercial License:  $47 during launch week and $67 after launch week

OTO 1 – Elite Membership: $37 pm or $147 annually during launch and after launch $67 pm or $197 annually

OTO 2 – Exclusive Custom Personalised Video Backgrounds priced at $97

OTO 3 – Business Toolkit and Extensive Bootcamp Training priced at $67

Note: There will be a lot of special deals and bonuses on offer during the launch period, also in regards to pricing, so the quicker you act, the cheaper it will be. Just before launch you will also be invited to a TXTVideo 2.0 webinar where you stand the chance to win a TXTVideo 2.0 membership for free. So you do not want to miss out on that. You can simply click on any of the TXTVideo 2.0 offer links and before launch it will take you to a page where you are able to sign up to the webinar.

TXTVideo 2.0 OTO


There may be loads of video creation softwares out there to choose from, but if you are looking for something completely different and unique, a video creation tool to gain that creative edge above your competitors, then TXTVideo 2.0 may be just the video creation software for you.

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