You get your luxuries and then you get your necessities and I am sure we will all agree that in this technological age we are living in and the pandemic forcing us to move more and more towards working online, a Windows license key is something we certainly cannot be without. Due to the ever evolving technology and the need to be compatible, my recommendation would certainly be to obtain Windows 10 if you are not already running Windows 10, whether it be on your Microsoft computer or perhaps on another ecosystem e.g. Mac.

Now if you have bought a Microsoft Windows computer lately,  you may not need a Windows 10 license key if the package you paid for already includes a Microsoft Windows License key. However,  the majority of the time your PC will only come with a trial version of Microsoft Office as well as Windows license key and will then require you to purchase a Windows license key after the trial period comes to an end. Also, when you navigate to the Microsoft website and you start reading you will see that your Windows 10 license key is only licensed for 1 PC. This means that should you wish to run Windows 10 on several devices you will be required to buy additional Windows 10 license keys.

Other scenarios where you may have to consider buying a Windows 10 license key is when you decide to upgrade to Windows 10 or perhaps a Mac user that wants to run Windows 10 on their Mac either via Boot Camp or Parallels Desktop for Mac.

Should I Consider Not To Buy My Windows 10 License Key From Microsoft?

In the short video above I explain to you why I personally believe it not to be a good idea to buy your Windows 10 license key from Microsoft, and there is only one reason for not doing so, and that is the price.

In the video I take you to Microsoft's website and show you that at the time of writing this article, Microsoft is charging £119.99 for a Windows Home license key and £219.99 for a Windows Pro license key. Do not take my word for it though. Have a look on Microsofts' website for yourself and go and have a look. Here is the link:

What if I tell you that I know of a website that sells Windows 10 Pro license keys for only £20? And we are talking about a genuine legitimate Windows 10 license key from a website that has a 5 star rating on Trustpilot and also offers you a one year guarantee on your purchase. Would you still choose to buy your Windows 10 license keys from Microsoft? That's what I thought lol.

Be careful however not to buy illegitimate license keys that has been obtained through fraudulent activity.

Note: The price as stated was at the time of writing and is of course subject to change. If you are interested to obtain your Windows 10 license keys on the cheap, simply click on the banner below.

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Does This Company Also Offer Amazing Deals On Other Relevant Microsoft Products?

You bet they do. Not only do they offer amazing deals on Microsoft Office for Mac and PC, but they even offer amazing deals on Microsoft Windows Server for the more specialised user. All of these deals can be seen by simply clicking on the banner above.

My Verdict

I personally bought my Windows Pro license key from this company with no hassles at all, so I can personally vouch for this company. Luckily you don't have to take my word for it anyways as you have thousands of testimonies on Trustpilot about this companies' legitimacy, excellent customer service and overall excellent track record. The reason I was in need of buying a Windows 10 Pro license key was because I am using a Mac and I was in need of utilising software that is only supported by Windows.

Tip: If you plan on running Windows on your Mac there are two ways you can do it. You can either make use of Boot Camp that will require you to start up your Mac in either Mac or Pc mode or the alternative is to make use of a software called Parallels Desktop for Mac that allows you to run the Windows and Mac operating system simultaneously, which provides you with the best of both worlds, without any reboot required.

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