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Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard: Dzmitry Samal 6dpi Handmade Glasses: Romo Robot For Smartphone:…

Top 10 Innovative Kitchen Gadgets That You Can Buy Top 10 Innovative Kitchen Gadgets That You Can Buy Top 10 Innovative Kitchen Gadgets That You Can Buy Top …

I needed a shelf to display and charge my electronic gadgets, so I built a custom design.

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For many, the holiday shopping season has already begun. And chances are tech gadgets are at least somewhere on your radar. CCTV’s Mark Niu recently attended the Pepcom conference in San…

Hey gents, in this video i talk about all the assault class gadgets in BF4! Don’t forget to hit LIKE and feel free to subscribe if you’re new around here! Fo…

In Tech Kakis #003, we talk about the Top 3 gadgets to reward yourself for the holidays. Host: Warren Lee, Editor-in-Chief of Participant #1: Yap Kok Kee,…

Happening from November 27th to 30th, Singapore Expo is the place to be to satisfy your IT and CE gadget cravings. Need some ideas on what to buy, or want to know what’s on offer? Then this…

Holding Your Body Up & Lifting Your Legs Up & Down During Stomach Crunches _ Gym Slim

A look at Parrot’s new leaping robot, the Jumping Sumo smartphone-controlled drone. The Jumping Sumo’s ability to propel itself forward and up to platforms i…

Anthony Noto, the global co-head of Goldman Sachs’ global telecommunications, media and technology group in investment banking, took the stage at this mornin…

Pixar Cars and Thomas and Friends Fan presents Cookie Monster Count n’ Crunch opens Kinder Egg Surprise Eggs, and Unboxing Christmas Plush Toy. In this video, we use the Cookie Monster to help us crack open the Kinder Eggs , and we assemble the toys. The Plush Toy in this box is a squirrel dressed with a Santa Claus Hat and red scarf. Lot and lots of chocolate , thanks for watching. Our YouTube channel is called Pixar Cars and Thomas and Friends Fan, we have many videos and they are very child friendly. We have Cookie Monster , Play Doh , Teletubby , Pixar Cars, Thomas and Friends, Kinder Eggs, Surprise Eggs, and Mario Brothers videos. .
Ultraviolet MacD Channel:

Our main channel is :

If you would like to see more Play Doh videos, click this link:

Play Doh is popular all over the world, and is often in many different languages, here are a few examples : Playdough, Play-Doh, plasticina, пластилин, modellera, пластилін, CrayolaClay, Plasticine, Plastilina, Plastiline, مادة لدائنية, 橡皮泥, 橡皮泥, pâte à modeler, プラスティシーン, and possibly a lot more.
If you click any of these links they will go to play lists and videos of some of our favorite videos.
If you want to see Thomas and Friends videos, click here :

Thomas and Friends in seen in many Countries and in many different languages:
Tomas i drugari , Thomas e seus amigos , 火車頭日記 , Tomica i Prijatelji , Locomotiva Tomáš , Thomas Og Vennerne , Thomas et ses Amis , Thomas le Petit Train , Thomas, die kleine Lokomotive , Thomas und seine Freunde , Τομας το Τρενακι , Ka’aahi Thomas , थॉमस टैंक इंजन और दोस्तों , Thomas a Gözmozdony , Tommi togvagn og vinir hans , תומס הקטר , Il Trenino Thomas , きかんしゃトーマス , 꼬마기관차 토마스와 친구들 , Thomas y sus Amigos , توماس والأصدقاء , Lokomotivet Thomas , Thomas og Vennene Hans , Tomek i Przyjaciele , Thomas o Trem Azul , Locomotiva Thomas și prietenii săi , Томас и друзья , Tomas is a Threud , El Tren Thomas Y Sus Amigos , Thomas och Vännerna , 湯瑪士小火車 , Thomas ve Arkadaşları , Паровоз Томас та його друзі , Thomas và những người bạn , and Tomos a’i Ffrindiau . WOW….that’s a lot of languages for Thomas the Train !!

Or if you like Lightning McQueen and Pixar Cars click this link:

Or Pixar Cars re-enactments with Mater, Doc, Sally and Radiator Springs Play set, including the V-8 Cafe , Ramones House of Body Art, and Lizzies Curio Shop, click this link:

Pixar cars is available in many countries, and here are some of the many languages: Tachky 2″ “Verdák 2, カーズ 2, Les Bagnoles animées , Cars Motori Ruggentie , Cars Quatre roues , bujdy na resorach , 汽車總動員2 , Złomka bujdy na resorach , Arabalar , Autogrotesky , Аутомобили Cars2 , Arabalar 2 , Auta 2 , Auti 2 , Automobili 2 , Autod 2 , Autot 2

Or even more Thomas the Train videos , with Diesel 10, and Harold the Helicopter , and Sir Topham Hatt, on the Isle of Sodor ,click this link :

In many of our other videos, we used the Cookie Monster to help us open the eggs, so you can click here to see other videos, of Cookie Monster, and Surprise Eggs.

To see my other Cookie Monster video where Cookie Monster is opening Kinder Egg Surprises , click this link :

Kinder eggs are popular everywhere, but they are not available everywhere in the USA , but here are some other languages for Kinder Surprise Eggs :

To See Cookie Monster play with the Teletubbies, click this link :

To see Cookie Monster play with Lightning McQueen from Pixar cars, click here:

To see Cookie Monster play with Thomas the Train, click here :

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It’s a shopping frenzy in the United States ahead of Christmas, as the world’s biggest consumers make a run on toys — but government and safety groups are warning that not all are safe for kids. Millions of toys are recalled every year, and authorities are on the hunt for new dangers in a bid to reduce the numbers of fatalities and injuries in the holiday season.Duration: 02:00
Disney Cars Toys are becomming scares lately and die cast cars collectors are paying close attention . The reason – these Disney Cars Diecast cars can be worth much more in the future.

Peppa Pig and Emily Elephant collect 4 Play Doh stars on Thomas and Friends Emily. Each star contains a surprise toy from either a Disney Movie or Shopkins. Emily is a Tomy Thomas and Friends…

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