How do I block ads on embedded YouTube videos?

How do I block ads on embedded YouTube videos?

“How do I block ads on embedded YouTube videos?” is a very popular question that pops up on Google under the “People also ask” section and I decided to create an article to answer this question in great detail.

The obvious reason why people are asking this question is because they would of course like to embed YouTube videos in their blog articles or on their sales pages and the last thing you want is for ads or other suggested videos that are clickable to distract your visitors from what you are offering them. For this reason it is essential to strip out the YouTube ads and other suggested videos.

However, you may now ask the question: “Are we talking about blocking ads on your own created YouTube videos or are we talking about blocking ads on someone else’s created YouTube videos that you would like to embed?” The question may even be: “Is it even possible to block ads on YouTube videos embedded from someone else’s YouTube channel where you have no control?” And the very surprising answer is a big resounding “YES” although everyone will tell you that it is not possible and it is even stated on Google by YouTube itself that it is not possible.

However, just because it is possible to strip the YouTube ads from someone else’s video in order to embed their video in your blog article, does it mean that I should do it? My recommendation is that you ONLY use this method to block ads on your OWN created YouTube videos as it will not be ethical to block ads on the videos from other YouTube creators should you choose to embed YouTube videos from other creators in your blog articles. That said, it is of course up to each individual to decide whether they choose to stick to the moral compass and whether they decide to use the software in an ethical and responsible way.

But what if I tell you that there is a way you can not only embed any YouTube video of your choice from YouTube without the ads, but also from any other platform like Vimeo or Wistia? What if I tell you that on top of that you can add your own pop-up call to action buttons with clickable links, gif splash images or social share call to action buttons? And what if all of this can be done within seconds by simply grabbing the video url from YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia etc?

At some point there was a solution that got rid of at least the related suggested YouTube videos at the end by simply taking any YouTube url and add to the end of the url ?rel=0 but this unfortunately no longer works.

What Is GrooveVideo?

So with no further ado I present to you GrooveVideo which is a video player that makes it possible for you to play any YouTube video without any ads or related videos and even allows you to ad your own clickable links, splash images, social media call to actions and all of this functionality and more by simply copying the url from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia etc. and pasting it into the GrooveVideo player. From here you will have loads of functionality via the GrooveVideo player to customise the video viewing experience for your website visitors and you will also be able to track your views and user interactions via analytics.

What is also pretty handy is that you are also provided with a video hosted page link which means that you do not even have to embed the video in your blog should you choose not to do so, but you can send website visitors via a clickable link directly to a dedicated video hosted page where they can watch the video in all its glory. This will also lead to faster load speeds of your web page due to no embedded videos to slow down your web page load speed. Saying this, if you lazy load your embedded videos then embedded videos in general should not have too much of an affect on your web page load speed.

GrooveVideo is just one part of an amazing suite of online marketing products, called GrooveFunnels. You can easily get access to GrooveVideo by simply signing up to a FREE GrooveFunnels account. This FREE GrooveFunnels account is free for life and is not restricted to a trial period.

There are two versions of GrooveVideo available, the FREE version and the PAID version. In a moment I will address the differences between the FREE version and the PAID version.

GrooveVideo is part of Groove

As they say, the proof is always in the pudding, so what I have for you below is a direct comparison between the exact same video on YouTube and GrooveVideo. The first video you will see is the original video with the ads as it appears on YouTube. The second video I literally just stripped out the ads using GrooveVideo and I also added some clickable call to actions etc. Watch these two (exact same) videos and compare the differences in the viewing experience for yourself. Please note: I purposely made all the CTA’s come up within the first 1:00 of the video so you can get an idea of what you can do with GrooveVideo without having to watch the video in its entirety. Also please do watch the videos in full screen mode to get the most out of the experience. Oh and if you wondered how I created my voiceover for the videos below you can read my Speechelo Review.

YouTube Embedded Video

GrooveVideo without YT Branding + CTA’s

So now that you have seen the proof for yourself, what do you think of GrooveVideo? Can you see this becoming your next best friend when it comes to driving sales via video? 🙂

GrooveVideo Features?

I wrote an article on GrooveVideo and in this article you can also view the video I created where I take you inside of GrooveVideo and show you all the features that it has to offer. For this reason I am just going to give you a very quick summary in a nutshell in regards to GrooveVideo’s features. The article on GrooveVideo can be read here: GrooveVideo: A Powerful Video Marketing Platform

Here is a summary of some of the features:

  • Dashboard with deep analytics
  • “Click for sound” animation – when video is muted
  • Gif splash image
  • Social share call to action
  • Shadow around the video switch
  • Adaptive bitrate (480p, 720p, 1080p etc. I have even seen 8k possible)
  • Ability to download your encoded videos
  • Use GrooveVideo as a player for all of your videos hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia etc.
  • Tagging, CTA’s, Social Share
  • Automations (integrates with email autoresponders)
  • GroovePages integration – pulling videos from GrooveVideo
  • Batch upload
  • Storage management
  • Third party integrations
  • Ability to export leads

GrooveVideo Free Vs Paid

The functionality I pointed out above is the same for the free version and the paid version. What is stated below is simply me pointing out the differences between the free version and the paid version.

Free Version

The good news is that it is free for life, the bad news is that on the free version after uploading 5 videos you need to connect your own hosting (Amazon S3) and you need to connect your own encoding account ( I think this is more than fair enough as hosting does not come cheap and therefore to be able to have awesome functionality in terms of a free video player that can do magic I think it is certainly not an unreasonable proposition at all.

Paid Version

It is good to note that you do not have limitations in terms of bandwidth or storage like it used to be with Groove in the past, but now instead you are limited to the amount of videos you can upload depending on your paid GrooveFunnels package.

The Creator Plan entitles you to upload 50 videos and when it comes to the Pro and Premium packages you can upload unlimited amount of videos. So this makes it pretty simple.

Should you wish to compare the different price points of GrooveFunnels then you are welcome to read my article: “How Does GrooveFunnels Make Money?” and secondly for more information on GrooveFunnels in general you are welcome to read my article: “GrooveFunnels – The Complete Online Marketing System”. Another very helpful article in regards to GrooveFunnels includes more information on GrooveDesignerPro which you may also find very interesting and can be read here: “GrooveDesignerPro Vs ClickDesigns Review”

GrooveFunnels Solution

Can GrooveVideo be lazy loaded?

Yes, GrooveVideo will lazy load naturally wherever you utilise it inside of GrooveFunnels, whether it is utilised in GrooveMember, GroovePages, GrooveBlog or wherever it is utilised within the GrooveFunnels environment.

However, please do note that GrooveVideo was not originally designed with the intention to be used in WordPress although it of course works perfectly in WordPress and other platforms too, like you saw for yourself. Be aware however that GrooveVideo will not lazy load automatically as it does in the GrooveFunnels environment, so if you feel that GrooveVideo is slowing down your web page load speed too much to your liking, then fear not. I have eventually managed to figure out some code that will enable GrooveVideo to lazy load inside of WordPress. 🙂

Please note that this is not code that will be provided to you by GrooveFunnels as they will tell you straight that WordPress is a competitor and that GrooveVideo was not created with the intention to be used within WordPress. So if you are interested in the code then you can exclusively get it here. If you are interested in the code, simply provide your email address below and I will happily send the code to you. Please remember it is double opt in so you need to confirm that you wish to receive emails from Product Spotlight before the email will go out to you. Please also make sure to whitelist the email address and to check your spam folder too.

Are there any alternatives to block ads on embedded YouTube videos besides GrooveVideo?

Yes, it is possible but only on your own uploaded videos to YouTube. There may be other ways, but if you wish for no ads to show up on your uploaded YouTube videos then you can simply upload your YouTube videos as unlisted and no ads will show up. Of course your video will not be able to be found on YouTube if you do so, but depending on your goals it may be exactly what you want, e.g. to provide course content that are only meant for paid members or when offering a video on a sales page to a course that requires to have zero ads on it, otherwise it will look very unprofessional.

On your own YouTube channel you can possibly disable the ads in its entirety but often this is not what video creators like yourself want at all. What most video creators and bloggers want is the best of both worlds where they can have their YouTube ads activated on their YouTube account with the luxury to disable the ads on their videos embedded in their blog articles to avoid distractions.

In order to accomplish this without the tedious time consuming task of downloading the videos and uploading the videos to a video player, and in doing so strip out the ads, then GrooveVideo will be your only viable option that can do that by simply copying and pasting the YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia url etc. or at least the only real viable option I am aware of currently. Feel free to let me know in the comments section below if you are aware of other viable options.

Is GrooveVideo legal to use?

I am certainly not a solicitor but GrooveFunnels is a massive company and Mike Filsaime is one of the top marketers in the world so I very much doubt Mike Filsaime will dabble with something that is not legal and make it available to hundreds of thousands of people to utilise. However, please do your own do diligence in this regard and do make sure to use the software in a legal and responsible way.

How do I block ads on embedded YouTube videos? – The Conclusion …

I will acknowledge that YouTube was technically right in saying that it is not possible to disable ads on embedded YouTube videos as such but the solution in terms of GrooveVideo pretty much does the trick and accomplish what it is users are asking for: To have video content that is uploaded on YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia etc. without the ads.

You will find GrooveVideo listed under the GrooveFunnels featured apps

Now I am not a programmer so I am not going to pretend I understand exactly how GrooveVideo accomplishes this, but to me it is very different to other video platforms and video players where you physically download the video and upload the video and then simply play the video via the video player without the ads. I honestly don’t know if this is in effect what is happening with GrooveVideo or whether it simply still utilises the video content uploaded on YouTube somehow and accomplishes all this through encoding somehow. The reason is that all of this literally happens within seconds so I cannot see that it is possible for a video to be downloaded and uploaded that fast in it’s entirety.

To clarify. Inside of GrooveVideo there is an option to insert the YouTube url instead of uploading the video. This means that Groove will fetch the video from YouTube and host it through Groove, removing all YouTube branding and distractions.

I am sure you tech savvy guys may have a much better understanding perhaps of what is exactly happening here, but in terms of my experience GrooveVideo is pretty unique in this sense and to me it is a bit like magic 🙂 Any other video hosting platform I have ever worked with you physically need to download the video and physically have to upload the video. Here with GrooveVideo you simply copy and paste the url and within seconds you are ready to go.

As already mentioned you can start using GrooveVideo 100% FREE today. Should you have any question in regards to GrooveVideo or GrooveFunnels then you are more than welcome to leave your questions in the comments section below or alternatively feel free to contact me at

You may perhaps also be interested to read the article below explaining the differences and similarities between GrooveDesignerPro and ClickDesigns. You may find it interesting as it is a fantastic graphic design software that comes included with certain GrooveFunnels packages. Should it be of interest, you can simply click on the image below to read the related article.

GrooveDesignerPro VS ClickDesigns Review

Income Disclaimer: Please note that there are of course no guarantees that you will be able to replicate the results as set out in this article and the article links provided. Although some income generating systems may lead to quicker results than others, no success was ever created without hard work and dedication. Saying that, it is of course true that some earn shed loads of money online and if others can do it of course you can too.

Affiliate Disclaimer: As an affiliate, commission on sales may be generated, however it will be at no extra cost to the buyer whatsoever. Additional bonuses may or may not be on offer to the buyer when doing so and in some cases the price paid through affiliate links may be lower than the price advertised by the vendor, due to exclusive special prices offered to affiliates by the vendor.

Money Back Guarantee: There is a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee on GrooveFunnels. You therefore have nothing to lose to try out GrooveFunnels for yourself for a 30 day period before making your final decision whether GrooveFunnels is for you or not.

6 thoughts on “How do I block ads on embedded YouTube videos?”

  1. Wow, the wonder world of competition and choices is the way it should be for the online entrepreneur. We as publishers should not be limited on how we market our digital content and be subjected to enclosed rules that youtube enforces. To be honest with you this is the first time I have ever heard of GrooveVideo and GrooveFunnels but now that I know they exist I will put this in my back pocket and join when I need it or just want it. Great information and thank you for sharing, I book marked your content so I can refer back to it at a later time.

    1. GrooveVideo is certainly an excellent video marketing tool and it is excellent that GrooveVideo can enable you to get rid of YouTube distractions when utilising it with your own YouTube videos. The greatest thing for me about this is that there is no need to download and upload any videos as somehow through the GrooveVideo technology it streams YouTube videos, Wistia videos or Vimeo videos directly through the Groove servers and remove all branding when doing so.

      This means that you hardly take up any storage on the GrooveVideo platform. GrooveFunnels is an excellent suite of online marketing tools to consider, of which GrooveVideo is only one such tool.

  2. Hi, great information! To block YOuTube ads is a good idea. Everyday I listen to music from YouTube when I work and the ads constantly popping up results in it feeling like I am more receiving lectures than I am actually listening to music. The ads are overpowering the music. Thanks for explaining GrooveVideo, it’s very interesting. BRAVO

    1. You are most welcome. However, with this post the emphasis is a bit more on how to block ads from embedded YouTube videos and written more from a video marketing perspective. There are posts out there that explains how to block YouTube ads as a YouTube user when for example listening to music. This can range from upgrading to YouTube premium, to using specific browsers that block ads, to installing certain add-ons to your browser that can block these ads.

      That is certainly useful considerations to get rid of the YouTube ad distractions when you wish to listen to music on YouTube. I perfectly get what you are saying and I am sure many of us feels that way. However from a marketing perspective, I do appreciate the YouTube ads 🙂

  3. Very interesting player. It`s nice to be able to block ads in videos, especially today I feel most YouTube videos are loaded with ads. When making your own videos, I`m not sure if it`s necessary for every video on a website, but definitely a good idea to use for sales pages or similar. I also like the opt-in feature very much. The only thing I would criticize is the design of the player, it doesn`t look very nice in my opinion. Can you change the design of it?

    1. You can certainly change the design. The GrooveVideo is fully customisable and what is pretty nice is that you can even select from a dropdown menu YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia and when selected the GrooveVideo player will automatically adapt the colours to fit the branding of your selection. The colours I used in my GrooveVideo embedded exmaples are the default Groove colours.

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