How many times as a business owner or marketer have you asked yourself the question: “How can I drastically increase my reach, sales and contacts/subscribers without spending a massive amount of money on advertising? If you asked yourself that question then wonder no more, VYPER is indeed the software that will give you that legitimate competitive edge you are looking for, which will become evident from this VYPER software review.

What is VYPER?

VYPER is a powerful software that entitles you to run viral contests, giveaways, generate user content to build your business brand as well as the offering of a reward/loyalty program and all this with the aim to build a massive email list in the process while boosting sales.


Use VYPER to build a massive email list

Have you ever heard the saying: “The money is in the list?” I am sure you have, but not sure if you realise that this is 100% true. I have participated in several affiliate marketing contests with massive prizes to be won and one thing that I always found super perplexing is the fact that a lot of the times those that win these massive affiliate contests – you don’t see them doing any marketing whatsoever. There is no blog article, no marketing video, nothing. So how do they win these contests if they do no marketing, write no blog articles, create no videos?

The answer to this perplexing question is that these winners built massive email lists throughout the years and all they do whilst everyone is spending hours on hours creating promotional videos, blog articles etc. is to sip on their cup of coffee while sending out email after email within minutes to their massive subscriber lists. All that is left for them to do is to count the massive amounts of money generated through these targeted emails and to collect their huge affiliate prizes at the end of the affiliate competitions.

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So are you claiming that all you need for massive online success is a massive targeted subscriber list? Yes indeed, that is my claim. The problem however is that it can take years and a lot of effort and hard work to create such an email subscriber list, unless there is a smart way of legitimately building your email list super fast through a clever strategy . The smart way and solution to do this super fast, is VYPER.

The VYPER software will enable you to build these massive email lists through the creation of viral contests etc. but in conjunction with VYPER you will need an email autoresponder that integrates with VYPER. Although there are several integration possibilities, I highly recommend GetResponse, as it not only seamlessly integrates with VYPER but is also a fantastic email marketing automation solution that I will recommend to family and friends anytime.

Easily Create A High-Converting Viral Giveaway With VYPER

In the age of social media, a single Tweet can cause a firestorm of buying activity. What if you have your own army of people that are constantly sharing your contest, your products, your brand etc. on their social media happily and willingly? Can you start imagining the massive potential of a software that will enable this to happen?

VYPER 2.0 entitles you to achieve just that through the creation of viral contests and reward programs to help you grow your customer base, create loyal raving fans, subscribers and more….

VYPER provides 8 different templates that can be utilised to run different types of campaigns depending on your requirements. For example there are templates for Viral Contest/Giveaways, Reward/Loyalty programs, Pre-Launch/Waitlist, Milestone Contest, a template to acquire user content from your fans e.g the submission of videos and images, testimonials of how they use your product/software etc. The possibilities VYPER provides for making your brand and contest go viral are limitless when you combine your creativity with the pre-designed templates on offer. You are also able to combine the features of these different type of templates to suit your needs.

High-Converting UX & UI – No Designer Needed

Vyper Growth Case Studies

So are there any testimonials out there of companies that used VYPER to massively grow their business and VYPER growth case studies you can replicate to get similar results? The answer is a resounding YES. So In short …. How do smart marketers use VYPER to grow their brand?

VYPER has several case studies that you can replicate and in these case studies they leave no stone unturned. One such case study is from the WAIAKEA water brand company where they managed to use VYPER to generate 251, 472 page views and generated 124, 493 followers and 62, 354 email leads within one single VYPER contest.

VYPER Courses

Although there are several case studies that are 100% free for you to check out and replicate there are also VYPER courses available of which some are 100% free and others are paid VYPER courses. In the below image are some examples of VYPER courses available for you to access.

VYPER Pricing

VYPER can be tried for free without any credit card required and for as long as you like but you will only be able to start an active campaign once you decide to become a paid VYPER member.

There are two VYPER memberships available. The entrepreneurship plan and also the agency plan.


check, correct, green-157822.jpgREMOVE BRANDING

check, correct, green-157822.jpgUSE YOUR OWN DOMAIN/SUBDOMAIN

check, correct, green-157822.jpgUP TO 30K LEADS PER MONTH

check, correct, green-157822.jpgTRACK UP TO $30K REVENUE/MONTH



check, correct, green-157822.jpgALL ENTERPRISE FEATURES +

check, correct, green-157822.jpgUP TO 20K LEADS PER MONTH

check, correct, green-157822.jpgTRACK UP TO $120K REVENUE/MONTH

check, correct, green-157822.jpgCREATE 10 SUB ACCOUNTS FOR CLIENTS


Please note that the prices stated above are the monthly price when signing up for a year. If you decide to pay on a month to month basis for VYPER then the cost changes considerably. It will then come at a cost of $149/month for the enterprise and $299/month for the agency.

Compare this price against what it will cost you to pay for advertising in order to get similar results and you will see that this is an absolute steal and a revolutionary way to grow your business in a massive way, for a very tiny investment. Do not forget that you can try out VYPER 100% free before deciding whether VYPER is worth your investment.

Final Thoughts On VYPER

A friend told me about VYPER and after seeing his incredible results I decided to start using VYPER too. It is an incredibly exhilarating software to use as the possibilities are truly endless and in a way pretty unpredictable, as you just don’t know how viral your contests are really going to go. An awesome tip to really make your VYPER contests go viral is to collaborate with other big companies/marketers and to collaborate on massive prizes to be given away during VYPER social sharing contests.

In my personal opinion VYPER is one of the most awesome ways of building your email list and your brand very quickly.

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