GrooveDesignerPro VS ClickDesigns Review

By the end of this GrooveDesignerPro Vs ClickDesigns Review it should be clear to you whether you should invest in GrooveDesignerPro or ClickDesigns and why?

You may be surprised to know that there is absolutely zero difference between GrooveDesignerPro and ClickDesigns as GrooveDesignerPro is simply a white labelled (rebranded) version of the original ClickDesigns. However GrooveDesignerPro may very well be a loophole for you to obtain the use of ClickDesigns 100% FREE for life, which is an absolute amazing opportunity. Keep reading to find out how you can obtain ClickDesigns 100% FREE for life.

What Is GrooveDesignerPro And ClickDesigns?

ClickDesigns/GrooveDesignerPro enables you to effortlessly create amazing graphics and designs for websites, blogs and sales funnels within minutes without the need for any design skills.

No matter what business you are in, if you are into offline or online sales you need gorgeous graphics that attracts attention and that converts. The expression “First Impressions Last” certainly rings true and it is a fact that it is very unlikely that you will launch any business successfully without stunning graphics that beautifully presents you and your business.

Today you have 3 choices available. You can outsource graphic design to freelancers, hire a designing team in-house or do it yourself. No matter which option you choose, the longer you take, the more sales you LOSE, daily. Not to mention that graphic design can cost you an absolute fortune when outsourcing to freelancers and probably even more so when hiring your own in-house design team.

But what if there is a graphic design tool that exists that can enable you to create graphics for your business better than freelancers can with the click of a couple of buttons at zero cost to you? This is where ClickDesigns/GrooveDesignerPro comes into play.


How Did ClickDesigns Become GrooveDesignerPro?

Before we look into exactly what ClickDesigns has to offer, allow me to explain to you how it happened that ClickDesigns got white labelled (rebranded) as GrooveDesignerPro and why you should care.

Mike Filsaime, the creator of WebinarJam and GrooveFunnels and arguably one of the best online marketers alive today discovered ClickDesigns by chance and absolutely fell in love with it. He realised that ClickDesigns perfectly compliments his GrooveFunnels online marketing system and that there is no reason to re-invent the wheel when it comes to the aspect of graphic design.

GrooveFunnels Solution

Mike Filsaime decided to approach, Mo Latif, the creator of ClickDesigns, to ask if he would be willing to white label ClickDesigns for what I believe was probably an eye-watering amount of money. Mo Latif was very reluctant at first to do so, but as a friend of mine once said: “Everything in life has it’s price” and when one of the biggest influencers in the online marketing world approach you, you need to think twice before saying no to such an amazing opportunity/collaboration.

How can GrooveDesignerPro entitle you to ClickDesigns 100% Free for life?

So why should you care that ClickDesigns has been white labelled to become GrooveDesignerPro? The answer is that when you become a GrooveFunnels Premium+ Lifetime member then you get ClickDesigns/GrooveDesignerPro 100% Free for life, included with your GrooveFunnels Premium+ Lifetime deal.

This will save you a cool $697 annually as this is what the Pro membership for ClickDesigns as a standalone product are selling for right now. (Please note that this was at the time of writing this article and of course price offers are subject to change).

ClickDesigns are also offering their standard package currently at $69 per month. It may certainly be worth comparing the pricing of GrooveDesignerPro with ClickDesigns as they currently have different offers on the table in terms of pricing, despite it being the exact same software, most probably due to competition and exactly the reason why Mo Latif was quite reluctant to sell white label rights to Mike Filsaime. The good news for consumers are that competition always leads to the best prices for consumers, which is awesome news indeed. Later on in this article I will do a price comparison between GrooveDesignerPro and ClickDesigns.

If you do not know what GrooveFunnels are and curious about it due to the opportunity to obtain ClickDesigns/GrooveDesignerPro Free for life, you can read these two articles I wrote about GrooveFunnels: Article 1: “GrooveFunnels – The Complete Online Marketing System” and Article 2: “How Does GrooveFunnels Make Money?”

Now that you understand how ClickDesigns became GrooveDesignerPro and how the white labelling of ClickDesigns can benefit you, let us now have a look at what ClickDesigns offers you in terms of graphic design.

ClickDesigns Features

ClickDesigns is a design powerhouse that levels the playing field for ordinary people like you and I, that enables the everyday Joe to create phenomenal graphics without outsourcing or learning design. Such designs enables you to drive massive traffic, clicks, leads and sales!

Awesome Logos

Your logo is the bloodline of your business as this is the first thing your visitors will see and therefore in order for your business to be memorable it is also important that your logo is eye-catching. You can choose from a range of highly-impactful, ready-to-use logos that are fully customisable or you can start from scratch, should you wish to do so.

Impressive 2D & 3D Boxshots

Add immediate credibility with highly-realistic boxshots that will skyrocket your product’s value and appeal. Customers will believe they are looking at the real McCoy through your ability to create pixel-perfect designs in 2D and 3D realistic angles. You can select from a vast array of pre-designed templates across various niches to make the design your own in seconds.

Sensational 2D & 3D Books And E-Book Covers

I am sure you have heard the expression: “A book is judged by it’s cover” and this is certainly true when it comes to visitors taking notice, which will lead to an increase in book sales. Quality equals authority and that is what you need when considering the creation of a “New York Times Best Seller” book cover.

Phenomenal 2D Reports, White Paper & E-Courses

Just like books, reports, white papers and E-Courses will boost your reputation and establish you as the go-to industry expert. This can easily be achieved from a range of professionally designed, styled and customisable templates across all genres.

Realistic Digital Device Mockups

Would you like to SHOW OFF your products on digital devices for maximum effect? Now you can by displaying your products on laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone and even watch mockups.

Exquisite Product Group Bundles

How many times in the past as a marketer did you not outsource product group bundle graphics in order to showcase your products for sale? I bet you spent a fortune on outsourcing such graphics to freelancers in the past. No more. There is a huge variety of bundle designs that can easily be adapted to your product so you can skyrocket your sales.

Head-Turning Graphics

Make ClickDesigns your new secret weapon. No one will expect that there is no pro designer behind the scenes. ClickDesigns pushes the boundaries allowing you to simply point, click and edit gorgeous pre-crafted graphics that you can make your own within seconds. Don’t let costly designers and your lack of design skills hold you back from astounding your audience and converting them into buyers.

Got A Sales Funnel?

ClickDesigns is perfect for the creation of awesome looking sales funnels. No wonder GrooveFunnels could not wait to get on board. 🙂

ClickDesigns Features In A Nutshell

  • Point & Click, Drag & Drop Editor
  • Customisable 2D & 3D Templates
  • 28 Niche Categories
  • Multi-Angle Layout Views
  • Illustrations & Scenes
  • Live Preview
  • Reflections
  • Shadow Effects
  • Backgrounds, Images And Photos

For more detailed information you can view the ClickDesigns Features Here.

GrooveDesignerPro VS ClickDesigns Price Comparison

As already mentioned earlier in this article GrooveDesignerPro offers you the opportunity to get ClickDesigns Free for life when you decide to join the GrooveFunnels Premium+ Lifetime membership. This will save you a cool $697 annually. However, should you decide not to join the GrooveFunnels Premium+ Lifetime membership but you are interested in ClickDesigns as a standalone product, then GrooveDesignerPro still provides you with the opportunity to get ClickDesigns for a one off $497 payment. The $497 payment will also entitle you to a lifetime ClickDesigns membership.

This is pretty awesome as when you visit the ClickDesigns website you will see that there is no such option to obtain a lifetime membership for ClickDesigns.

The ClickDesigns website offers their standard package at $69 per month and their Pro package is offered at $697 annually. In comparison the GrooveDesignerPro website offers the standard package at $37 per month and the Pro package at $67 per month and as already mentioned also the option to make a one off $497 payment for a lifetime membership.

Note: As GrooveDesignerPro and ClickDesigns is the exact same product I do use it interchangeably. As already explained, you have the luxury to pretty much compare the price points on both the GrooveDesignerPro website and the ClickDesigns website providing you with numerous viable options to obtain ClickDesigns at the best possible price.

Any alternatives to ClickDesigns?

I am pretty sure you have heard about Canva before as they are pretty massive and I was surprised to see them even advertise on television. There is hardly a designer out there that I am aware of that does not make use of Canva for their design needs and needless to say for graphic design Canva is a very popular option.


As I am a Canva fan I was at first pretty quick to dismiss ClickDesigns. That is until I actually watched the GrooveDesignerPro webinar. The GrooveDesigner webinar was really impressive and gave me an in depth understanding how unique the ClickDesigns software is and how in its own way it is much different from Canva.

Needless to say, both Canva and ClickDesigns are awesome graphic design tools and they compliment each other perfectly. Should you wish to read more about Canva then you are welcome to read my article: “Canva – A Free Powerful Marketing Solution”

GrooveDesignerPro VS ClickDesigns Review Conclusion

ClickDesigns/GrooveDesignerPro is one of the best graphic design softwares I have seen on the market out there today and it is certainly worth your consideration.

If you are a GrooveFunnels member then it is even more reason for you to consider GrooveDesignerPro as it seamlessly integrates with GrooveFunnels and it is certainly an amazing graphic design tool that comes in very handy when creating your sales funnels inside of GrooveFunnels.

I have just noticed something very interesting in regards to the ClickDesigns pricing which I did not expect and only noticed pretty much after writing this article. When you go directly to the ClickDesigns website the prices I mentioned (at the time of writing) are accurate but very interestingly when you are a GrooveFunnels member (as I am) and also an affiliate for ClickDesigns then the price points for ClickDesigns I can offer via my affiliate links are a lot cheaper with completely different deals for ClickDesigns than you will find when going directly to the ClickDesigns website. This is indeed very interesting and quite unusual. You are welcome to click around to verify that for yourself.

I hope you found this article both interesting and helpful. Should you have any questions in regards to ClickDesigns or GrooveDesignerPro please feel free to leave your questions in the comments section below. Alternatively you can contact me at

Affiliate Disclaimer: As an affiliate, commission on sales may be generated, however it will be at no extra cost to the buyer whatsoever. Additional bonuses may or may not be on offer to the buyer when doing so and in some cases the price paid through affiliate links may be lower than the price advertised by the vendor, due to exclusive special prices offered to affiliates by the vendor.

12 thoughts on “GrooveDesignerPro VS ClickDesigns Review – Create Amazing Graphics And Designs”

  1. Hey!

    You’re definitely right about first impressions being extremely important, whether it’s with the people we meet or when we’re exposed to new products or any kind of marketing. That first few seconds is really what counts, hence why programs like GrooveDesignerPro can seemingly help a lot! Especially when you consider how expensive it is to have somebody design your logo for you, and even then, if you don’t like it, you might not be able to change it! And if you have multiple businesses or websites, getting a logo designed for each of them quickly adds up $$$!

    You’ve given me much to think about regarding the logo/graphics on my own website.

    Thanks for the info!

    1. Rob, this certainly makes two of us as when I watched the GrooveDesignerPro webinar it really made me think about the graphic designs on my website too. Unfortunately for me I bought the GrooveFunnels lifetime deal when it was still in beta which was then called the GrooveFunnels Platinum Lifetime deal and during that period of time GrooveDesignerPro was not part of the equation yet. So in this sense those that buy the GrooveFunnels Premium Plus Lifetime Deal right now is getting a very sweet deal as GrooveDesignerPro is thrown in 100% FREE and we are talking about a lifetime membership to GrooveDesignerPro here as well.

  2. Hi Schalk,
    Thanks for showing us the zero difference between ClickDesigns & GrooveDesignerPro. If people have GrooveFunnels Premium+ Lifetime memberships, they should also consider purchasing a lifetime ClickDesigns membership. I am a big Canva fan, but after watching GrooveDesignerPro’s promotional video, I found better and more powerful features, such as easy mock-ups. I think it’s a key element for people to switch platforms. When you mentioned it’s a great graphic design tool for sales funnels, does GrooveDesignerPro have demo sales funnels for reference?


    1. Matt, I think you misunderstood judging from your comments. As a GrooveFunnels Premium Plus Lifetime member you get GrooveDesignerPro 100% FREE for life included with your GrooveFunnels lifetime purchase.

      That was not the case for me when I got the GrooveFunnels lifetime deal during the beta phase which was then called the GrooveFunnels Platinum lifetime deal as GrooveDesignerPro back then was not in existence. If I want GrooveDesignerPro now I need to pay an additional $500 for it.

      So yes, those that get the lifetime deal now are surely getting a good deal with GrooveDesignerPro lifetime included.

  3. There are a lot of graphic design programs on the market, but I think Groove Designer Pro is the best. I know people who have used it and cannot recommend it enough. They say It’s easy to use and has a lot of features that other programs don’t have.

    Groove Designer Pro is great for creating logos, illustrations, and other graphics. The program is packed with tools that let you create any kind of design you can imagine. And the best part is that it’s easy to learn how to use.

    If you’re looking for a great graphic design program, I recommend giving Groove Designer Pro a try. You won’t be disappointed. Thanks for this article!

    1. Many thanks Oliver for the enlightenment as I know that GrooveDesignerPro/ClickDesigns comes highly recommended but I did not know that it was as popular as you described in your comment above. For me the best part is that the GrooveFunnels Premium Plus Lifetime plan is your key to get GrooveDesignerPro/ClickDesigns free for life which cannot be obtained from the ClickDesigns website at all. On the ClickDesigns website you only have the option to pay on a monthly basis with no lifetime plans on offer.

  4. Hi Schalk, Thanks for sharing I think I read your Groovefunnels review before. I do really like the sound of it – like Groove Pages alone I think sounds like quite a good tool to have but I kind of am just put off by the price really. Not that I don’t think it is worth the money but just that its too much for me to afford. I mean you say about Canva Pro I think I pay something like £120 a year for I guess that would be instant savings if this can really replace it but can it really do the same?

    1. Of course GrooveFunnels in itself is something completely different to Canva Pro and includes loads of functionality that has nothing to do with Canva. For example the ability to do live streaming, live webinars, automated webinars, creation of sales funnels, email marketing automation, creation of e-commerce stores and the list continues, whereas Canva is simply focused on graphic design.

      If you are talking about a comparison between GrooveDesignerPro/ClickDesigns and Canva then yes this is a much more realistic comparison we are talking about here, but then again GrooveDesignerPro is just another add-on to the GrooveFunnels marketing suite which includes a heck of a lot of online marketing tools.

      GrooveDesignerPro/ClickDesigns can of course be purchased as a standalone product and does not have to include the purchase of GrooveFunnels itself.

      Canva Pro is an awesome graphics design tool with so many features, yet it is completely different to GrooveDesignerPro/ClickDesigns in many ways. The video I embedded in this article points out the differences quite clearly. For example you will not find in Canva as far as I know product group bundles that can be customised with a click of a button. So I would say it pretty much depends on your marketing needs whether Canva Pro or GrooveDesignerPro/ClickDesigns will be the best fit for you.

      In general GrooveDesignerPro/ClickDesigns compliments each other perfectly and gives you the best of both worlds.

  5. Hey Schalk,
    Thanks for this post! I`m currently thinking about how I can brand my website and social media through logos and pictures. I`m not really interested in artistic expression, making logos and similar stuff. So I`m sure this program will be a big help! Will definitely look deeper into Groove Designer Pro for further study.
    Would you recommend working with Canva first and then move on to something like Groove Designer Pro or is that irrelevant?
    Take care

  6. Hi Thimo

    It literally depends on your particular marketing needs. Canva Pro is indeed a fantastic graphic design software and immensely popular, but yet it lacks the kind of features that GrooveDesignerPro/ClickDesigns has when it comes to for example literally selecting pre-existing product group bundles that can be customised with the single click of a button. If you want to do the same with Canva, you possibly could, but it is going to require a lot more hard work and design skills in order to accomplish that.

    Saying this, Canva again has a lot of other features that GrooveDesignerPro/ClickDesigns do not have so in this sense I believe that Canva Pro and GrooveDesignerPro/ClickDesigns will certainly provide you with the best of both worlds when it comes to the ultimate world of graphic design tools for online marketers.

  7. Hey,

    This is such an informative article that has given me a lot of food for thought.

    In my online business I have created three E-Books and I have ideas for more. So far, I’ve used canva to do all my artwork, but from reading about the other platforms you are describing, maybe I will try them out.

    I appreciate you sharing this article as I’m sure it will be just as helpful for others.

    Keep up the great work and thank you again.

    All the best,


  8. Great post! I’m actually a long subscriber to GrooveFunnels and have my inbox constantly anointed with Mike F’s emails! This is interesting though, I may need to do some further digging on this as I currently use the free version of Canva and was considering the upgrade to Pro. So far Canva has been able to supply me everything I need, however as I progress, the appeal of GrooveDesignerPro/ClickDesigns will be hard to ignore.
    Thanks for the great article.

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