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VidPresenters 3D

Vidpresenters 3D allows you to create stunning 3D animation videos and presentations with premium spokesperson avatars. With Vidpresenters 3D you can create engaging and breathtaking 3D style videos with software you already own. Some of the popular softwares that comes to mind is softwares like Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Camtasia, iMovie, Screenflow, PowerPoint etc. Vidpresenters 3D is supported by any video software that accepts animated GIF, MOV, MP4, SWF or PNG formats. 

Studies suggest that businesses that use 3D visuals and promotions achieve higher audience retention rates, thereby creating an increase in their popularity and sales, simply because 3D animations have a profound effect on people. Choosing between 2D video and 3D animation can be a tough decision as uncertainty about which kind of video will tell your company’s story more effectively and more efficiently, is not always an easy task.  

If your major competitors are using 2D animation videos then choosing 3D animation will surely differentiate your business from your competitors, as 3D animation can result in your business looking more sophisticated, cutting edge and artistic when used in advertising, marketing and sales campaigns. 

It is due to the captivating nature of 3D animation videos and their ability to drive customer engagement that has led many big brands such as Samsung, Netflix, Apple, Procter & Gamble, Coca Cola, just to name a few, to use 3D animation in their content marketing campaigns.


There is a big problem however. Finding unique 3D animated video assets is pretty challenging. As a video maker, online marketer or business owner, access to high quality video assets is a must, but creating captivating 3D animated character and spokesperson videos that grab attention can be quite a headache for several reasons. 

Animation Costs

Animation in general is very costly but 3D animation is especially expensive, time consuming and requires very expensive software. 

Steep Learning Curve 

Creating animation is also highly technical and requires a particular skill set that can take years to master.  

Why not hire an animator? 

You may reason that you can always just hire a 3D animator or graphics designer to create an animation, but that could set you back thousands of dollars and a lot of time spent waiting on the project to be completed, plus many revisions. 

The Solution – Vidpresenters 3D 

The Vidpresenters 3D Avatars package contains hundreds of high-quality 3D video assets and premium graphics that you can use in an unlimited number of personal, commercial and client projects without hassle

Whether you are trying to sell a product, simplifying a complicated idea or just trying to connect with your audience in a different way, the stunning collection of 3D talking avatars and 3D presenter characters can help you to clearly present features and functions of your products or services in a visually pleasing, engaging and compelling way, which will ensure your videos get the attention, leads and traffic that they deserve. 

Here is what you get in this awesome package:

Module 1 – 3D Animated Female Avatars

6 ready-to-use, original, premium quality female talking head spokespersons in animated GIF, MOV, MP4, PNG format.

Vidpresenters 3D female characters

Module 2 – 3D Animated Male Avatars

6 ready-to-use, original, premium quality male talking head spokespersons in animated GIF, MOV, MP4, PNG format.

Module 3 – 3D Green Screen Actors

12 Premium male and female 3D green screen talking head spokespersons in MP4 format.

Module 4 – 3D Animated Ethnically Diverse Avatars

2 ready-to-use, original, premium quality diverse talking head spokespersons in animated GIF, MOV, MP4, PNG formats.

Module 5 – 3D Presenter Backdrop Templates

10 amazingly beautiful, 3D presenter backdrop templates done in PowerPoint (PPTX format) that you can use in your marketing and promotional campaigns.

Module 6 – Developer License For The Entire Package

On top of the 6 modules included with the 3D Presenters Avatar Pack there are also 6 bonuses included. See the summary below of everything that is included in the Vidpresenters 3D Avatar Pack.

Vidpresenters 3D Avatar Pack Summary

One Time Offer 1 – Vidpresenters 3D Diversity Bundle

5 different ethnic groups are included in this package to make your videos, projects and campaigns more representative and more appealing to a more diverse audience.

Vidpresenters 3D Diversity Pack

One Time Offer 2 – EZ Virtual Backdrops

These premium backdrops can be used as real time replacement backgrounds in your green screen videos to create professional, high quality videos that stands out. With EZ Virtual Backdrops you can promote your brand and business by using quality backdrops in your videos, live streams, video conferences and presentations, as well as for:

5 Brand New Apple Watches GIVEN AWAY to random attendees.
Green Screen Video Backgrounds
Zoom Backgrounds
Business Presentation Backgrounds
Tutorial Video Backgrounds
Live Stream Backgrounds
Vlog Backgrounds
Video Conferencing Backgrounds
Sales Videos
Sales & Marketing Presentations
and More…
EZ Virtual Backdrops

One Time Offer 3 – Bizmedia Graphics Pack Volume 1

The Bizmedia Graphics Pack collection provides you with everything you need to create top of the line 3D videos, animation and high converting eye catching graphics. Hundreds of premium, high quality and original graphics and animation assets in one super awesome package with full developers rights.

Bizmedia Graphics Pack

One Time Offer 4 – Bizmedia Graphics Pack Volume 2

Bizmedia Graphics Pack Volume 2 is an extension of Bizmedia Graphics Pack Volume 1.

Bizmedia Graphics Pack Volume 2


If you are considering affordable 3D animation in order for your business to stand out from the crowd, then Vidpresenters 3D and all its one time offers should enjoy your serious consideration.

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20 thoughts on “Vidpresenters 3D – 3D animation video creation software”

  1. Wow, these graphics are amazing! I can definitely see how they make presentations a million times better! If I’m ever at the point where I need to create a super impressive presentation, I will for sure consider this software.

    Thanks for such a great review!

    1. 3D animation can certainly make a tangible difference in regards to audience retention, leads and sales for your business when utilised effectively. You are most welcome and thank you for taking the time to read and comment. Wishing you the very best of success!

  2. Hi and thanks for sharing this. I have seen these used very effectively on websites and I have been thinking of using an animated character for a youtube channel. However, for my particular idea, I would need to have video of the character from all angles, left side, right side, and from the rear. I checked out the Vidpresenters website as well and it seems that the characters are only shown from the front. Years ago I worked with earlier versions of Premiere and After Effects and some early 3D animation packages and what you say is correct. It takes years to master these packages. If there is any other avatar package you can recommend that allows you to rotate and orient the avatar in 3D. Thanks this would be a great help. Best regards, Andy

    1. Andy, your observations are perfectly correct. I am pretty confident that I have the perfect solution for you and this perfect solution will be showcased in my next featured article in which I will showcase a much more advanced 3D animation software that will enable you to do all of the above you mentioned and so much more. Vidpresenters 3D is a quick and very effective solution for those that are happy to showcase 3D animation from the front, and with some characters from a side view. However, what you want is a 360 degree perspective and rotation and being able to play around with animation instead of simply plug and play. I will notify you of when the article is ready for your viewing, which should be by the end of this week.

  3. Hi Schalk,

    Now this is definitely something I can get on board with.

    I work in a particular niche market where video is probably the main focus for my potential customers.

    The problem I have is that I don’t particularly like being on screen myself, and I think much the same as many people, I don’t particularly like the sound of my own voice.

    I also think that you are perfectly correct in stating that 3-D animation is far more engaging from a viewer’s perspective.

    I believe this is typically because we are all somewhat amazed by what has been produced on screen, so it’s hard to your eyes off what’s happening in front of you.

    Vidpresenters 3-D appears to cover all these angles.

    I’d also like to say a massive well done to you.

    It takes a certain type of person to accept a comment from a viewer, realise that they are potentially right in what they’ve said, and then go back and make adjustments to your content.

    I’m glad you took on board what the commenter on YouTube said about the “missing” elements from your original review, and you’ve now added these to your extended video.

    Great job Schalk, it shows your honesty and your willingness to provide the best content possible.

    I know I’ve discussed with you before my “need” to get involved in video creation, and you’ve certainly given me a vast array of ideas and product reviews.

    Thank You


    1. Partha, I was a tad busy the last couple of days and only now read your comment on my article. Thanks so much for a very thorough comment. You surely do not miss out on the details lol. I was surprised that you even viewed some of the video too realising that I did especially create that video to satisfy the commenter lol.

      What actually happened is that the joint venture page was a bit confusing (which is rare) and I literally missed out on those 2 up sales somehow when I created my initial video. That never happened before, so when this got mentioned I realised I sort of messed up and needed to add to my previously created video.

      On the other hand the question sometimes is, do people really want to watch a 36 minute video lol? But then in the case of the commenter he was going on about affiliates being lazy and not showing products in detail and not making pricing clear etc. and was pointing out that buyers need to let e.g. PayPal know how much they about to spend on the funnel as the up sales are often triggering fraud warnings with the bank or PayPal due to several individual payments initiated when buying the up sales and as these are one time offers, after you initially purchased the front end product, if affiliates do not paint the full picture, it makes it hard for the buyer.

      So all in all it was actually a valuable comment from the commenter to understand some of the issues buyers that are really interested are sometimes facing.

      Yes, and just like you, I do not like to appear on camera and the reason why I am creating screen record videos.

      Once again, many thanks!

      Have a great day!

  4. It’s amazing how much is possible in the digital world. Lovely. I must admit I only once saw a movie in 3D – probably in the Universal Studios when I was visiting the States years ago – but I can see the potential.

    As I can see the traps of too many possibilities. If a new technique or a new option is applied sparingly in an expert way – even if you are not an expert – it can bring many benefits. If, on the other hand, all possibilities are applied simultaneously, the result is often a hodgepodge, where the goal is lost.

    I am sure anyone who is aware of those traps can get great results.

    1. 3D animation certainly attracts attention. I wonder if the movie you decided to watch in the cinema in 3D was not perhaps Avatar? That was an absolutely mesmerising animation and I cannot wait for Avatar 2 to come to the big screen.

  5. This looks like something that I should start using as soon as possible. I’m absolutely sure that it will pair well with the things I’m currently working on, and plus it looks wicked cool!

    I know that 3D animating is expensive as hell, but how much money would it cost me to hire someone to do all the editing for me? And if the price is not too big, I would appreciate it if you can reccomend someone that might help mi with all the animations.

    I would love to give Vidpresenters 3D a try, but the fact that I’m not the most artistic person is kind of holding me back :/

    1. I think this is the beauty of Vidpresenters 3D that it is pretty much plug and play and not that much creativity needed. However, if you are looking for something a lot more advanced you should look into Iclone 7. You can read the article here. “iClone 7 – Real Time 3D Animation Software” Here is the article link: I think you will be mightily impressed with iClone 7 and I think it will exceed your expectations.

      In regards to those that can help with animation. Yes, I think this is where the problem lies as you mentioned. It is usually very expensive to get someone to create animations for you. Usually the places to look for this kind of service will be places like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork etc. However, I may have another idea for you. Just perhaps you can find a virtual assistant from e.g. the Philippines that can learn the animation software like for example Iclone 7 or Vidpresenters 3D and can possibly create stunning 3D animations for you on the cheap. That is perhaps an idea that may work better for you in the long run for sure.

  6. Hiya I love the 3D presenters, it sounds great and something to try in the future. I have to admit I don’t know a lot about animations, but they do look interesting. The closest thing to Gravatar animation is Gravatar the movie. the graphic videos is something to think about in the future for my website.

  7. Thanks for this post. I actually used to own software for sketch doodle videos or whiteboard animation. It’s less expensive than 3D animation video creation software and audience retention is high. How would you compare the two in terms of audience retention. Both are engaging. I would rather stick with whiteboard animation.

    1. Depends what type of business model you running I guess whether 3D animation video creation software or whiteboard animation will be more applicable. For example I have a friend that teach young children via YouTube how to speak the Arabic language and as you are dealing with small children whiteboard animation will probably be more engaging to them. When dealing with older teenagers and adults 3D animation may be more up their stream perhaps or perhaps not. It will vary from person to person and will also depend on your business model or niche, which will be more applicable. Both can be very engaging if utilised effectively.

      In terms of price I am not sure I agree. Once again it depends. Yes in general 3D animation can be a lot more expensive than whiteboard animation when professionally created 3D animation videos are outsourced vs whiteboard animation videos outsourced. However in the case of Vidpresenters 3D it only costs a one off fee of $27. I did a review on YouTube on sketch doodle video software, called, Doodly and the monthly price for the standard version is $39 per month and the cost for the enterprise version comes at a price of $69 per month. So in this particular case Doodly is much more expensive than Vidpresenters 3D. Not sure what whiteboard animation software you used in the past and how it was priced. You can watch my review on YouTube on Doodly whiteboard animation here should you wish:

      Should you wish to evaluate the price of Doodly you can do so here:

  8. Wow this is so futuristic, I have not seen anything like it before. I can imagine it being really useful for tutorial type videos. Very thorough explanation too.

  9. Hi WAadmin, what a great review. It’s great to see these animated characters. If we buy this program, will we get one or all the various 3D presenter avatars?

    1. Dear Builder. I am glad to hear that you enjoyed the review. If you watch the video I included in this article I give a very detailed break down of what is included with each bundle. So there are various bundles available that will entitle you to more 3D presenter avatars. The main avatar pack will entitle you to 14 premium male and female avatar presenters and in addition includes 3D Toon presenters Paul and Lara. Hope this helps.

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