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Vidpresenters 3D – 3D animation video creation software

Vidpresenters 3D allows you to create stunning 3D animation videos and presentations with premium spokesperson avatars. With Vidpresenters 3D you can create engaging and breathtaking 3D style videos with software you already own. Some of the popular softwares that comes to mind is softwares like Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Camtasia, iMovie, Screenflow, PowerPoint etc. Vidpresenters 3D is supported by any video software that accepts animated GIF, MOV, MP4, SWF or PNG formats. 

Studies suggest that businesses that use 3D visuals and promotions achieve higher audience retention rates, thereby creating an increase in their popularity and sales, simply because 3D animations have a profound effect on people. Choosing between 2D video and 3D animation can be a tough decision as uncertainty about which kind of video will tell your company’s story more effectively and more efficiently, is not always an easy task.  

If your major competitors are using 2D animation videos then choosing 3D animation will surely differentiate your business from your competitors, as 3D animation can result in your business looking more sophisticated, cutting edge and artistic when used in advertising, marketing and sales campaigns. 

It is due to the captivating nature of 3D animation videos and their ability to drive customer engagement that has led many big brands such as Samsung, Netflix, Apple, Procter & Gamble, Coca Cola, just to name a few, to use 3D animation in their content marketing campaigns. 

This YouTube video provides you with a very comprehensive overview of VidPresenters 3D including all the One Time Offers and Bonuses included.

There is a big problem however. Finding unique 3D animated video assets is pretty challenging. As a video maker, online marketer or business owner, access to high quality video assets is a must, but creating captivating 3D animated character and spokesperson videos that grab attention can be quite a headache for several reasons. 

Animation Costs

Animation in general is very costly but 3D animation is especially expensive, time consuming and requires very expensive software. 

Steep Learning Curve 

Creating animation is also highly technical and requires a particular skill set that can take years to master.  

Why not hire an animator? 

You may reason that you can always just hire a 3D animator or graphics designer to create an animation, but that could set you back thousands of dollars and a lot of time spent waiting on the project to be completed, plus many revisions. 

The Solution – Vidpresenters 3D 

The Vidpresenters 3D Avatars package contains hundreds of high-quality 3D video assets and premium graphics that you can use in an unlimited number of personal, commercial and client projects without hassle

Whether you are trying to sell a product, simplifying a complicated idea or just trying to connect with your audience in a different way, the stunning collection of 3D talking avatars and 3D presenter characters can help you to clearly present features and functions of your products or services in a visually pleasing, engaging and compelling way, which will ensure your videos get the attention, leads and traffic that they deserve. 

Here is what you get in this awesome package:

Module 1 – 3D Animated Female Avatars

6 ready-to-use, original, premium quality female talking head spokespersons in animated GIF, MOV, MP4, PNG format.

Vidpresenters 3D female characters

Module 2 – 3D Animated Male Avatars

6 ready-to-use, original, premium quality male talking head spokespersons in animated GIF, MOV, MP4, PNG format.

Module 3 – 3D Green Screen Actors

12 Premium male and female 3D green screen talking head spokespersons in MP4 format.

Module 4 – 3D Animated Ethnically Diverse Avatars

2 ready-to-use, original, premium quality diverse talking head spokespersons in animated GIF, MOV, MP4, PNG formats.

Module 5 – 3D Presenter Backdrop Templates

10 amazingly beautiful, 3D presenter backdrop templates done in PowerPoint (PPTX format) that you can use in your marketing and promotional campaigns.

Module 6 – Developer License For The Entire Package

On top of the 6 modules included with the 3D Presenters Avatar Pack there are also 6 bonuses included. See the summary below of everything that is included in the Vidpresenters 3D Avatar Pack.

Vidpresenters 3D Avatar Pack Summary
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One Time Offer 1 – Vidpresenters 3D Diversity Bundle

5 different ethnic groups are included in this package to make your videos, projects and campaigns more representative and more appealing to a more diverse audience.

Vidpresenters 3D Diversity Pack
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One Time Offer 2 – EZ Virtual Backdrops

These premium backdrops can be used as real time replacement backgrounds in your green screen videos to create professional, high quality videos that stands out. With EZ Virtual Backdrops you can promote your brand and business by using quality backdrops in your videos, live streams, video conferences and presentations, as well as for:

  • YouTube Video Backgrounds

  • Green Screen Video Backgrounds

  • Zoom Backgrounds

  • Business Presentation Backgrounds

  • Tutorial Video Backgrounds

  • Live Stream Backgrounds

  • Vlog Backgrounds

  • Video Conferencing Backgrounds

  • Sales Videos

  • Sales & Marketing Presentations

  • and More…

EZ Virtual Backdrops
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One Time Offer 3 – Bizmedia Graphics Pack Volume 1

The Bizmedia Graphics Pack collection provides you with everything you need to create top of the line 3D videos, animation and high converting eye catching graphics. Hundreds of premium, high quality and original graphics and animation assets in one super awesome package with full developers rights.

Bizmedia Graphics Pack
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One Time Offer 4 – Bizmedia Graphics Pack Volume 2

Bizmedia Graphics Pack Volume 2 is an extension of Bizmedia Graphics Pack Volume 1.

Bizmedia Graphics Pack Volume 2
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If you are considering affordable 3D animation in order for your business to stand out from the crowd, then Vidpresenters 3D and all its one time offers should enjoy your serious consideration.