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Speechelo Review – Speechelo Text To Speech Software

Finally the much anticipated Speechelo text to speech software is here, the software that enables you to transform any text into a 100% human-sounding voiceover, with only 3 clicks. Gone are the days of having to spend loads of money on paying professional voiceover artists for creating professional voiceovers. In fact, not only are you able to save a lot of money on professional voiceovers, but now you can in fact make loads of money by offering professional voiceover services.  In this Speechelo review we will discuss all the features of Speechelo, as well as the pros and the cons.

Who needs Speechelo?

Before we delve deeper into the Speechelo review I think it is important to first address this question.

Overcoming the language barrier

When thinking about Speechelo, the first thing that comes to mind are YouTube videos recorded in terrible sounding English (with all due respect), due to the very strong accent of non-native speakers of the English language, which can sometimes make it quite difficult to understand.

The other day a medical doctor from China happened to see my YouTube video on Speechelo and was commenting that he is seriously considering to buy Speechelo, as he realise that his accent strongly impacts on his YouTube video views in a negative way. This is often the problem, that you have highly intelligent individuals with a wealth of knowledge that would like to share that knowledge with the rest of the world, but their strong accent is putting them off from sharing this wealth of knowledge with the rest of the world.

With Speechelo this problem is now solved and this is not only true for those that are non-native speakers of English, but it can also work the other way around. Maybe you are a medical doctor and a native speaker of the English language, but you would like to share your knowledge with other parts of the world where individuals may not be able to understand English. Speechelo now solves that problem too, as Speechelo translates your videos for you into 23 other languages, besides the English language.

Online training and education

Especially now with the pandemic, online training and education has never been more important. Online operations has certainly become the new trend.

If we first of all consider education, we know that students, whether at school, or whether at college/university, has now been receiving online education due to the pandemic. This has created a new opportunity for a lot of teachers to earn money through online tuition. London, to take just one example, is quite a diverse city and is represented by a variety of nationalities. Not all teachers that lives in London are native speakers of the English language and when considering creating a professional educational course for tutees, the teacher that is a non-native speaker of the English language may well want to consider Speechelo for professional voiceovers to ensure quality.

When considering businesses, especially international businesses that may have branches in countries where English is not the native tongue, Speechelo can certainly help with the translation of online training videos\materials in other languages or solve the strong accent problem should non-native speakers of the English language be required to create online training material for colleagues.

Online marketing

To be able to target a much greater audience is an online marketers' dream. Just one example of how this can be achieved would be to upload the same created marketing video to YouTube in multiple languages, to ensure the message reach those that cannot access English or prefer to access the video content in their mother tongue.

Secondly of course it will allow online marketers that are non-native speakers of the English language to put video content out there with a professional sounding voiceover, which will ensure a lot more traction, than recording their English videos with a strong accent.

Speechelo Podcast

Podcasts and Audio Books

Yes, some may opt to do their podcasts live, but this is certainly not the case with everyone. A lot of online marketers, news bloggers etc. has seen the opportunity to get their blog article information out there by turning their written content into podcasts, which leads to a lot more traffic and we all know that traffic means sales or ad revenue.

Just the other day someone that watched my YouTube video on Speechelo commented and asked about the possibility to use Speechelo to create audio books, as she has written books published on Amazon. Of course Speechelo can be used to create audio books and what a great way for a publisher to get more traction.


Speechelo makes the bold claim that no one will be able to tell that your voiceovers are A.I. generated and combined with the fact that your text can be transformed into a 100% human sounding voiceover in only 3 clicks, almost sounds too good to be true.

Let us now explore the possibilities of Speechelo:

  • Transform any text into speech.

  • Male and Female voices included

  • The only text-to-speech software that adds inflections in the voice

  • Works in English and 23 other languages

  • Over 30 human sounding voices

  • Read the text in 3 ways: normal tone, joyful tone, serious tone

  • Marks the end to expensive voiceovers and unreliable freelancers

  • Works with any video creation software: Camtasia, Adobe Premier, iMovie etc.

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Speechelo Steps


Speechelo Voices


Double the voices

The Speechelo Pro version boasts 60+ voices instead of just the 30+ that the standard version has to offer.

x 4 the amount of words per voiceover

The standard version of Speechelo only allows for 700 words per voiceover, whereas the pro version entitles you to 2800 w0rds per voiceover. This is however not a deal breaker when considering the standard version instead, as you can of course drag as many voiceovers as you like inside your video editing software. It will just be a bit more convenient with the pro version, due to less voiceovers required.

40 Background music tracks

The pro version provides you with 40 background music tracks with a variety of genres to choose from. This is a big plus as background music to upload to your YouTube videos can be expensive unless you are able to find royalty free background music tracks that you are allowed to use in conjunction with your YouTube videos. The issue usually is that the free background music tracks usually available are often not that great in terms of quality and quite limiting.

Commercial License

Now this is a pretty big deal. The commercial license entitles you to sell professional voiceover services on platforms like Fiverr. Professional voiceover artists charge a big sum of money. For the very first time with the creation of Speechelo, it is now possible to create professional 100% human sounding voiceovers using A.I. technology. This is a complete game changer, as professional voiceovers can now be created within minutes, and as a result the price you will charge in comparison to what professional voiceover artists charge, will be like the difference between night and day. Speechelo may have just created a new lucrative job opportunity for you.

Voiceover Cash Machine E-Book

This E-book teaches you how to go about running your Speechelo business when it comes to the outsourcing of your professional voiceover gigs. No stone will be unturned. This will especially be very helpful for those that do not have any online marketing experience e.g. those that may not be aware of online platforms where you can offer your services.

Speechelo worldwide add-on


This is an additional up sale feature of Speechelo that will entitle you to translate text from English to any other language mentioned above, with the click of a button. In doing so you will also be able to accurately translate voiceovers from for example English to any other language, even if you don't even know the language at all.

This feature also entitles you to grab transcripts directly from YouTube videos that can then be translated into any other language, which will then entitle you to publish YouTube videos in multiple languages.

When purchasing Speechelo, the Speechelo worldwide add-on up sale page also includes a video that will explain this add-on and its features to you in a lot more detail.



Yes, Speechelo is a cloud based solution which means that there is nothing to download or install. Speechelo works on PC, Mac and even your smartphone.

There are no limitations in the amount of voiceovers you can create. However there is a limitation of 700 words per voiceover in regards to the standard version of Speechelo and 2800 words per voiceover for the pro version of Speechelo.

Yes, Speechelo works in 23 other languages, besides English.

Yes, updates are 100% free of charge and the updates will take place automatically.

As already mentioned in the article, there is a Speechelo pro upgrade offer as well as the Speechelo worldwide add-on offer. Both offers are however 100% optional.

The current special launch offer is a very limited offer. Once the special offer ends, Speechelo will only be available at a one off payment of a $100 or alternatively $67 per month. Therefore you want to make sure not to sit on the fence while the special launch offer is still up and running.

I certainly do. I will be providing you with access to a high quality online marketing training course. You can see a snippet of the training course included in my Speechelo Review video below. After purchasing Speechelo, simply send me an email to info@productspotligh.net and I will be sure to send you your bonus gift.

Speechelo claims that the translations are very accurate (that is if you intend to make use of the Speechelo worldwide add-on). Thus far Speechelo impressed me in regards to the accuracy of the translations. However, I of course am not privy to all 23 languages and therefore cannot verify how accurate it really is, unless if I was to consult a native speaker of the language.

Many will simply choose Speechelo to create professional voiceovers in their native tongue. However, if you are going to make use of the Speechelo worldwide add-on, it may be best to double check with a native speaker of the language, just to be on the side of caution, especially if you intend to use this function for business purposes.