How does GrooveFunnels make money

“How Does GrooveFunnels Make Money?” is one of the top questions asked on Google in relation to GrooveFunnels and the reason why I decided that I will dedicate an article to answer this question in as much detail as possible for those that have this burning question on their minds.

There are certainly two ways that GrooveFunnels can earn you a huge amount of money. One being through the utilisation of the GrooveFunnels marketing tools to run your online business and secondly as a Groove JV partaking in the GrooveFunnels affiliate program, also referred to as the Groove Partner Program.

I have written a very detailed article to explain to you exactly what is included in the GrooveFunnels marketing system and how to use the suite of GrooveFunnels marketing tools to run your online business successfully without the need to spend a fortune on loads of third party marketing tools on a monthly basis. You can read the detailed article here: “GrooveFunnels – The Complete Online Marketing System”

As the article “GrooveFunnels – The Complete Online Marketing System” already addresses how GrooveFunnels make money utilising the GrooveFunnels marketing tools, this article will be focused on how GrooveFunnels generates money via the GrooveFunnels affiliate program.

Disclaimer: You will be shocked when you see how much money you can generate with GrooveFunnels as an affiliate, which includes residual income and I am not exaggerating at all. By the end of this article you will certainly understand why I am not exaggerating when I say that GrooveFunnels has one of the most lucrative affiliate programs that I have ever seen and I am aware of several affiliates that make a full-time income from GrooveFunnels alone.

How Do I Join The GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program?

The very first step in making money with GrooveFunnels is to join the GrooveFunnels affiliate program. Everyone that signs up to any GrooveFunnels account, including a FREE lifetime GrooveFunnels account (also known as the Start Up or Lite Plan) instantly becomes Groove affiliates without the need to be approved. To join the affiliate program is very simple. You can simply click on the”GET INSTANT ACCESS” button below to join the Groove Affiliate program for free.

Get instant access to GrooveFunnels

After you clicked on the “GET INSTANT ACCESS” button you will be redirected to a page where you will see the following image…..

Free GrooveFunnels Lifetime Account

Now simply click on the “Get Started – it’s free” button and you will be redirected to the below page where you can now sign up for free.

GrooveFunnels Lite Plan

Many congratulations! You are now a FREE lifetime GrooveFunnels member and you will now have access to your affiliate links once logged into your GrooveFunnels dashboard that will enable you to start promoting GrooveFunnels straight away.

How Does The GrooveFunnels Affiliate Commission Structure Work?

GrooveFunnels Affiliate Commission Structure

Now this is where things are really starting to get interesting and incredibly lucrative. As you can see from the image above, Free Groove members gets 20% commission on all first tier sales generated. Creator members gets 30% commission on first tier sales and Pro as well as Premium members gets 40% commission on first tier sales generated. In addition Premium members also receives 10% commission on second tier sales generated.

How Do I Become A GrooveFunnels Creator, Pro Or Premium Member?

To be honest, it does not make a whole lot of sense to become a GrooveFunnels Creator, Pro or Premium member as it makes a whole lot more sense to become a GrooveFunnels Creator+, GrooveFunnels Pro+ or GrooveFunnels Premium+ member, as the plus deals are so much better and cheaper, that it is not even worth considering the standard Creator, Pro or Premium plans. One other plan I have not mentioned is of course the GrooveFunnels Premium+ Lifetime deal which is of course the absolute best value for money without a doubt.

So what is the catch? Why would the plus Groove packages be cheaper than the standard Groove packages? The answer to this question is “Awesome marketing strategy which leads to incredible conversions”.

Let me explain. When someone signs up as a Free Lifetime Groove Member they are immediately redirected to a one-time offer page where they have the opportunity to sign up to either the Creator+, Pro+, Premium+ or Premium+ Lifetime Groove packages. The plus packages are so much cheaper and provides so much more value than the standard packages that anyone that signs up to Groove will think long and hard before they decide to decline the one-time offers on the one-time offer page.

Should the Free Groove member decide not to act on the one-time offers then they will never have the chance again to sign up to any of the plus packages but they will only have the ability to upgrade to the standard Creator, Pro or Premium package in the future from inside of their Groove dashboard whenever they choose to do so. This marketing strategy is indeed an awesome marketing strategy and just another reason why you do not want to miss out on this opportunity as an affiliate to promote GrooveFunnels.

How Much Will It Cost To Become A GrooveFunnels Creator, Pro, Premium Or Lifetime Member?

In the screenshots provided below it will be made very clear exactly what is included inside of each of the GrooveFunnels plans, including the price point for each of the different Groove packages.

GrooveFunnels Lite Plan

GrooveFunnels Creator Plan

GrooveFunnels Pro Plan

GrooveFunnels Premium Plan

GrooveFunnels Premium+ Lifetime Plan


What Is GrooveDesignerPro?

GrooveDesignerPro allows you to create amazing graphics and designs for you website, blog and sales funnels in minutes without the need for any design skills. This amazing piece of software is yours as a bonus gift 100% free with unlimited lifetime access when you obtain the GrooveFunnels Premium+ Lifetime deal. The GrooveDesingerPro lifetime offer currently sells for $497 as a standalone product.

Just like you, I initially thought that I have Canva Pro, so why would I ever need GrooveDesignerPro? That is not until I watched the webinar on what GrooveDesignerPro actually entails and what it can actually do that I realised the design benefits and how amazing GrooveDesignerPro really is.

Do not get me wrong, Canva Pro is amazing too and I personally use Canva on a daily basis, but do yourself a favour and watch the replay of the GrooveDesignerPro webinar and you will soon understand what a game changer GrooveDesignerPro is for your business, especially if you lack design skills. Simply click on the GrooveDesignerPro webinar replay button below to watch the replay of the GrooveDesignerPro webinar.

GrooveDesignerPro Webinar Replay

From the standpoint as a GrooveFunnels affiliate the GrooveDesignerPro incentive makes it so much easier for you as an affiliate to be able to sign up GrooveFunnels Premium+ Liftetime members which means absolutely massive commissions.

How Much Money Can I Earn As A GrooveFunnels Affiliate?

Guess how much you will earn if you only sign up a single GrooveFunnels Premium+ Lifetime member? I think you will be shocked to know that only one such sale will pocket you a $1000 in commission if you are a Pro, Premium or Premium+ Lifetime member. Yes you heard me right, only one sale.

GrooveFunnels Premium+ Affiliate Commission

Can you now start seeing how it is possible for affiliates to make a full-time income from GrooveFunnels alone? Do yourself a favour and take your calculator and go work out how much commission you will be earning at each of the GrooveFunnels price points as laid out above. Do you now understand why I did not hesitate for one second to sign up as a Groove Premium Lifetime member?

Yes of course I invested in GrooveFunnels to utilise the Groove marketing tools, but my number one reason for joining GrooveFunnels was because of their incredibly lucrative affiliate program and with affiliate commissions as you can see above, I have more than paid for my GrooveFunnels Premium Lifetime membership and now not only enjoying lifetime access to Groove’s marketing tools without having to ever pay a cent again, but I also enjoy massive affiliate commissions over and over again. Joining the GrooveFunnels Premium Lifetime membership has been one of my best decisions ever as an affiliate.

For a more detailed explanation of why I decided to join GrooveFunnels as a Lifetime member you can read the following two articles I wrote:

  1. You can read my Linkedin article here: “Why I paid $1997 to run my online business on Groovefunnels.”
  2. You can read my article: “GrooveFunnels – The Complete Online Marketing System”

GrooveFunnels Affiliate Testimonials

GrooveFunnels Affiliate Testimonials

I would like to point your attention in the direction of the testimonial to the far right by Angie Norris, as this is very relevant in terms of what it means to be a GrooveFunnels affiliate and what it could potentially mean for you in terms of being a GrooveFunnels affiliate.

Are There Any Other Incentives Of Being A GrooveFunnels Affiliate?

Besides huge affiliate commissions and a very clever marketing strategy there are also massive prizes that are given away from time to time e.g. during the launch of GrooveFunnels and currently also during the re-launch of GrooveFunnels 2.0. To give you some idea, the first prize that was given away during the GrooveFunnels launch was a brand new car. So we are talking massive prizes here. The prizes are much smaller when it comes to the re-launch of GrooveFunnels 2.0 which is currently happening during August 2022 but nevertheless, they are still nice incentives.

Some other very nice ideas which were mentioned by Mike Filsaime is the idea to pay the mortgage of up to the amount of $2500 per month or car payment up to the amount of $500 per month for GrooveFunnels affiliates that qualifies for such when they reached a certain amount of Groove sales. This is still just an idea that may or may not come into realisation in the future, but the point is that GrooveFunnels has a lot of very creative ideas to incentivise their affiliates.

Just to give you an idea, here are the prizes given away during the re-launch of GrooveFunnels 2.0 (An improvement on the initial Groove release).

GrooveFunnels launch 1st prize
GrooveFunnels launch prizes 2 - 4

GrooveFunnels launch prizes 5 - 7

GrooveFunnels launch prizes 8 -10

Any Recommendations On How To Promote GrooveFunnels?

There are two aspects of Groove to promote currently that will send your conversions through the roof. I highly recommend that you Promote the “Inflation Busters” E-book as well as the “Free Masterclass” Groove webinar. The affiliate links to both can be found inside your Groove dashboard once you log in.

GrooveFunnels Inflation Buster E-Book
GrooveFunnels Free Masterclass

Please note that the Free Masterclass may expire at some point in time, but I do not believe that the “Inflations Buster” E-Book will disappear soon, so that should be a very valuable GrooveFunnels marketing tool in your arsenal to utilise.

Any Negatives To Consider When Dealing With GrooveFunnels?

I have covered the negative aspects to consider when joining GrooveFunnels extensively in my article: “GrooveFunnels – A Complete Online Marketing Solution” I have covered it specifically under this heading: But You Only Talk About The Positive Stuff. Did I Not Hear Some Bad Press About GrooveFunnels?

How Does GrooveFunnels Make Money – Conclusion

I hope that I managed to provide you with all the information you need in answering the question: “How does GrooveFunnels Make Money? Should you have any questions in regards to GrooveFunnels or looking for some tips on how to promote GrooveFunnels, feel free to leave a comment below or alternatively you can contact me at

In conclusion, GrooveFunnels is a fantastic product to promote as an affiliate. As GrooveFunnels is constantly evolving and improving it will just become a better and better product to promote as time goes by. Mike Filsaime brings fantastic products to market and one of the main reasons I decided to join GrooveFunnels is because Mike Filsaime has a fantastic track record. My first encounter with Mike Filsaime was with his release of WebinarJam.

If you read my “GrooveFunnels – A Complete Online Marketing Solution” article you will be able to read my testimonial in regards to my WebinarJam experience. You will find the WebinarJam testimonial under this specific heading: “Who Is Behind GrooveFunnels?”

Oh and lastly I should mention that GrooveFunnels has a 30 day money back guarantee. So with the opportunity of a FREE lifetime account plus a 30 day money back guarantee and a super lucrative affiliate program I certainly do not think that you can go wrong by giving GrooveFunnels a chance.

GrooveFunnels Free Lifetime Account

Income Disclaimer: Please note that there are of course no guarantees that you will be able to replicate the results as set out in this article and the article links provided. Although some income generating systems may lead to quicker results than others, no success was ever created without hard work and dedication. Saying that, it is of course true that some earn shed loads of money online and if others can do it of course you can too.

Affiliate Disclaimer: As an affiliate, commission on sales may be generated, however it will be at no extra cost to the buyer whatsoever. Additional bonuses may or may not be on offer to the buyer when doing so and in some cases the price paid through affiliate links may be lower than the price advertised by the vendor, due to exclusive special prices offered to affiliates by the vendor.

Money Back Guarantee: There is a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee on GrooveFunnels. You therefore have nothing to lose to try out GrooveFunnels for yourself for a 30 day period before making your final decision whether GrooveFunnels is for you or not.

8 thoughts on “How does GrooveFunnels Make Money?”

  1. Thanks for this really detailed review of Groovefunnels. I wasn’t aware of this offering so glad I found your site. I’m going to seriously consider the Creator+ offering because I think it really provides good value. I must say $1000 commission for one signing does sound phenomenal and the prizes aren’t too bad either.

    1. Hi Abbas, I see you are from Cape Town. How very nice 🙂 Guess where I am typing from right now? Although I am residing in the UK I am typing from Cape Town, Brackenfell right now as all my family lives here. 🙂

      Abbas, as I already mentioned in the article, you will do yourself a massive favour to become a GrooveFunnels affiliate, even if it is just as a 100% FREE GrooveFunnels member at first. This is honestly an amazing business opportunity.

      I am glad to hear that you are considering to join as a GrooveFunnels Creator+ member. If/when you get on board with GrooveFunnels we can work together in generating commissions via GrooveFunnels. I currently have an email list of Groove subscribers whom I provide with regular tips/ideas on how to market GrooveFunnels effectively as it is of course also in my best interest, due to second tier affiliate commissions.

      I wish you the very best of success with your online business and I am looking forward to seeing you on board as a GrooveFunnels member and affiliate 🙂

  2. What you promote is appealing indeed and especially the way you do it – a very professional one, Schalk. BUT not everyone has easy access to something like this. I am a teacher at a local middle school, but to afford such an investment I’d probably need to relocate in some other country. No chance to try it out while living in my country. However, taking into consideration that I went to an internationally recognised University, I’ll probably relocate one day. “Never say never”, right?


    Ana Maria.

    1. Ana Maria

      I think you missed the part where I mentioned that you can become a FREE Lifetime GrooveFunnels member. You do not have to invest any money in GrooveFunnels in order to promote it. Yes you will only earn 20% commission. But what is 20% commission on a $2497 sale? It is basically $500. I am perfectly convinced that $500 in Romania is a massive amount of money and that is what you will earn for recommending only one GrooveFunnels lifetime member. How exciting is that?

      If you are doing an excellent job promoting GrooveFunnels then the commissions you earn as a Free GrooveFunnels affiliate can eventually pay for your GrooveFunnels Lifetime membership and then you can earn a cool 40% commission per sale (double) plus 10% commission on all the sales that those that signed up to Groove under you earns.

      Here is something important to keep in mind. $500 in the UK is nothing. Things are super expensive here. You consider a country like South Africa and $500 is worth a boat load more in South Arfrica than in the UK and I got a suspicion that even a lot more so in Romania.

      So what I am saying is that if you live in the UK you need to earn a heck of a lot more money online in order to go online full-time than someone that lives in Romania. Think about how much you earn right now and how much you need to earn online to replace your current income? Can you see that in some ways it is actually a lot easier for you to replace your full-time income with online income and have an awesome lifestyle in Romania.

      If I was in your situation I would not have even thought twice to jump on the bandwagon because replacing your full-time income online is a lot more viable in a much quicker timespan than it is realistically for me living in the UK.

      Let that sink in 🙂

      Hope to see you join the Groove family soon as a Free Lifetime GrooveFunnels member and looking forward to seeing you eventually save up enough to afford the Lifetime and then really cracking the code in going online full-time where you do not have to rely on the Romanian government to pay you a salary.

      Exciting times!
      Best wishes!

  3. Brilliant article on Groovefunnels, Schalk. I am an affiliate marketer and will definitely jump at the opportunity to make money online. So, at the moment, I have tried Clickfunnels, and right now I am using They both have awesome affiliate programs.

    The difference with the software as I gathered from your article is that with Groovefunnels, one can still earn the free membership package. That is an attractive feature. I know that with Clickfunnels you have to be on their paid packages, and with, the commission is lower on the free plan.

    Of course, Lifetime Groovefunnels is a fantastic affiliate marketing opportunity. To make 1k awesome. I am actually going to check out their webinar and make a decision.
    Top stuff.
    Loved the article

  4. Hi Schalk and thank you for this extensive article.
    It is amazing to read about the GooveFunnels affiliate program and its earning potential.
    It is here to confirm the earning potential of affiliate marketing and of a product the affiliate marketer truly believes in.

    I also liked your association with Canva Pro account when you argue that the free account for GrooveDesigner Pro.
    I fully get your point with that. I also see how much value I can get from Canva free account, up to the point the Canva Pro is just not necessary for me personally. I guess the same could be said about GrooveDesigner.

    Thanks again for this article,

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