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The aim of this article is to do a thorough webinar software comparison that will hopefully help you decide on the best webinar software that suits your budget and requirements. As amazing and valuable as webinar software platforms may be for your online business, the fact is that webinar platforms that is worth utilising for your online business usually does not come cheap, and as it is an important buying decision, it should be an informed decision based on sound research. However, before delving into the webinar software comparison, it is important to first understand the need for webinars.

Why Webinars In The First Place?

Video is an amazing way to interact with your audience and the reason why YouTube is so incredibly popular. Webinars takes it one step further as during webinars you have the ability to communicate live with your audience which is not the case with someone simply watching a YouTube video.

During a webinar your audience is able to ask questions right there and then which makes it a very interactive experience. This is another reason why Facebook Live, Instagram Live  etc. is so incredibly popular at the moment as you are able to interact with your audience right there and then. However, Facebook Live and Instagram Live is very limited in regards to how you can interact with your audience, whereas a webinar platform have so much more interactive tools that allow you to interact with your audience.

Besides the popularity of webinars before the pandemic, it is also a fact that webinars have replaced in-person events and seminars during the Covid pandemic. According to Global Webinar Statistics, nearly 75% of businesses depend on webinars to generate leads when it comes to B2B. For B2C, the number is somewhere between 70% to 77%.

People are creatures of habit and even if the Covid pandemic comes to an end I do believe that the pandemic changed the way in which business will be conducted in the future. A lot of businesses realised that business can be conducted online and therefore a lot of money can be saved when considering renting a physical business space. Webinars also became very popular for teaching students online due to the fact that schools were shut.

Saying this, we need to make a clear distinction between webinar platforms like Zoom and Webinarjam for example, as although Zoom is great for general face to face meetings, it is not the kind of webinar platform with the infrastructure and versatility for doing online business.

Webinar Software Comparison

Webinars Are Incredibly Versatile

Live webinars have so many aspects to it which makes it an incredibly versatile and powerful tool. You can use videos from YouTube or from your computer within your presentation, it allows for powerpoint presentations to be utilised within your webinar, a whiteboard for illustrations to your viewers on the fly, able to share website links with your audience there and then etc. This makes webinars an incredibly powerful tool for teaching, training and selling.

Webinars Generate An Insane Amount Of Money

Have you ever considered how much money is generated during a well put together webinar promoting the right types of products? Well we are talking about tens of thousands of dollars. Yes thats right, tens of thousands of dollars generated in one single webinar and the reason why some will be willing to pay up to $4000 for professionals to put together a professional webinar presentation for them, if they feel that they are not able to do so, or simply do not want to spend the time in doing so.

I am not sure if there are more expensive done for you webinar packages out there, but the most expensive I have seen used to be a $4000 investment for the Guru Package inside of the Webinarjam membership platform. Yes, you heard me right, $4000 for setting up one professional done for you webinar, utilising the Webinarjam platform.

I don’t believe they are offering these done for you packages anymore, but when they were still offering it they were boasting this rhetorical question: “Imagine if your first webinar is to convert in the 5-figure range?”. The 5-figure range sounds to me like a very bold statement, but even if it is an exaggeration (which it probably is not), the fact remains that marketers generate an insane amount of money through the utilisation of webinars. The kicker is that I don’t believe they would have offered these packages if no one was buying it.

Webinar Platform Purpose

Just to be clear, there are of course many different types of webinar platforms out there. Some webinar platforms are best suited for conferencing whereas other webinar platforms are more suited to selling. The best webinar platforms I am focusing on here is those best suited for selling as this is ultimately the purpose of Product Spotlight – to teach and recommend the best ways/tools for building a successful online marketing business.

What To Look For In A Webinar Software?

Is it fulfilling your requirements?
How satisfied are you with the audio and video quality?
How many participants can join your webinar?
Price point?
Does it have the built-in features you need for doing online business?
Does it offer automated and on-demand webinar capability?
How complicated are the plugins for the attendees?
How cranky are downloads and extensions?

Before proceeding with more information on my list of best recommended webinar platforms and their pros and cons, here are the best ones I picked.

Webinar SoftwareTop FeaturesMy Rating & Special Link
Webinarjam logo⦿ 14-day trial at $1
⦿ High quality platform
⦿ 500 participants allowed with basic package
⦿ Can accommodate up to 5000 participants
webinarjam star rating
EverWebinar Logo⦿ automated webinars
⦿ converts previous live events to evergreen
⦿ easy integration with stats, chats and videos
Everwebinar Star Rating
livestorm logo⦿ Run live, on-demand, or automated webinars
⦿ 14-days free trial
⦿ Accessible from any device
Livestorm star rating
Getresponse Logo⦿ customisation of webinar URL
⦿ Set up autoresponders
⦿ Tracks conversions with detailed statistics
⦿ Complete marketing solution
Getresponse star rating


Webinarjam logo

There is a reason why Webinarjam is the webinar platform of choice for more than 50 000 businesses across 40 different industries. How many times have you seen a YouTube ad pop up where you get invited to join a webinar? Many a time I am sure, and 90% of the time when you decided to join the webinar, what webinar software was used? Yes, you got it, Webinarjam. Webinarjam is certainly by far the most popular webinar software utilised today.

One of the best features of Webinarjam is that it can accommodate up to 5000 live attendees which is one of the most I have seen with any quality webinar platform custom built for the purpose of selling, especially at that price point. It’s closest competitor, Livestorm, can only accommodate up to 3000 live attendees and that is only available on a custom plan, so you can just imagine the price point. This makes Webinarjam the clear winner when it comes to value for money.

One other outstanding feature of Webinarjam is it’s ability to convert your webinars into full-fledged money-making events with live offer displays.

Webinarjam Highlighted Features

Reach Up To 5000 People In A Single Presentation Without Breaking The Bank
All Devices In HD Glory
Live Chat + Q & A In Real Time
Automated Recordings
Flexible Scheduling
Attendee Spotlight
Stream From Anywhere
Page Builder
Full Email And SMS System
Active Offers
Panic Button
Polls And Surveys
Easy Presentations
Browser-Based Solution
Share Files With Your Peers And Attendees
Drawing Board
Video Injections
One-Click Registration
Automated Integrations
Control Panel
Free or Paid Options
Password-Protected Rooms

Pricing: $39/month to $379/month

Remember: 14 Day Trial at $1 Option Available


EverWebinar Logo

If you are looking for a sales driven evergreen webinar solution, then look no further than Everwebinar. Although live webinars are amazing, you can only be in one place at a time and how many live webinars can you really do in a week? But what if there was a way that you can schedule an unlimited amount of pre-recorded webinars that simulates live webinars so closely that your attendees will not even realise that it is not a live webinar?

With Everwebinar this is indeed possible and that is why Everwebinar is an absolute sales machine which integrates perfectly with Webinarjam. Everwebinar is incredibly flexible, not only does it integrate with pre-recorded webinars, but you can load any YouTube video or video stored on your computer into the Everwebinar system.

Everwebinar Highlighted Features

All Devices In HD Glory
Flexible Scheduling
On-Demand Webinars
Browser-Based Solution
From Live To Evergreen In A Single Click
Live Chat
Live Chat Simulator
Polls And Surveys
Easy Split Testing
Active Offers
Full Email And SMS System
Dynamic Attendance
Gorgeous Point And Click Landing Pages
Automated Integrations

Pricing: $34/month to $99/month

Remember: 14 Day Trial At $1 Option Available


livestorm logo

Livestorm is considered by many to be one of the best webinar softwares out there and is certainly worth your consideration. If you are looking for free webinar software that lets you run unlimited webinars, you should try out Livestorm. They offer a free plan but it comes with quite a number of limitations. Only 10 people will be able to attend your webinars and your webinars can be no longer than 20 minutes. There can be 4 participants/hosts per meeting.

Considering the limitations of the free plan, it will probably not be of much use besides having the opportunity to check out Livestorm for free and to see if it meets your requirements before making the decision to upgrade.

You can use Livestorm for on-demand, live or pre-recorded online events. Livestorm’s modern, intuitive platform lets you host professional events from your desktop or mobile. You can choose from a host of features to create registration pages, send emails, chat with your audience, launch polls, answer questions, or track engagement – all in one place. The premium account entitles you to up to a 1000 live attendees and a custom plan is also possible that will entitle you to up to 3000 live attendees.

Livestorm Star Rating

Livestorm Highlighted Features

Join The Webinar In Any Browser With One Click
Full Suite Of Webinar Types Such As Live, On-Demand, And Pre-Recorded
Screensharing Capabilities
Interactive Live Chat, Polls, And Q&A Within The Webinar
Excellent Analytics And Reporting Capabilities

Pricing: Free To $307/pm. Custom Plans + Pricing Also Available.

Getresponse Image


Getresponse Logo

Getresponse is an email marketing platform by trade, but it also comes with decent webinar features at a very affordable price. In fact, it seems that Getresponse has the aim to become an all-around marketing solution as they also offer landing pages, conversion funnels, a website builder, marketing automation as well as a live chat feature. So if you are looking for an all-around marketing solution that includes webinar capability, then Getresponse is certainly worth your consideration, despite the fact that the webinar capablity of Getresponse is not quite up there as yet with some of the more specialist webinar marketing tools like Webinarjam, Livestorm etc.

Getresponse Webinar Platform Highligthed Features

Getresponse Image 2


The pricing of Getresponse is an interesting one as each package includes multiple features for example email marketing, conversion funnels, landing pages, a website builder, live chat etc. on top of gaining access to the Getresponse webinar platform. So when you consider the price you need to keep in mind that you are paying for a lot more than just a webinar platform. Despite all of these features included, you may be surprised that Getresponse still comes out to be cheaper than many of the specialised webinar solutions like Webinarjam, Livestorm etc. mentioned above.

So despite Getresponse not being at the top of my list of recommendations when it comes to choosing the best webinar software out there, the webinar platform provided by Getresponse is certainly decent and considering Getresponse being a top notch email marketing solution, Getresponse is certainly worth checking out, also when considering a webinar software solution.

The cheapest package on Getresponse that includes access to the webinar platform costs $35 per month and includes marketing automation, webinars with 3 team members, contact scoring and tagging, advanced segmentation, access to 5 sales funnels and a contact list of up to a 1000. This is however if you pay for 24 months in advance. If you pay annually it is a little bit more expensive and if you pay monthly yet a little bit more expensive. The price point mentioned however is for a contact list of up to a 1000 subscribers. Once you up the amount of subscribers you can have on your contact list, the price will also significantly increase. Please note that of course the price is subject to change. The price provided was at the time of writing this article.


You have probably seen some posts out there that compares the best webinar softwares with a title like “23 Best Webinar Platforms in 2022”. Now although there is probably nothing wrong with a post like that, in my mind it certainly does not help the reader that is trying to make a decision on the best webinar software to buy, to come to a decision.

For this reason I decided to point out to you what I believe to be some of the best webinar software solutions keeping in mind the features, quality, support and of course the price. Also, as I already mentioned under the heading: “Webinar Platform Purpose” , there are of course many different types of webinar platforms out there. Some webinar platforms are best suited for conferencing whereas other webinar platforms are more suited to selling. The best webinar platforms I focused on in this article are those best suited for selling, as this is ultimately the purpose of Product Spotlight – to teach and recommend the best ways/tools for building a successful online marketing business.

Are you using any of the webinar platforms I recommended here? If so, I would like to hear your opinion on your experience with these webinar platforms. If you enjoyed this article or found this article helpful, then please let me know in the comments section. Should you have any questions, opinions or other recommendations, then you are also more than welcome to let me know. Wishing you the very best of success with your webinar marketing endeavours. Looking forward to hearing your webinar success testimonials 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Webinar Software Comparison – The Best Webinar Software Revealed”

  1. Hello,
    Thanks for the great article about webinar software options. Being a newbie (only 7 months in the business), I have a lot to learn. I love how clearly you write to explain the different webinar software. I like the option of having webinars set to on-demand! I had no real knowledge of how easy it would be to be able to do this but have taken many webinars in my career. This is definitely something I will give some thought to as I progress in my skills. I appreciate you sharing great information with us so that we can make an intelligent choice when the time comes.


    1. If you know how to capitalise on webinars then your online success will move in a whole new direction. The amount of money people make with webinar software is quite incredible and the reason why many entrepreneurs do not think twice to invest in webinar software, despite it often being quite pricey. I wish you the very best of success with your online business.

  2. Hey, I had never deeply learned webinars until today. As you mentioned in your article, we have all in one way or another come across a YouTube ad that took us to join a Webinar.
    By the way, I had no idea GetResponse had a Webinar feature. I have always used it only for my email marketing campaigns.

    Anyway, I have always wanted to have a Webinar. I am currently creating a course and I think Webinarjam sounds nice to get started with. However, do they have training modules that show how to use the features?

    1. Hi Warren, WebinarJam indeed have training modules, so they provide you with all the training you need in order to utilise WebinarJam or EverWebinar.

  3. In terms of webinars, this article has been extremely informative and beneficial. I liked how each product feature was listed and related to how it helps with sales and marketing. It aids in making the right decision when it comes to selecting the right webinar platform because it includes the price factor so that one can choose based on their budget. The next step is for one to try to strike the right balance between price and product features.

    However, I have a question. You stated in this article that “Everwebinar is an absolute sales machine that integrates perfectly with Webinarjam.” Does this mean that they come as a package or that when you buy one, you get the other?

    Another question I have is whether these are the only webinar platforms on the market that can be used for sales marketing, or if they are only the top four products on the market.

    1. Hi Femi
      WebinarJam and EverWebinar are separate purchases but integrates perfectly with one another. In regards to your second question, I am perfectly sure that there are other webinar platforms out there that are also good for sales marketing. The ones I selected I do however to believe to be top options.

  4. Hi Schalk,
    I had no idea how many different webinar software were available. I personally would not even know where to begin to put together a webinar. And at $4,000 for a DFY webinar, well that would be out of the question as well. I have attended a few webinars, and I have no doubt they are making a killing when they are selling their products. But, they also have a very persuasive language and presentations that have you ready to buy long before the end. In fact I have been seduced into buying products at seminars, so they do work!
    I didn’t know that GetResponse offered webinar software, that is interesting. Does GetResponse allow you to pay monthly, or do you have to get their annual plan? Thank you for bringing all these webinar choices together for everyone to compare.

    1. Hi Chas. You can pay monthly for GetResponse. No need to pay yearly. Russell Brunson is actually a master in writing persuasive webinar scripts and he actually has a book on this. It is called, The Perfect Webinar Script.

  5. Hello Schalk,
    Your article here on Webinar platforms is very informative and you have a very engaging way of explaining their features. I’ve always known that webinars make a lot of money when attending them myself. When my skills are at a point to where I feel confident about performing a webinar, I now know where to find the best products. Thank you for doing the research and laying it out so almost anyone can understand what you could be getting yourself into as far as cost and profit.
    Your site is terrific by the way. I really like the way you have designed it.

    1. Many thanks, Maylynn for your very kind words of encouragement. Wishing you the very best of success with your online business!

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