How To Sell On Amazon

I am certain you have heard about your everyday Joe that makes an absolute killing selling on Amazon via the FBA (Fullfilment By Amazon) model, but many people just do not know “How To Sell On Amazon” and find the whole process quite intimidating and complicated, especially with Amazon’s rules and regulations that can be quite stringent. This is why I certainly do not recommend that you embark on this journey without investing in a proper Amazon FBA course that can take you through all the necessary steps, tips and guidance on how to be super successful selling on Amazon.

In this article I will try my absolute best to provide as much guidance as I possibly can but of course unless I am going to write an actual book here it will not come close to the detail that you will find in a full-fledged top quality Amazon FBA course. Two top-notch Amazon FBA courses that comes highly recommended is “The Amazing Selling Machine” and “Six Figure Mentors”.

Although I mentioned that Amazon have quite stringent rules, once things are setup on Amazon accordingly it is actually one of the easiest and most user-friendly business models out there that pretty much runs on autopilot and no other business model will allow you to so easily and quickly expand globally and neither will you find better shipping rates, storage fees or better customer service or even next day delivery.

My hope is that after reading this article on “How To Sell On Amazon” that you will have a very clear picture in your mind regarding the pitfalls to look out for when it comes to selling on Amazon and that you will be well on your way in regards to what it takes to become a super successful seller on Amazon.

Amazon Business Plan

Why Should I Consider Selling On Amazon?

There are several reasons why I think you should consider selling on Amazon and one of the biggest reasons is the trust that is associated with the Amazon brand. Would you rather buy from a website/online store that you have never heard of, or from Amazon? Well although you may not completely rule out the competitor website, if Amazon is offering the same product/s at a competitive price then you are surely more likely to buy from Amazon due to their no questions money back guarantee, their next day delivery and their top notch customer service.

Further to this Amazon has a tremendous amount of website traffic with the option for you to pay for Amazon advertising too (in addition to Google ads, YouTube ads, Meta ads etc.) and on top of this Amazon is a top notch e-commerce platform that allows you to sell your own branded private labelled products, which entitles you to easily build a million dollar+ brand.

More advantages to consider is that you do not need your own warehouse, you do not have any employees to pay (unless your business becomes massive), Amazon is handling the shipping at the best possible shipping prices you will ever see due to their massive contract with UPS and 5 star customer service delivered by Amazon to your customers.

Amazon Automation

One of the biggest advantages I personally think to consider selling on Amazon is the automation of the Amazon FBA model. Amazon does absolutely everything for you on autopilot, all that you have to concern yourself with is to make sure that you have enough stock of your products held in Amazon’s warehouse and secondly you need to concentrate on marketing your business. That is it.

With many other e-commerce business models the lack of automation is usually where the big problem lies. Many people that want to start a part-time e-commerce business falls down at the hurdle of lack of automation, as when you are at work (your full-time job) you cannot be dealing with sending out customer orders and having to manually deal with customer orders can also be very time consuming. Yes, I am aware that automated e-commerce systems exist, but either it is not close to as effective as Amazon or it usually comes with a very steep price tag. Hint: Go and check how much it will cost you to run a fully automated e-commerce store via Shopify.

Amazon FBA

International Business Expansion With Amazon

Yet another massive advantage of Amazon is in how easy it is to expand your business internationally as Amazon has warehouses across the globe and it is not difficult for Amazon to ship your stock to any of their international warehouses. You will also be happy to know that it only costs you around £25 per month to sell on Amazon via your Amazon sellers account. Do remember that for each additional Amazon sellers account you require, you will have to pay an additional £25 per month.

So let’s say for example you wish to sell in the USA but also in Europe then you would have to create a USA Amazon sellers account and also a European Amazon sellers account. Paying £50 per month to be able to sell in the whole of the USA and the whole of Europe is certainly a bargain, won’t you say? Please note that of course the Amazon seller account price is subject to change, but at the time of writing the cost was around £25 per sellers account.

Yes, I can already hear you say but what about the fulfilment fee and storage fee that Amazon charge on top of the £25 you pay per month? Yes of course you cannot expect to have 100% free storage and 100% free fulfilment, but I can assure you that Amazon is as reasonable as it gets and all-in-all a very lucrative way of running an online business that involves the selling of physical products online.

The fulfilment fee is a flat fee per unit, based on the product type, dimension and weight and the storage fee is charged per cubic foot per month. For this reason (although not a one shoe fits all situation) you are ideally looking for high priced items that are reasonably light and does not take up a lot of space. One such example may possibly be the selling of supplements or perhaps the selling of beauty products.

Business Expansion From Online shop To Physical Store To Wholesaler

Seeing that Amazon is the biggest online retailer in the world, if you are able to become a super successful seller on Amazon you will be seen as an authority and a big brand in the eyes of the public and this in itself will open up massive opportunities for you in the marketing world. Many successful Amazon sellers has progressed to opening up physical stores and even progressed to that point where they provide their private labelled products to wholesalers.

As a side note, do remember that many successful Amazon sellers do not only rely on Amazon itself but they of course also have a very professional looking business/company website through which sales are driven directly. Amazon then pretty much becomes an additional sales platform utilised by the business in a very powerful way. Alternatively business owners may have direct links from their business website that navigates directly to Amazon where the products can be purchased.

The key message I am trying to drive home here is that your humble beginnings on Amazon can very easily turn into an international business with expansion possibilities beyond your wildest expectations, if you play your cards correctly.

Business Brand

The Significance Of Private Labelling

What Is Private Labelling?

Private labelling is the most lucrative way of selling products on Amazon that enables you to truly build the value of your brand. Simply put you decide on what products you would like to sell on Amazon, you go to Google and start searching for Private Label Manufacturers. Say we for example want to sell supplements on Amazon then I will do a Google search for “Supplement Private Label Manufacturers” and you will be sure to get some awesome results.

Choose your reputable private label manufacturer, buy your supplement/s of choice in bulk from a catalogue and send your designed private label that represents your brand to the private labelling manufacturer. Next step they put your private label on the supplement bottles, package it and send it to Amazon’s warehouse ready for you to sell.

Why Private Labelling?

Private labelling entitles you to build a real sustainable and scalable business that can also be delegated. You are building a brand with the potential to expand to physical stores and even progress to that point where you can potentially provide your branded private labelled products to wholesalers and in doing so start building an international presence.

Just consider for a moment that you had an e-commerce shop simply selling other people’s branded products for profit. Where is that going to lead? You will never be able to progress to opening physical stores, to sell wholesale or to have a real international presence and neither will you have a valuable brand that you can potentially sell for millions of dollars.

This is exactly why private labelling is the most lucrative business model when it comes to selling on Amazon and certainly the business model I recommend you follow, should you decide to start selling on Amazon.

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Building A Customer List Via Amazon

Yet another advantage of selling on Amazon that I would like to point out is the ability for you to build your customer list via Amazon. When you log into your Amazon sellers account you will be able to see all of the details of all of your customers that made a purchase via Amazon.

As you will also have access to the telephone numbers of your customers, nothing stops you from even picking up the phone to call customers to thank them for their custom and ask them if they are happy with their purchase and if they found your customer service satisfactory. This is what I used to do in order to try get 5 star review feedback from customers, coz let us face it, what company makes the effort to pick up the phone to call their customers?

This is exactly why I did it, because I know that no one else will take the time to do so and in order to stand out from the crowd you need to do whatever it takes in the beginning and overdeliver if you have to.

Please note: Amazon do have strict policies however that needs to be adhered to when contacting customers and understandably so. The fact that you have your customer’s email address and telephone number does not mean that you can now start abusing it and continue to relentlessly target them with promotional offers.

Allow Amazon Associates To Generate Sales And Build Your Business Brand

The last but certainly not the least advantage of selling on Amazon that I would like to point out at this point in time is the ability to leverage Amazon Associates to generate sales for you and to build your business brand.

I am sure that most people are aware that you can become an affiliate for Amazon selling any products that are listed on Amazon for a commission and this is no different with your products, as it is listed and available on Amazon. Affiliates can be a very powerful weapon in your arsenal when it comes to the promotion and the building of your business empire.

Amazon Associates

What To Sell On Amazon Considerations

Now that you are aware of many of the pros of selling on Amazon, we also now need to consider the cons and the pitfalls. Previously I mentioned that due to supplements and beauty products being relatively high priced items that are quite light in general and do not take up much space, these can be the ideal products to sell with quite big profit margins.

However, this very fact has also led to beauty products and supplements being incredibly competitive and for this reason you have to have deep pockets (have a lot of money available for advertising) in order to compete when it comes to the marketing of these kind of products on Amazon. A further complication with these kind of health related products are that Amazon has very stringent rules/criteria when it comes to the selling of health related products. Amazon will for this reason require you to provide the manufacturer of the products with proof of certified product ingredients as well as verification that the manufacturer is routinely subject to e.g. an FDA inspection.

The last thing you want to get yourself involved in is possible lawsuits, so do consider whether health related products are something worth considering when choosing a niche.

Another very important consideration is whether you are going to sell evergreen products, products that are trending right now or seasonal products. Also will you be selling a need or will you be selling a want?

Evergreen VS Trends VS Seasonal

An example of selling a need are companies that are in the business of selling food, toilet paper etc. for which there will always be a demand. This is very different to a want that is being sold which is not necessarily essential like for example a company that sells jewellery. Then again although jewellery is more a want than a need it is certainly always high in demand due to people constantly getting engaged, married etc. so if you are in that kind of niche then there will certainly always be a demand for these kind of products despite it being a want, rather than an essential need. These kind of products can be classified as evergreen products as there will always be a demand for these kind of products.

An example of seasonal products are when you target special occasions like Valentine’s day or perhaps Christmas and although there are certainly a lot of money to be made during these seasonal celebrations, it is certainly not evergreen and massive losses can be made if you end up with bought stock that did not sell during this period of time, unless you keep this stock (non-spoilable goods only) for the following year. When trying to capitalise on selling seasonal products you will therefore pretty much always have to incorporate this alongside evergreen products you are already selling.

The last category to consider is trending products that are popular right now and will be for a season, until a new competitor product comes on the market that can make the product you are currently selling a lot less trendy or even obsolete, if you are not careful. Let me give you a very practical example from my own personal experience.

Trends pitfall explained from a personal experience

Around 2013 a very good friend of mine introduced me to the Amazon FBA model and he also introduced me to “The Amazing Selling Machine Course” which is still today the most popular Amazon FBA Course out there in the marketing space and for very good reason.

So as I was absolutely devouring “The Amazing Selling Machine Course” finding it all so super interesting and exciting, I of course had conversations with this good friend of mine in which direction he is going and in which direction he thinks I should be going. He told me that the weight loss industry is a trillion dollar industry and that this is certainly the niche he is going for.

He told me what you should be doing is to watch “Dr OZ” and see what products he is recommending on television and then straight away see if I can find private labelling manufacturers to manufacture these products/supplements for me and get it out on Amazon asap and I will make an absolute killing due to the fact that The Dr Oz show has millions of viewers, so this is like having a massive free advertising campaign by a trusted doctor, the so called, Oprah Winfrey’s doctor.

Just around this time Dr Oz had a program on Garcinia Cambogia and was going on about how miraculous it is as a weight loss supplement. However some months ago he also featured Green Coffee Bean Extract and was also going on about how wonderful Green Coffee Bean Extract is as a weight loss product, but although it was perhaps not explicitly mentioned, from what I could gather Garcinia Cambogia pretty much trumps Green Coffee Bean Extract as a recommended weight loss product.

Stupid me decided that I do not want to be direct competition for my friend that introduced me to the Amazon FBA model and I decided to market Green Coffee Bean Extract instead of Garcinia Cambogia which my friend decided upon. My decision was also based on the fact that Green Coffee Bean Extract was still trending at the time according to Google Trends, but what I did not keep into consideration is that it will probably take around six months or so for your online business to really start getting traction in the eyes of Google, so you should not only keep in mind what the current trend is looking like right now, but also try to predict if this product will still be trending six months from now and beyond.

So yes, you guessed it. My friend went on to make an absolute killing, whereas I was now sitting with a much less trendy product which was not doing me any favours. Now after all that effort launching the product, all the advertising you paid for etc. and all the stock you bought and now you find yourself in a position where you have to have a shed load of money available to launch a brand new product that is actually trending right now.

So do learn from my mistakes. Do not make silly decisions based on – oh but I do not want to be direct competition for my friend and nonsense like that. Business is business and if I was thinking clearly about it, how many others were not direct competition to my friend already anyways selling the exact same type of supplements than he was.

The moral of the story is if you decide to sell trending products instead of evergreen products for example you need to do your market research very well in terms of competition and also in terms of how long you predict the product/s will continue to be popular/trending.

The amazing selling machine
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Passion + Trust + A Product You Personally Believe In

Another very important pitfall to avoid is: “Do not sell a product that you are not passionate about and that you personally do not believe in just because it looks like a profitable niche to invest in”.

This is exactly what happened to me. Yes the weight loss industry may be a trillion dollar industry, but let us be very honest. Has any weight loss supplements ever worked for anyone? I overheard someone once gave the perfect answer to this question. He mentioned that he tried every possible weight loss product on the market with no real noticeable results, but he mentioned that when he went to prison for some time, at the time of his release he was as thin as a rake. So the moral of the story is you simply need to watch what you eat and how much you eat. A weight loss supplement is not going to perform miracles. The change in your diet and lifestyle will.

My recommendation therefore is, if you are going to decide on a niche then make sure that you yourself personally believe in the products you are selling, ideally personally using the products you are selling. Sell something that you are proud and passionate about as without passion you are definitely not going to be able to establish a million dollar+ brand or maybe through a lot of hard work you can, but it will not be a good experience for you or your conned customer base.

How To Sell On Amazon – 5 Core Strategies

When considering how to sell on Amazon there are 5 core strategies which you always need to keep in mind, namely:

  1. Sell Your Own Products
  2. Differentiate Your Products
  3. Focus On A Limited Number Of Products
  4. Do More Than Your Competition
  5. Automate As Much As Possible

I think most of the above points are self-explanatory and I already covered most of them in this article. I will however comment on what I mean by point number 2. You need to understand that the way private labelling companies are making their money is obviously by providing their products in bulk to sellers on Amazon like you and me, and yes the competition is real.

You want to therefore make sure that you differentiate your products and aim not to use the same kind of images or copy in your product description that your competitors are using. So point number 2 pretty much links up with point number 4 that you need to do more than your competition to make sure that your product listing stands out from the crowd.

This is also where the quality of the design of your logo, product label and business branding in general needs to stand out from the crowd as well as the 3D rendered images that you will utilise on Amazon.

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Selling On Amazon With Seller Central

In order to sell on Amazon you need to create an account at what is called Amazon Seller Central. This is the sellers account you will use to sell any type of physical products on Amazon. In order to create an account you can simply navigate to

Please note that the url provided above is for when you sign up to a USA Amazon sellers account. No matter what country you live in, my recommendation will be to always start selling in the USA and once super successful you can then expand to the selling of your products in Europe or any other country of your choice.

The reason why I personally believe that the USA is the best place to start is due to the USA being a massive market and is also of course a country with great wealth. The type of products you are selling can also of course be a defining factor. For example when I first started out on Amazon I was in the supplement niche and we all know that the USA is pretty much obsessed with fitness, bodybuilding etc. and therefore marketing supplements in the USA makes a whole lot of sense. Yes, we all know that there are a lot of fatties in the USA too that are much more interested in eating junk food than working out, but I am sure you get what I mean.

Matt Clark, the creator of “The Amazing Selling Machine” also makes it very clear that his students noted that their sales generated in other locations are a fraction of their sales generated in the USA.

My recommendation would be that you keep your Amazon sellers account separate from your personal Amazon account. In other words my suggestion is that you use a different email address to create your Amazon sellers account than your standard Amazon account you use to do your shopping with on Amazon. When you sign up make sure to choose “Sell Professionally” and no other.

Items Needed To Get Setup With Seller Central

  1. Email Address
  2. Bank Account
  3. Physical Address
  4. Seller Name
  5. Phone Number
  6. Credit Card
  7. Registered Business (Optional)
  8. Tax Identity Information

Steps For Those From Outside The USA

If you are from outside the USA you may have a problem with completing the “Bank Account” section as you will of course need a USA bank account. But there are of course steps you can follow to circumvent this problem.

Option A: Setup A USA Company

Option A is the absolute best option because it is the easiest way to receive money as well as the easiest way of setting up with suppliers and also in regards to legal protection. However, this is also the costliest option, but certainly worth the investment.

Option B: Check With Your Local Bank If They Can Set You Up With A USA Bank Account

Option B is actually the easiest option and it is certainly worth enquiring.

Option C: Use A Third Party Company Like Pioneer To Receive Payments

Option D: Sell On Local Country-Specific Amazon Websites

Option D is not an option that will enable you to sell in the USA, but it is of course an option to choose not to sell on the USA Amazon marketplace. However, this will not be my recommendation.

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The 7 Foolproof Qualities Of A Killer Amazon Opportunity

Considering these 7 qualities will help you to identify the perfect products to sell on Amazon.

1.Bestseller Ranking Of Top-Ranked Product

Your very first indication determining the opportunity is to evaluate the bestseller ranking of that top-ranked product. If you found the product on Amazon through searching for a category or through a keyword, you should be looking at that top product and how well it is doing in its top level category. So say for example you are doing a search for protein powder, you are going to open up the top result you find for protein powder and then look at its top-ranked category ranking to see how well the product is performing.

Amazon Best Sellers Rank

2. Bestseller Ranking Of Similar Products

Follow the same steps as above and see how well similar products are doing in their top level categories.

3. Number Of Reviews Of A Primary Product

Reviews for well-selling products are usually naturally build over time, so the amount of reviews should give you a good indication whether the product in question is a good opportunity. Saying this, if you discover a relatively newly launched product that sells extremely well with a low number of reviews it may be a good indication of a great opportunity.

4. Number Of Reviews Of Similar Products

If the top ranked product has lots of reviews but other similar products does not have that many as yet then it may still be a very good opportunity for you to try rank in the number two or three spot that will still result in a lot of sales. However, if the next top 20 similar products all have loads of reviews then the competition may be too stiff for that particular product and you may want to look elsewhere.

5. Selling Price

The optimal selling price (sweet spot) in my opinion is between $9 – $40. Above that it may become a little bit expensive for you to buy inventory. If the selling price is below $9 then the shipping cost can really eat up all of your profit margins. This is of course once again not a one shoe fits all situation, but should be treated as a good general rule of thumb.

6. Private Label Potential

Can that product really be turned into your own product brand?

7. Profit Margin

You should aim for a 50% profit margin or more. I do not recommend you to be a low cost product on Amazon but I recommend you to be a premium priced product on Amazon.

Let me reveal to you something in this regard that you may find a bit surprising. People in general associate good quality products with premium prices and if they are looking for what they perceive to be the best quality they will be willing to pay premium prices. In some cases I guess it may depend what type of product it is we are talking about.

I know for one that if I am buying health related products like supplements for example I am definitely not going to buy the cheapest supplement on the market as psychologically I would just not believe it is in my best interest and in general it is true that you get what you pay for. Premium ingredients are expensive and for this reason it would make sense to the buyer that the top quality supplement/s should be sold at a premium price. The bottom line is that the cheapest price does not always win or perhaps I should say win a lot less than you may think/expect. Being the cheapest on Amazon therefore may actually not be in your best interest in terms of generating sales for this very reason.

Creating Excel Spreadsheet With Amazon Opportunities

The next step I recommend is that you use the criteria of “The 7 Foolproof Qualities Of A Killer Amazon Opportunity” to create a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to list and compare let’s say the top 15 possible Amazon opportunities. Your comparison should be in terms of price, keyword, bestseller ranking of the top product, ranking of similar products ranked second and third and then also a comparison of the amount of reviews for the top product and similar products ranked second and third. See the image (example) below. The final step is to now identify your three top Amazon opportunities before doing a search for possible suppliers.

Amazon Opportunities

How To Find Private Labelling Suppliers

I very briefly touched on this already but we are now going to dig a little bit deeper explaining exactly how you should be going about this process.

The Google Search Method

You can find 99% of suppliers by simply doing a Google search. There is no need to dig through (outdated) supplier directories or to attend any trade shows. You can save tons of time by simply learning a couple of Google search tricks.

Google Search Tricks For Finding Suppliers

Search For Exact Phrases

  • Put quotation marks around “keywords”
  • Will pull up sites with that EXACT phrase in it
  • Example: A search for “blue aluminium widgets” will exclude pages that refer to blue plastic widgets.

Use The 3 Main Supplier Search Phrases

  1. “product keyword” private label
  2. “product keyword” supplier
  3. “product keyword” wholesale

Exclude Sites That Clutter Up Results

  • Use to exclude a site from search results
  • Example Search: protein powder supplier
  • If you ONLY want local suppliers include this in your Google search:

Once you identified your suppliers you can now open a new tab in your Excel spreadsheet and ad the potential supplier names and websites to your top 3 amazon products that you identified earlier. Browsing through the website and catalogue of potential suppliers you will then soon be able to make an informed decision on exactly what product to choose to sell on Amazon and what supplier to buy from.

Some of the aspects you should consider is the profit margin, the size of the opportunity and the start-up cost when considering buying in bulk. What you will find is that private label suppliers have minimum quantities of stock that they require you to purchase and even this very fact when doing a comparison may very well be a deciding factor when choosing your supplier.

Choosing A Product And Brand Name

Now that you identified the product you will be selling on Amazon and you have identified your supplier it is time to choose a brand name as well as a product name. I recommend you only start out with selling ONE product on Amazon. There are several reasons for this which includes the fact that it is going to cost you some money for the creation of the product label of the product, the creation of your logo, the creation of 3D rendered images, money for the stock you will be buying and then of course also advertising costs in order to get traction.

There may also be costs involved in setting up your own professional branded website which you will use to promote your product on Amazon. So you definitely only want to concentrate on selling and promoting one product and once you are starting to generate good sales for this particular product then you can start thinking about moving on to the next product.

Do note that it is of course not necessary to start thinking about creating your own professional branded website straight away. You can of course start promoting your listed product/s on Amazon directly, but it is just natural that a lot of customers would like to ensure that you are a legitimate brand/company so this will of course help if you have a professional looking website. It also makes a whole lot of sense to publish your website address and website email on your product labels.

Choosing A Brand Name

When choosing a brand name do not waste too much time in trying to be perfect as you will have the ability to change your brand name on Amazon any time you want. Yes of course you do not want to be wasting time and money promoting a particular brand name and then when you decide to change it start the whole process all over again, but I just want to make you aware that it is not a total train smash should you decide to change your brand name along the way. This can be easily done in Amazon later on. Things of course start getting a bit more complicated once you buy a domain name for your professional business website or start printing your product labels.

Also do remember that the brand name is a lot less significant than the actual promotion and advertising that you will be doing for your product. I am sure you have heard of some very silly sounding brand names out there which sometimes makes you sit and wonder “How did this brand manage to become so popular with such a silly name like that?” and the answer to that question is that it pretty much all comes down to marketing/advertising, the quality of the products and the quality of the customer service.

Make sure that the .com domain is available before choosing your brand name. The .com domain is an authority domain and my suggestion is that you ensure that the .com domain is available before making your final decision on your brand name. It is also important that you do an Amazon and a trademark search. You obviously need to ensure that no one else has trademarked the brand name you have identified.

Choose A Product Name

Your product name is what will be showing up on your product label and packaging. Pick something simple that will resonate with your audience. Ideally include your main keyword/s in your product name. Once again do not try to be perfect. This is also something that can be easily changed down the road.

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Product Design And Packaging

Good quality product design and packaging is absolutely critical to the success of your Amazon business and is certainly not an area where you should compromise. Simply having better quality in terms of product design and packaging will ensure that customers would want to buy your products instead of that of your competition, even if you are priced a little bit higher.

It is also very much about repeat buyers and also all about perception. Once your buyer receives your product in the mail and they are pretty amazed at your product design and packaging, they may perceive it as a high quality product and they would easily buy from you again. A good example I can think of when it comes to repeat buyers is for a product like e.g. supplements.

How Do I Find Good Quality Designers?

There are three things that a designer will have to create for you. You will need a logo which includes your brand name, you will need a product label and you will also need 3D rendered images to upload to Amazon.

The information that needs to go on the product label should be provided to you by your supplier as they will have all the information in regards to the ingredients, if we are for example dealing with supplements. This information needs to be provided to the designer that will be designing your product label and you will of course also have to send the designer your logo, which includes your brand name.

It may be worth asking your supplier if they provide an in-house design service. If they do, then you may not even have to go through the trouble in finding a designer online. It may be a good idea however to ask for some examples of their previous work to ensure that the design service they offer testifies of great quality. If not, you may have to go through the trouble after all to find a good quality designer online.

This is of course not an extensive list but you can try to visit the following sites in search of good quality designers:


Of all of those listed above I would say that is probably the best one to choose. The reason for that is that your job offer goes out to 99 designers and I believe you can also choose the skill level of the designers but of course at an extra cost. You will receive 99 designs and you are then able to choose the best design from those 99 designs received. This ensures that you are most certainly going to end up with an awesome design, but 99 designs is likely to be a bit more pricey than the other options for this very reason.

Your First Product Inventory Order

I personally think the easiest way of going about this in the very beginning is to simply phone your supplier and build that relationship over the phone and enquire about placing your first inventory order and what the easiest way would be to pay for your inventory. If you are planning to start selling in the USA, as I recommended, and you live abroad I highly recommend you buy Skype credit as this will entitle you to make international phone calls super cheap.

For your first product inventory I recommend that you buy the minimum amount that your supplier will allow you to buy in order to minimise financial risk, especially if your inventory has an expiry date. If things start going very well in the future, then I will of course recommend you buy as much inventory wholesale as you can afford, as we all know the more you buy the cheaper the price becomes and the greater your profit margins. However, be careful not to try run before you learned to crawl. We all been there 🙂

In your conversation with your supplier ask them what their turnaround time is so that you know exactly how long in advance you should be buying stock to replenish your inventory to make sure you do not run out of stock to sell. Just in case you have not realised this as yet, of course if you are going to sell in the USA you are going to find yourself a manufacturer in the USA that can then ship your private labelled products directly to Amazon’s warehouse.

Amazon FBA – Automated Fulfilment System

Under the section “Why should I consider selling on Amazon?” I have briefly touched on the automation of Amazon already, but we will now dive a little bit deeper.

First I want to make it clear that you do not have to make use of Amazon FBA (fulfilment by Amazon) if you do not want to. You can sell on Amazon and still make use of your own fulfilment (delivery system). However the benefits of making use of Amazon FBA is absolutely massive.

You can literally see the difference when you are using your own fulfilment vs making use of Amazon FBA. As soon as you switch on FBA your products will just about instantly move up in ranking. The other huge benefit of Amazon FBA is of course automation. Amazon will take care of absolutely everything for you from delivery of your products to customer support. This frees up plenty of time so you can simply concentrate on the marketing of your business as well as zero logistical issues to worry about.

Amazon FBA

FBA Shipment Preparation

There are three things that you will have to do in preparation. First of all you will have to have a basic listing of your product setup on Amazon before you are able to generate the two packing slips (in PDF format) that is required by your supplier in order to ship your stock to Amazon. So the first thing you need to do is to setup a basic product listing on Amazon and the second thing you need to do is to generate the two packing slips.

The third thing you will have to do is to purchase a QR code (barcode) as the QR code also needs to be filled out when setting up your product on Amazon.

Setting up a basic product in Amazon is pretty self-explanatory and you only have to complete the vital information like Product Name, Manufacturer, UPC or EAN number, Condition, Your Price, Quantity and that is literally it for now. This will then entitle you to be able to generate the required packaging slips that your supplier will need to ship your stock to Amazon. In case you do not know what the UPS or EAN number refers to, that is simply the number of the barcode we spoke about in the previous paragraph.

Amazon Sales Copy + SEO

While you are waiting for your inventory to arrive at Amazon’s warehouse you now have time to optimise your Product Title, Product Description and to perfect your sales copy after you have done your relevant keyword research.

The Amazing Selling Machine Course goes into great detail in explaining the whole process of SEO optimisation, but it is not something that we will be exploring in this article as SEO optimisation in itself is a massive topic.

Images That Converts Shoppers To Buyers

You probably heard the expression before that says: “A picture speaks a thousand words”. Well this is certainly true when it comes to Amazon too. Your product images are critical to your success on Amazon.

Why Your Amazon Product Images Are Important

  • Draws Attention To Your Amazon Product
  • Makes People Want To Click On Your Product
  • Makes People Want To Buy Your Product (Conversion Rate)
  • Reduces Risk
  • Makes Product Real (Reduces Drawback Of Online Retail)

Amazon Product Image Specs

  • Images Available = 9
  • Main Image: Pure White Background (Amazon Requirement)
  • At Least 1000px On The Longest Side To Be Zoomable (Boosts Sales)
  • File Type: .jpg (preferred) , .png, .gif

Product Image Tips

  • Include Big Images (At Least A 1000 x 1000 Pixels)
  • Product Should Fill Majority Of White Space (Stands Out More)
  • Use Maximum Number Of Images (9) To Show Different Aspects Of Your Product
  • Crisp, Clear And Highest Quality Possible (photo or digital)

Especially when you are selling products like supplements it is very important that there is an image of the product label so the customer can see exactly what ingredients it contains.

Amazing Million Dollar Brand E-Book
In this E-Book Matt Clark reveals how to build a million dollar brand on Amazon and live life on your terms in just 12 months.

How Significant Are Amazon Reviews?

Amazon reviews are always a hurdle in the way of those that are just starting out selling on Amazon as without any reviews you are very unlikely to generate any sales and without any sales you are not going to get reviews and even if you do get some sales then we all know the percentage of people that choose to leave a review is certainly not that significant. Ask yourself the question. How many times have you bought from Amazon and how many times have you actually left a review after buying a product from Amazon? Exactly my point.

So how do you overcome this issue? Let me first start by telling you what not to do. Under no circumstances ever should you attempt to buy fake reviews. Amazon is way to clever for that and this will lead to the termination of your Amazon account.

Just to give you a little bit of history. Back in the day people solicited Amazon reviews in two ways. The first option would be to give your products away for free to family and friends, allow them to try the product for free and then ask them to leave a review on Amazon. When they did, it would show up as an unverified review, as verified reviews are classed as the type of Amazon reviews submitted only after the purchase of a product took place.

Due to this reason another strategy was born where sellers became clever and created 99% discount coupons for their Amazon product and then send that discount coupon to.a family member or friend and then get their friends and family to buy the products at virtually no cost at all, so when they leave a review it shows up as a verified purchase review.

The big issue here is that amazon reviews plays a very important role in the ranking of your product on Amazon, especially verified purchase reviews and for this reason a lot of people started to artificially manipulate their rankings through the solicitation of fake reviews. Basically the more people you could incentivise or the more people you knew the more reviews you could solicit and the higher your product would rank on Amazon.

This created a big problem for Amazon and also for Amazon customers as it became very difficult to distinguish between genuine reviews and fake reviews which really started to mess with the credibility of products sold on Amazon.

Amazon Reviews


In this article I believe I have now covered all the essentials in regards to how to sell on Amazon and the pitfalls to be aware of when selling on Amazon. Please note that this article just scratched the surface. I mentioned to you in the beginning of this article in order to cover everything in detail I will certainly have to write a book and even then it will probably not be as comprehensive as a full-fledged Amazon FBA course with the likes of “The Amazing Selling Machine” or “Six Figure Mentors”.

There are so much more to say and teach in terms of building a business empire on Amazon and the strategies involved in doing so for example the utilisation of press releases, the utilisation of Amazon ads, the creation of your own affiliate program, the mastering of other sources of traffic e.g. YouTube and the list goes on and on.

I will now conclude by very briefly explaining to you the main differences between my two top recommendations when it comes to choosing an Amazon FBA course that will teach you everything in great detail you need to know to build a super successful Amazon business.

Amazon Fulfilment Centre

The Amazing Selling Machine VS Six Figure Mentors

The Amazing Selling Machine

I first got introduced to The Amazing Selling Machine created by Matt Clark in 2013 (it has of course been updated since) and I can truly say that this has been one of the most comprehensive online training courses (in video format) that I have ever had the privilege to study. What was apparent to me from the very word go is that there is absolutely zero fluff in this training course.

The Amazing Selling Machine has been the most popular Amazon FBA Course from the very beginning and even today after all these years it is still the most popular Amazon course on the market and for very good reason. The reason is that this very training has produced hundreds of millionaires and those that became super rich beyond their wildest dreams.

In addition to the Amazon FBA course they also have a massive community where invaluable information and testimonials are shared. In this community you are able to ask any questions you like in regards to conducting business on Amazon.

The Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) Mentorship Program

On top of the ASM training course you are also offered access to ASM private mentorship. The mentors consist of highly successful Amazon sellers that guides you through building your store, answer all the questions you may have and provides you with advice on products, suppliers, marketing and store optimisation. The average ASM mentor achieved nearly $2 million in Amazon sales, so you know the information you receive are up to date information that has been battle tested.

The Amazing Selling Machine Private Community

This may be worth the price of the course alone as 99% of the obstacles you may face when building your Amazon store has already been solved/answered by someone else. This private community is one of the best in the industry. The ASM course creators calls this community “the ultimate collection of brainpower” in terms of Amazon FBA, and they are probably not that far off.

The greatest thing about the community is the inspiration and motivation you draw from the success others are experiencing on Amazon. If they can achieve it, then so can you.

ASM Conclusion

I will conclude by saying that the course really goes far beyond Amazon as it also teaches you how to build your brand outside of Amazon. The Amazing Selling Machine gets a 5 star plus in my opinion and I will highly recommend this course to family and friends all day long.

Please also note that The Amazing Selling Machine comes with a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

ASM On A Budget

There is the saying that you get what you pay for and for that reason it comes as no surprise that a top-notch quality Amazon FBA course like The Amazing Selling Machine sells for the price of $4997, but this is when private mentorship and the private community is included. It may sound like a big investment to some, but if you consider that this course has produced hundreds of millionaires, and that can include you, then $4997 is an absolute steal.

But what if you simply do not have the money and cannot even afford it on a payment plan? Well before I answer that question let me just mention to you that The Amazing Selling Machine sometimes do crazy deals. Right now for example on the 9th of June 2022 (the time of writing this article) they are doing a 40% discount on that price but not only that, they give you in addition $2000 for the purpose of buying inventory and for doing advertising. This is an absolutely insane deal. I almost can’t see what they get out of it by offering this offer. Do note though that these offers are usually very time sensitive and of short duration. For example this offer running right now is a 48 hour flash sale only.

But what if there is no flash sale available and I simply do not have the money? Well you will be delighted to know that The Amazing Selling Machine also offers a “light” version called ASM Foundations. With this product, you get the same video training in ASM without access to the Mentors and Private community, with a massive difference in price. ASM Foundations only cost $2497 and believe it or not but currently it is available for a mere $997 which is a reduction in price of 60%.

ASM Full Premium Course Can Be Accessed Here: Premium ASM Course

ASM Foundations Course Can Be Accessed Here: ASM Foundations

The amazing selling machine
The Amazing Selling Machine – Amazon FBA Course By Matt Clark

Six Figure Mentors

Six Figure Mentors is very interesting indeed as they do not only specialise in Amazon FBA as is the case with the Amazing Selling Machine. Once you sign up to Six Figure Mentors they actually call you, listen very carefully to your needs/requirements and then determine the best business model for you based on the conversation. Some of these business models include affiliate marketing, e-commerce, the selling of services, product creation, Amazon FBA etc.

So let us say you told them that you are interested in the Amazon FBA business model then the mentor will call you on a regular basis, give you objectives to achieve before the next phone call and they pretty much guarantee your success if you follow the steps that they have set out for you. The awesome thing about Six Figure Mentors is that they have their own development teams and distribution channels which they also give you access to.

So what I am saying is that you do not really have to go and look for any products/manufacturers, as whatever it is you want to sell, Six Figure Mentors will most likely be able to sort you out. Even if you have a unique product in mind that is not yet developed, then there is a chance that Six Figure Mentors can get their development team to create that product for you.

Please note that Six Figure Mentors has a 30 day money back guarantee but only on their ‘SFM All-In’ and ‘Mentors Grow’ memberships, but on their DEA products you only have a 3 day refund window.

Six Figure Mentors
Six Figure Mentors Amazon FBA Course


So I know the question that will arise is whether The Amazing Selling Machine or Six Figure Mentors is my top Amazon FBA recommended course. The Amazing Selling Machine is definitely my top recommended Amazon FBA course, but saying that, if you are going to consider bringing your own unique developed product to market to sell on Amazon then I will strongly consider Six Figure Mentors. The reason for this is that Six Figure Mentors has their own development team and they can possibly create any product for you that is not yet developed, within bounds.

The advantage of such would be that the Amazon marketplace can be quite competitive, so if you can develop a unique product that no one else sells then you will of course have no real competition. Identifying a need that is not met as yet through existing products and developing a product that is unique will probably not be easy, but it certainly can be done and has been done before and in a scenario like this, Six Figure Mentors may indeed be your best bet.

Do note that Six Figure Mentors have upsells for bespoke requirements like this (development of unique products) and depending on the upgrade/options you choose, it can be quite pricey.

I hope that you have found this article super helpful and inspiring. Hopefully this article was an eye opener to you in regards to the massive opportunity that you have to build your own brand and business empire on Amazon with the potential to easily expand internationally and to build your own million dollar+ brand. Should you have any questions, please feel free to leave your questions in the comments section below.

Income Disclaimer: Please note that there are of course no guarantees that you will be able to replicate the results as set out in this article and the article links provided. Although some income generating systems may lead to quicker results than others, no success was ever created without hard work and dedication. Saying that, it is of course true that some earn shed loads of money online and if others can do it of course you can too.

Affiliate Disclaimer: As an affiliate, commission on sales may be generated, however it will be at no extra cost to the buyer whatsoever. Additional bonuses may or may not be on offer to the buyer when doing so and in some cases the price paid through affiliate links may be lower than the price advertised by the vendor, due to exclusive special prices offered to affiliates by the vendor.

22 thoughts on “How To Sell On Amazon – The Complete Guide To Making A Fortune On Autopilot”

  1. Thank you for sharing this detailed information about Selling on Amazon. I am seller myself and I can honestly say your information here is a very good start for anyone looking into selling on Amazon. But also without a course or mentor you can easily get stuck and not see results that you need. You have to find the right coach especially someone who has been recommended by others. I eventually got myself a coach and it was brilliant. What you are sharing here is worth so much more, just saying:) Thank you again.

    1. Many thanks Angee for taking the time to read my article and for your very encouraging words. It is very inspiring to hear that you believe what I am sharing in this article is worth so much more than just conveying this information for free. Hopefully website visitors will find good quality articles like these immensely helpful and as a result they will return to visit my website on a regular basis.

  2. Thanks for the in-depth guide on how to sell on Amazon. It can sound really difficult at first, but your guide made it sound much simpler. If you were to pick one out of the two training programs you mentioned (Amazing Selling Machine and Six Figure Mentors), which would you go with. Which is the one more suited to someone serious about investing in this business model?

    1. Hi, John. This is a tough one. I think either of the courses will get you there and are good options for anyone that are serious to invest in the Amazon FBA model. However, if I personally have to choose one then I will choose the Amazing Selling Machine just because I have personal experience with it and I personally know what a solid course it is. The video instructions are so detailed taking you step-by-step by the hand and the course has no filler or fluff at all. Any other questions you may have can be answered in the community or reaching out directly or even reaching out to Amazon. On top of this you also have a private mentor to guide you every step of the way that can of course also answer any questions you may have.

      My brother has been a member of Six Figure Mentors and he told me all about it and mentioned that Six Figure Mentors have their own suppliers which they make available to you should you choose to go down the Amazon FBA route and that they call you on a regular basis to help you brainstorm and help you overcome any obstacles. They basically keep you accountable. Six Figure Mentors may be a very good option if you have the development of your own unique product in mind. The chances are that their development team will be able to create the product for you.

      However, my brother went the affiliate marketing route through Six Figure Mentors, so of course he does not have personal experience with Amazon FBA itself. He showed me some examples of some of the Six Figure Mentors’ Amazon FBA shops/websites and shared some of the testimonials with me as well.

      So in conclusion – I feel much more confident to recommend what I have personal experience with and that is why The Amazing Selling Machine is my top recommendation.

  3. You’ve covered many crucial elements about selling your products on Amazon successfully, and I am sure people will get value from this post. It’s well said that don’t sell a product because it seems profitable, but you are not interested in, which makes it very difficult to build a long-term online business. I never thought of giving out 99% discount coupons to family or friends so that they can leave comments on Amazon, making your products look more credible. However, it’s stopped now. I wonder how they are doing it through Amazon Vine Program?

    1. I think the emphasis is on “CONTROL” when it comes to the Amazon Vine Program. This is something that Amazon can monitor and regulate with specific rules in place of how things should be done legitimately via the Amazon Vine Program. This is the big difference.

  4. Hey there!
    Thanks so much for putting together this detailed guide on how to sell on Amazon.
    Selling on Amazon can be a great way to make some extra money, or even to build a full-time business. And thanks to Amazon’s easy-to-use selling platform, and a guide like this, it’s easier than ever to get started.
    The information is so valuable and detailed. I definitely recommend following these steps if one want to make money on autopilot!
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi Schalk, Great article. I’ve had an Amazon sellers account for about 5+ years now. I kind of always thought about building it up as a nice little top up to my eBay sales and I guess the eventual plan would have been to start using FBA but honestly I’ve just messaged them yesterday to ask them to deactivate my account. It seems everything now they got this new high pricing error thing it is a total nightmare. I am paying like £30 a month at the moment on my credit card but actually fed up of paying it. I mean I think really its because my stock levels are really low at the moment but yeah I’m just going to focus on eBay less grief.

    Although, I think maybe I might give associates another go. I had an account a couple years back but never met the qualification – I got like one sale but they already deactivated my account. I think this time I will ask for some help from a few people just to get those first few commissions under my belt but honestly I think the company is horrible. I like the idea of setting something up like FBA but I dunno maybe I need a decent amount of capital to invest.

    Also I get a lot of loose bits from the factory so there is another issue for me getting the ASIN numbers – do you have any tips?

    1. Hi Alex

      In my personal opinion the only kind of selling that is worth it via Amazon (but that is just my personal opinion) is the selling of your own private labelled products via Amazon FBA and in doing so building the value of your own established brand. My personal recommendation is to not attempt this by yourself as you will not be able to compete with others that have access to a professionally put together training course like The Amazing Selling Machine as there are just too many tips and tricks revealed in there on how to outsmart your competition on Amazon and Amazon is already a very competitive marketplace as it is.

      It is also true that Amazon has a lot of rules and regulations and you may not even be aware of some of them and this is once again where a professionally put together Amazon FBA course comes into play. It can be a bit tedious to get set up on Amazon to begin with, but once everything is set up the process is pretty much automated and results in a great selling experience. What I find super awesome is that you can also sell via your private website via Stripe, PayPal etc. then log into your Amazon sellers account and instruct Amazon to deliver the products to the customers that bought via your private website.

      For me again Ebay does not sit well. I used to try sell my Amazon products via Ebay and when Ebay found out my delivery is handled through Amazon they banned my account with no explanation whatsoever. I phoned them to ask them what is actually going on? What is the reason for banning my account? They gave me the most ridiculous answer: “Sorry sir we cannot disclose that information to you”. My reply: Are you nuts? You shut down my actual Ebay account and I am being transparent and honest with you from the very start and you are telling me that you cannot tell me why you decided to shut down my Ebay account.

      I continued to call them back and demanded to speak to a manager. They just hung up on me and blocked my number. So much for honesty and transparency. The only reason I can think is that they did not like that the products are shipped out by a competitor – Amazon. I don’t know if they changed their policies in the meanwhile but that kind of behaviour really disgusted me and I don’t want to do business with an organisation that have hidden agendas coz to me that spells out dishonesty when they are not even prepared to be transparent with you while I am being 100% honest and transparent in regards to my business model.

      So very interesting haha. You had a bad experience with Amazon and I again had a horrific unacceptable experience with Ebay lol.

      In regards to ASIN number etc. you should be able to sort that easily between your supplier and/or Amazon and Amazon’s support is great. They always call me. I don’t even have to call them.

      In regards to selling via the Amazon Associates Program, it is in my opinion simply not worth it as the commissions are shockingly low. Where it does come in handy sometimes is when you just want to beautify your website offering some products there that are maybe hard to find elsewhere due to the fact that Amazon has such a huge variety.

      1. Hi Schalk, Thanks for your long and detailed response. I think the course sounds very interesting. I was actually doing OK on Amazon for a while – only selling a fraction of my products but actually, I think if you can make maybe £100-£150 a month the £30 is not so bad. I mean I would actually happiliy set up something like FBA for a selection of products just so I could at least cover the shortfall of £30 a month but I think I am kind of a bit of a way off. Like the other thing is I’m quite busy already – trying to get new content out for my blog and even to the point where that is making me money and then I have my eBay which Is pretty good. I know you had a bad experience – I think I read that there are certain rules for dropshipping like if people were receiving goods from you with Amazon-branded packaging it can appear like you are doing arbitage listing other peoples products for more money and making a cut of every sale. This is not allowed but then I know you weren’t doing this eBay actually are a nightmare for restrictions. I started a new account in January to keep my new reselling business separate from my PC Cooling business – I cancelled an order with one customer and they have refused to even listen to me ever since. I lucky have my main account still with 35K feedback over 100K orders but still this is not allowed to list stuff in the USA and I’m also restricted from listing clothing, shoes and accessories which is pretty rubbish.

        I signed up for Amazon Associates by the way I know what you mean their affiliate program is horrendous but thought it might be nice if I can make an extra £20-£30 a month or something. I know other members on WA do OK with Amazon Associates so I think is at least worth having but we shall see.

  6. Thank you for all this information. Amazon is a great marketplace to sell and I also focus on the USA, but although I set up my account on my books appear on Amazon in different countries as well, so you could still sell in other countries even if you upload your products on one marketplace; but now I am wondering if this only counts for books and not for other products (since books are uploaded through Amazon KDP).

    It’s true that rules and regulations on Amazon can drive someone up the wall – it has certainly had that effect on me several times, but the selling process is easy once you get everything set up.

    I understand the reason behind not letting family and friends leave reviews but in all honesty, it is very hard to get reviews and as long as friends and family buy the product and leave an honest review, I don’t see why not.

    I know of people who refuse to buy on Amazon. How can you reach those people if Amazon is your main marketplace?

    1. Hi Christine,

      Yes Amazon KDP is digital products so it makes sense that this can be accessed worldwide as no shipping required. When dealing with private labelled products then of course we are dealing with physical products that needs to be stored in a physical warehouse and needs to be shipped out. For this reason you will need separate Amazon Seller Accounts and your products will have to be shipped to different warehouses located in different countries should you wish to expand internationally.

      I am very curious to know why people will refuse to buy on Amazon? Amazon is the easiest place to buy from with next day delivery and excellent customer service. In fact Amazon’s no questions asked money back guarantee is insane. I heard of people that even exploit that to the max. This is really bad. But some people order from Amazon things they don’t even need/want and expensive things too simply to claim they never received it and then get their money back plus in the process get to keep products they never paid for. So yes that is of course so bad and fraud but I heard of people like that for whom this is simply a game to see how much free stuff they can actually get from Amazon.

      So why anyone would refuse to buy from Amazon, simply blows my mind?

  7. Hi Schalk,
    I did take an Amazon course a few years back, and was going to get into it in a serious way. But, after I got into everything that I was learning, it strongly felt like you were buying yourself a job. Now, if that is what you are looking for, then it will work for some and you can make money doing it. I think someone could try the FBA program first, to learn some basics, and have a lot of the tasks done for you at Amazon. But, If you want to make some serious cash, I truly believe your best bet is to promote your own private label products. It will take some cash to get started, but in the end, you can do so much more. You could have your own website promoting the products as well, and you are not totally dependent upon Amazon and their constant rule changes!

    1. Hi Chas, I am not perfectly sure that you understood the role of Amazon FBA judging from your comment. So do allow me to explain and be more explicit if it did not come across clearly in the article.

      Here is part of your comment: “I think someone could try the FBA program first, to learn some basics, and have a lot of the tasks done for you at Amazon. But, If you want to make some serious cash, I truly believe your best bet is to promote your own private label products”.

      So yes what Amazon FBA (fulfilment by Amazon) is all about is about selling private labelled products and no other (at least when I am referring to the Amazon FBA business model). I will not consider selling on Amazon unless it is selling private labelled products with the opportunity to establish my own brand, otherwise it is just simply not worth considering.

      So Amazon FBA is literally simply the shipping of your private labelled products on autopilot. Amazon handles everything. So here is an important thing I would like to mention. To make use of Amazon FBA does not even have to be conducted on Amazon as such. I can have my own private website and sell products there on my website via lets say Stripe, PayPal or whatever and then I can simply go into my Amazon sellers account, put the details of the customer in there and ship out the product to the customer via Amazon. So that sale happened on my private website, not even on Amazon.

      So Amazon FBA is literally a way where your products can be stored in a warehouse (Amazon’s warehouse in this case) and can be shipped out by Amazon with next day delivery and where they will even do the customer support for your customers.

      So this makes it an automated process. So no, you are not buying yourself a job as this is exactly the point. Amazon is doing absolutely everything for you on autopilot. You just need to make sure you got stock at Amazon’s warehouse and you need to list your products and do advertising. Done! This is so much easier than many other e-commerce setups/arrangements and no extra plug-ins with extra monthly costs like e.g. with Shopify needed.

      Also you can view selling on the Amazon platform as an additional platform to drive traffic to. You don’t even have to sell directly on Amazon if you don’t want to. You can sell via your private website and then simply instruct Amazon to deliver the products to the specified address of the customer.

      The big advantage of Amazon FBA is therefore automation and the opportunity to be able to quickly expand internationally due to Amazon warehouses all over the world, plus also the ability to quickly build the value of your brand if you are able to become an established brand on the worlds biggest e-commerce platform.

      As mentioned in the article, from here you can expand (should you wish to) to having even physical stores or to provide big retailers like Wallmart with your own branded products. And guess what, even here Amazon will be the one to ship out your products in bulk to massive retailers like Wallmart.

      Amazon provides you with massive opportunity to build an established brand and with logistics taken care of that you can only dream of if you was to try set that up yourself and at great cost.

      Expanding to opening physical shops I will of course not consider as yes this will be buying yourself a job, unless you make so much money already that you can automate that too in a way to simply appoint a manager to run your physical shops and be in charge of employees working at the physical outlet/s.

      Hopefully I was a bit more clear in my explanation here if the article did not make it that clear.

  8. Hi dude,
    That was a wonderful post about how to sell your products on amazon. The points you’ve highlighted are sure to help many people, I just wish that the post could have been a little longer.

    Starting an online business can be difficult, as you might know. It’s important to sell things that you and your customers are interested in so that it works well for all parties.

    I am familiar with the existence of fake customer’s reviews and I do not believe on them either!

    I was excited to buy your Amazon course, but I ended up getting overwhelmed with information on the topic and decided (arbitrarily) that it meant I should take another route.

    You can set up your own site that promotes products, rather than relying solely on Amazon. They’re constantly changing, so you may not know how to maximize your profits – and that’s why it’s important for you because you have control over your website.

    1. The thing about the Amazing Selling Machine is exactly that. They break up everything for you into small steps and takes you step-by-step by the hand. You even have access to a private mentor too to make sure you are on the right track. So although it all may sound very overwhelming, there is no need to be. Yes, certainly it is advisable to also have your own private professional branded website and you can of course easily sell via your private website too and get Amazon to deliver the products to the customer. So certainly Amazon can be viewed as simply an additional platform to drive traffic to.

  9. I have been selling on Amazon for several years now. Up until last year, I was just selling by merchant fulfilled. However, as of last year, I started doing Amazon FBA.
    I have heard of the Amazon Selling Machine and why a lot of people might be put off by the 5,000 you have to spend it’s probably worth every penny.
    Have you ever heard of The Selling Family? I have used their service to get ungated for products and categories on Amazon in the past. Their training is really good, too.

  10. I used to sell on Amazon, but I was buying brand names and reselling them. Those sell out pretty fast, but the problem I had was finding good suppliers who had the products in stock.

    And another problem was that the suppliers that we found were selling the products at a price where we really couldn’t make decent profits based on the buy price on Amazon.

    I’ve stopped doing that method now but am always thinking of the best way to get back to selling on Amazon.

    I love how the Amazing Selling Machine teaches the FBA model a bit differently from the way that I am familiar with.

    I’ve been following Matt for some time now and really like his professionalism and energy.

    For now, I will keep learning for free and then may make the bold step of getting back on Amazon with the Private label method.

    Oh, by the way, do you know of a course called The Wholesale Formula? – I’ve heard some good things about it.

    It also seems like a pretty solid way of selling on Amazon. If you know about it, do you mind sharing your opinions on it, or comparing it with the ASM

    Thanks for your time and for sharing this valuable resource.

  11. Hi Schalk,
    Thank you for this awesome guide to selling on Amazon. I would never have considered Amazon for this simply because of a few horror stories I had heard about different programs a while back. From your write-up, it does appear that they have ironed out the kinks.

    Because of this guide, selling on Amazon looks to be certainly worth exploring, with quite compelling reasons – Amazon brand, traffic, advertising opportunities, no warehouse maintenance and staffing for “owners”, cheaper shipping costs, and of course the Amazon FBA model which can run on autopilot.
    Knowledge is certainly an eye-opener! Thanks for this detailed guide.
    Looking to explore.

  12. Hi Schalk. Thanks for this super comprehensive blog post on how to sell on Amazon. This seems to be an evergreen story. Is Amazon worth selling or not? Your blog post really brings a brighter perspective and shows the great potential Amazon has. I am a fan of private labeling as this way of selling is not known to everyone, but it is also interesting in the way that a relatively unknown product can be turned into a world-changing one with your name on it for instance. Do you have any specific tips on how to find interesting products suitable for private labeling? Furthermore, I think the Amazon Selling Machine is the program to go when learning about selling on Amazon. I am not really the biggest fan of Six Figure Mentors, due to what you mentioned+pricey upsells. Great post. I am again closer to trying Amazon -;) Cheers

  13. This is a wonderful article on your blog, it has been very helpful. Finding excellent product ideas that consumers actually want to purchase might be challenging given the abundance of products on the market. You may find out how to find the top products to sell online in 2023 and What to Sell on Amazon just by reading this article. Feel free to check my content on this topic too.

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